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Tom Luongo: Meet the New Merkel, Same as the Old Merkel


Written by Tom Luongo; Originally appeared on tomluongo.me

So Angela Merkel is out as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).  In comes Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Merkel’s close ally who won the party’s support with a very narrow victory over more conservative Friedrich Merz.

Tom Luongo: Meet the New Merkel, Same as the Old Merkel

The goal , as always in Europe, was to maintain the status quo politically. Change needed to change nothing.  Brexit negotiations are all about handing Britons a Brexit that changes as little as possible, for example.

French political elites created Emmanuel Macron out of whole cloth to marginalize Francois Melanchon, a more independent French leftist.  The goal was continuity of agenda with Macron the globalist puppet.  But Macron is in serious trouble politically as he revealed himself to be as bad as the departed Francois Hollande.

So far this gambit seems to have worked for Merkel and the CDU as snap polls have the CDU/CSU Union up three points and taking those points from the Greens, who have surged as the face of the dissatisfied Left in Germany.

This surge by both the Greens and Alternative for Germany (AfD) is what prompted this change in the CDU, the major parties are now in a fight for survival as German voters are deeply unhappy with their leadership.

But, this change may also quell some of that discontent (at least for now).  With Merkel exiting the stage on one level, it has blunted the growth of AfD who have positioned themselves as the Anti-Merkel party.

That’s not a path to long-term success, as I’ve explained in the past.  AfD needs to rebrand itself beyond the anti-Merkel party because, once Merkel’s gone, the reason for their existence goes with her.

And it is clear that AfD is struggling with this mightily.  The polls have them topped out at 17-18% for a while and now backing off to 13-14%. I never bought the Greens’ move to 15%, it always looked like a protest vote against the Social Democrats (SPD).

Merkel keeps winning these small battles as she disengages herself from the stage in Berlin, outfoxing her competition.  But, with a sovereign debt crisis on the horizon will she be able to weather it or will it finally be too much for her?



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  • slayern2

    Another worthless globalist puppet, Merkel’s clone… Germans are so thoroughly indoctrinated (most of them), even more than french.

  • Domenic Patrone

    They would have a transgendered male lead Germany. It’s telling. All sorts of questionable persons are the warriors and mouthpieces of the New World Order .. Africans, Muslims, homosexuals ( such as Macron ) and Transsexuals. Could it be any worse .. hahahah. Need I say more ??

    • Jens Holm

      No, here thats probatly enough for jail right away here, Dummy Nick.

  • Domenic Patrone

    Who would you rather be trapped in a room with, Adolf Hitler or Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer ?? Yuck !

  • Sinbad2

    It will be interesting to see if Annegret will stand up to the forces that occupy Germany.
    It’s been a long time since Germany was a politically free country.

    • Jens Holm

      It seemes You prefare Hitler still was alive. Thats what they came from.

      • Sinbad2

        I thought you were the Zionist/fascist.
        Hitler appealed to the common people, because like today the income inequality was at record levels, caused then, and today by the moneylenders you support.
        I dislike Nazis, for the same reason I dislike Zionists and the KKK, they are all racial supremacists.

    • Tommy Jensen

      You believe Annegret will change anything? No pal, she will make Germany superficial and ignorant.

  • Jens Holm

    Hard to see Germany has any depths in the horisont at all.

    I see the change by changing nothing as a very clever mowe. The countries in Europe cant connect if they dont act responsible.Therefore a good helper is to keep ll in line making the good ones helping the bad ones a little as well as making very much needed reforms.

    Macron is a good try. People here are jumping up and down being impatient as ever, but they do forget, that the nationalime protection of France is made by many years and therefore cant be solved in 1 or 2 making plus for uneffectivity.

    Un fortunatly parts of the EU has almost the same problems about trading China. We hardly can go in there as well as they take their Yuan up and down. This cant be solved by China giving the rest of the world som gifts and go on as usual.

    We therefore also are too dependet in USA and the other way around and China should have opened its eys and more see the alternatives are chaos by fx Trump hardly having any winners.

    I see no good alternatives in Germany for good Governess and hope Kramp can bring in a version of same high caliber but fresh.

    Kramp-Karrenbauer has to find the middle in Germany and take it. SDF cant.

    • Sinbad2

      And the word of the day is “horisont”
      Many will ask, what is a horisont, well it’s a small hairy creature that lives in the armpits of quokols :)

  • Wendela van Beurden

    Merkel lies again as always…

    If ⅔ of the countries has signed the Marrakesh pact then it is binding for ALL of the countries also for those that didn’t sign..

    This was deliberately kept from us all!

    Watch end of this video