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Today’s Fascism in Ukraine

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Today's Fascism in Ukraine

A screenshot from the video

Ukrainian radicals have tied up a man to a post with a tablet saying “Ya vatnik” [I’m vatnik] in the city of Chernigov, the Ukrainian news portal Strana.ua reported on July 20.

Vatnik is a slang term used in Ukraine to describe people that do not support the current course of the Kiev governemnt and could be (not in 100% of the cases) pro-Russian.

According to the Strana.ua article, the radicals were accusing the tied man of destroying a memorial in memory of the Heavenly Hundred (protesters died during Euromaindan) and being a criminal.

The media states that Ukrainian Police arrived on the site of the incident but did not take any measures against the radicals that had tied the man. Police just freed the person.

In its article, Strana.ua added that this is only one of the exampels of actions taken by Ukrainian radicals against common people that do not support their views.

The censorship and a physical crackdown on dissent have become the every-day reality in Ukraine.

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Tie the UkroNazi’s to the pole and leave them there for a month.


Time to arm and train partisans in Ukraine to take on the Junta and their Banderist paramilitary allies.

Michał Hunicz

Death to UPAine!

Pave Way IV

The failed state of Ukraine and its thoroughly incompetent, corrupt government is incapable of protecting its citizens – that’s not their job. In fact, it’s the job of Ukraine citizens to protect the oligarchs running the Ukrainian government.

I have to wonder what the Ukraine mafia and their western cronies would have done if this guy tied to a post – instead – had a sign on him that said, I’m a Jew. That’s the problem with using Nazis for muscle when you overthrow a government. The Nazis don’t just disappear after that. In fact, you can never get rid of them.


Dear South Front: I didn’t read this article, but how can you claim to be immune to MSM style bias with that headline? You’d get more credibility if you counterbalanced it with an article about socialism in former eastern bloc states.

Daniel Miller

Sotialists do not do this (unless you count antifa) i have never personally seen anyone sotiallist or communist do this in a eastern block nation.


They also deleted my comment where I said “This is funny”. Sounds like SF are the real fascists.


But we know exactly what you are.


The assholes seem to know the police. But they had to argue with the women and even a couple of kids. They made Ukraine look midieval, themselves like goofs and their prisoner somebody with a lot more dignity than they might have tied to a lightpole somwhere. Bigmouth pricks.


Story title is a little bit click baitish…. is this another site I’ll have to leave for retarded western msm style exaggerations.

Pretty pathetic southfront.



Icarus Tanović

Such a shame! This is heinous, horrendous.
This is Horror and Terror.


Law of the jungle, these right-wing skinheads are only a step away from Daesh brutality. No rule of law in that place. In a normal society the penalties for this action would be severe.


RU should just go for Kherson (Herson) and Odessa and thus check mate the Kiev warmongering junta.
This would force them to negotiate with RU.

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