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Tom Luongo: “Globalism’s Last Disgrace: The Army vs. the Yellow Vests”

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Written by Tom Luongo; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

There are few people in this world more odious than French President Emmanuel Macron after his behavior this week. I’m sure there are child molesters who are worse. But as a man who is pivotal in the future of hundreds of millions of people, his decision to order the French military to quell the Yellow Vests protests with live ammunition is simply vile.

Macron outed himself as the very symbol of what animates the globalist elite he represents.


Tom Luongo: "Globalism’s Last Disgrace: The Army vs. the Yellow Vests"

The disdain he holds for the people he leads is palpable. It’s as palpable for his disdain for the British who voted for Brexit. To him the EU is all, the EU is inevitable and when faced with the choice of serving France or serving the EU, he chooses the EU every time.

That is what led him to this disastrous decision to deploy the French military to the streets for the first time since 1948 with orders to shoot protestors.

And that disdain is so complete that he doesn’t realize what happens if even one of those men goes too far and takes the President at his word. Thankfully, that did not happen.

But if it did, he would have lost complete control of his country, if he hasn’t already.

The estimates for Act XIX of the Gilets Jaunes this weekend were over 125,000 across France. That many people taking to the streets risking getting shot is not something you dismiss with a wave of your hand.

It is something as a leader you need to take very seriously.

Because the real fear for Macron is not a violent demonstration that ends with protestors shot and killed. No, the real fear is the protests that are peaceful.

Because what happens, Mr. Macron, if the soldiers you deployed to suppress attendance to these demonstrations see first-hand just how much the violence reported has been overblown?

Or worse, the lack of it confirms their suspicions that the violence was committed by agent provocateurs who now didn’t show up because it’s no longer worth the €25/hour they are being paid to sow discontent?

They’ll see exactly what Macron doesn’t want them to see: angry, dispirited, desperate people with legitimate grievances expressing those feelings the only way they know how.

If Macron wasn’t courting civil war before this weekend, he is now.

Because an uprising against a corrupt and unresponsive government by some people is one thing. It starts with the most angry but it can spread over time only if the government doesn’t hear them.

Macron’s reactions have only made things worse at every turn.

So, while the people started this fight for the future of France it will be the military that ends it. And woe to Macron and the French political elite if the military on the ground sides with the people they were sent to shoot.

There is nothing more cowardly than a supposedly liberal, tolerant democracy sending in the military to shut down and order violence against is own people for taking to the streets. It is simply the order of tin-pot dictator with delusions of adequacy.

Prudent leadership stems from having weapons and knowing when and how to use them. The images coming from France have been horrific and no better than those captured during Mariano Rajoy’s crackdown on Catalonia during its independence referendum in 2017.

That response cost him his job. So too will it be for Macron now that he has crossed that line.

Macron is under the orders of his paymasters in The Davos Crowd to get control over France. He will not be removed from office as long as he acts in accordance with their wishes. By now they would have replaced him with someone more acceptable to defuse the situation.

There is only one problem with that. There is no one else.

Macron’s approval rating is abysmal. He’s polling behind Marine Le Pen’s National Rally who will send more members to the European Parliament than his En Marche will in May.

He was already the bait and switch candidate in 2017’s election. The globalist-in-reformer’s clothing. And now that he’s the focal point of the Gilets Jaunes’ anger nothing short of a violent put-down of their rebellion will save Macron at this point.

Because they know this and they know that he hates them.

But a violent put-down is only winning the battle to lose the war.

With the EU locked in mortal combat with Brexiteers and Italy pushing the envelope in the European Council, there’s no room to maneuver here.

So, this continues until it can’t. At which point Macron’s legitimacy will evaporate and political change will occur. But the globalists behind Macron and in French political circles will put that off for as long as possible.

That’s why the lack of violence at ACT XIX’s marches this weekend was so important. Macron’s bluff was called. And that means we’re nearing the end of his story. And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving weasel.

Merkel, you’re on deck.

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So convenient for Putin banning protests at home and crying for liberties in other countries


You are the first person to mention the Russian president, in an article about the French President and the weekly protests against him.

President Putin has a fantastic approval rating in his country, and doesn’t send his military out to quell protests with orders to shoot to kill.

France has a long history of violence against peaceful protesters, sending its agents to New Zealand, an ally, to sink a Greenpeace ship at harbour. Killing their own citizens for peaceful protests is just par for the course for them.
Not that long ago, the Vichy government deported Jews and killed French resistance members.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are right about Putin enjoy popular support in Russia. And France had a horrible history against everybody. Neither world war would have ever happened if the Expansionist-French had not been invading tiny Germanic-tribal-states trying to steal the copper mines. It as those invasions in the 1800’s that push the many tiny nations states to unite to defend themselves against the French-Empire. France has started more then most people know.
France was colonizing the world and the indigenous ‘Vichy’ movement of French tribes were putting a stop to the old evil French government which was sailing ships around the world genociding people.
They deported the Jews through a policy called “Decolonization” The local indigenous tribes never wanted to be colonized and decided to go ahead and decolonize through an open democratic policy of decolonizing. The Vichy were also rapidly winding down the French colonies and returning lands across the world to the rightful indigenous tribes.


The Vichy were no French egalitarians, they had an arrest warrant for De Gaulle, shot Free French forces and Resistance members, and generally supported the German division of their nation. They were as racist as any other French leadership.

French arrogance led to Bismarck uniting the German states, under Prussian leadership, thanks to a simple telegram.
France and Britain both practised colonisation, competing against each other, and with each other, with the Crimean War of 1853-56 being an example of their first collaborations since the end of the Napoleonic era.

Either way, Macron is no different to Petain, another puppet doing his masters bidding.

Real Anti-Racist Action

If by ‘racist’ you mean they preferred their own people. Well you just described Palestinians, Hans-Chinese, Cherokee and everyone else.
Preferring to keep ones tribe is the opposite of racism.
Also, the ‘french’ resistance was a network of UK special forces and Colonialist invaders in France who had vested interest is leaching off of the indigenous tribes and prevent any unity between the indigenous Europeans.
France was a happy place in 1941.
It is a trash heap today flooded with invading racist bigots.
The entire sham in France is a genocide.


So convenient for Macron criminalizing protest at home and crying for liberties in other countries.
Indeed, Macron has publicly claimed great interest in welfare of ordinary Syrian’s and Venezuelan’s – welfare of ordinary French not so much…

Real Anti-Racist Action

It is not a protest. It is the 21st Century French Revolution!comment image


If they weren’t so arrogant, there are lessons in history to learn.
It’s becoming very similar to Iran prior to the 1979 revolution. An arrogant ruler, confident in the foreigners’ backing, did everything the people detested and ignored everything they wanted. He first ignored the protests, then insulted protestors and the people’s [already exiled] spiritual leader, then came the crack-down and he sent the army with tanks into the streets, with order to shoot.
When all failed, he tried to sacrifice his prime minister and blamed him for everything, announced that “I heard your voice” to no avail. He fled the country and died a broken man and homeless.

The point is, the army and armed forces are from the same people they are ordered to shoot at. There are sociopaths in their ranks too which enjoy such orders and really aim to kill, so now the blood is drawn but no normal human being can digest that and as a result, soldiers will deflect and join the protestors.
If it comes to that, there isn’t any need to call and invite them when they see the orders are wrong and they were being fed with lies. First a soldier here and one there deflects, and then they will join by groups.
The sad part (for the likes of Shah and Macron) is the foreigner backers will abandon them as soon as they realize they’re not useful anymore. They will try to infiltrate the protestors’ ranks and leaders and physically remove the ones who do not accept their offers, but that’s another story for another time.

I hope the French manage to get their country back and a government they deserve.

Titel Gogurion



well the generational occultists said they would fight till the end as i have stated the same in the past and while so many leaders have come and gone this…midget pedo slave leader has pushed this entire situation to the brink against these global occultists who harm children on a daily bases,wish to attack and kill those of us who wish them gone??well i guess you gens will have to go ahead and try and kill us all but to send military units in to do it??unless you have a mind controlled military otherwise their is the warrior code within every true warrior and you young banker are not a warrior the question is pedo will they follow a known pedo and baby eaters orders or will their warrior code kick in,in time??either way if you dare attack unarmed protestors WITH french military it will back fire on you in a big way little man!!


macron, gerontophile and rotschildean sycophant,put in place to preserve the existing wealth-distribution in france and within the european union – nothing at all about the people but rather like in moronistan (aka usa) where the executive and legislative and military powers have been usurped by a small cabal doing the bidding of the criminal deep state. rotschild would love that to be perfected in europe the way it’s been perfected in moronistan.

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