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To War with Russia in Underwear

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To War with Russia in Underwear

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

“Exactly now is the time to invest in Ukraine” – stated Petro Poroshenko to potential foreign investors. Then he added that everything in Ukraine “will be alright”. Poroshenko believes that investors from Germany and France will support the independence of the Ukrainian state from Russia, and will therefore help the economy. Only a modestly intellectual ruler can have such illusions. Poroshenko clearly doesn’t understand that in politics there is no emotion, only interests. And the only US interest towards Ukraine, is that its territory remain a constant hot spot on the border of Russia. Nobody has the intention of turning Ukraine, half of which is pro-Russian, into a showcase of the European standard of living. US strategy has never been in this direction. On the contrary, the separation of Ukraine from the Russian flesh, is aimed at chaos and accumulation of tension. Which is exactly what is happening.

Everything is going according to plan, except that Poroshenko and the stupefied junta in Ukraine are up to their teeth in a cesspool of delusions. The president-maniac continues to convince the population that the Ukrainian currency – the hryvna – will soon strengthen and they will find many jobs and Ukraine will get rid of debt. At the same time this year, the Ukrainians have lost a billion and a half dollars, just from the commercial restrictions that Russia imposed (data delivered by the Deputy Minister of economy of Ukraine, Natalia Mikolskaya).

Although he wanted to reassure his countrymen, President Poroshenko instead shocked them by declaring that if the the situation in the southeast becomes worse, he will be forced to declare martial law and a mobilization. Currently, serving in the Ukrainian army has become nightmare number one for every male citizen. Men flee en masse and no one cares about protecting the homeland, except armchair political pundits that plot on how to exterminate Russians, hoping to be encouraged by the global masters.

Some media mockingly quoted Poroshenko’s intentions to “prepare” for a possible “full-scale Russian invasion in all azimuths.” The Ukrainian President stressed that if this happens, the Ukrainian army will rebuff Russia on all fronts. To achieve victory, it is only necessary to have a “powerful, highly skilled, highly patriotic armed forces” stated Poroshenko. From his words it is clear that the false courtship by the West has given fruit: the Ukrainian government has mortally overestimated itself, falling into their old inferiority complexes. Commander of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, explains that to 2020, ie after four years, Ukraine should reach full compatibility with the armed forces of NATO member states. That means that the European future is postponed for now. Only the unification of the of NATO standard remains. How much is needed to seduce a “beggar”, by telling him that with Euro-American assistance he will become “king of the beggars!” Ukrainians are naked and barefoot, but will “lead” a war with Russia, the country that is most prepared for war in the entire world?! The scene is sad, and it is becoming terrible.

Ukraine relies on security guarantees from the US and Europe. Only the cases will look like Hungary in 1956. Hungarians were persuaded to pick up “the fight for freedom”, but when Soviet tanks appeared, the Western secret mentors were gone. And Hungary paid a lot of blood for the delusion that behind it was standing the military power of the West. If 1956 seems quite remote, and in a different political background, let us remember Georgia and Saakashvili in 2008, Saakashvili was pumped for a conflict with the sole purpose, that global media channels can show footage of burned Georgian villages and cite Russia as enemy number one of the “world peace” provided by the hegemon of the planet.

Georgia, Ukraine, and soon comes the turn of the Baltics. Russia must be involved in the circle of conflicts with all of its neighbors. The aim is to demonize Russians in the public domain, and for the Russian side to waste its nerves and resources. But the main strategic goal is to refocus Russia away of its rise, and to collapse it into autonomous regions in the future. For that to happen, it is necessary for the centralized authority to be shaken, by involving it in numerous conflicts and problems with which it can not cope.

However, many of the strategic plans of the United States, have apparently failed. The US doesn’t have an international operation in a quarter century, that has not collapsed with a boom. Recent examples: Syria, Libya, Iraq, the Islamic State, Europe sinking into a terrorist wave and so on. So for any statesman to weave the US into promises of prosperity, sounds more like irresponsible national suicide. The Baltic is the next target for operations and we could soon witness a new conflict zone in another part of the Russian border.

Poroshenko’s “Patriotic War” for “independence and democracy” is the most basic manipulation of the Ukrainian collective consciousness. The actual war is entirely different. Much more insidious and perfidious.

Ukrainians can not understand the most important because the obsession of their own “importance” makes them shortsighted. Their Ukrainian state is needed for the so-called West, only as a conflict zone. Ukraine’s prospect does not depend on her warm relationship with the West. The prospects for Ukraine follow the sinister logic, according to which the country is a real victim of foreign geopolitical plans. In these plans, the role allocated to it is quite clear and unpleasant – discord and war on the Russia’s border. For eternity. The dear Poroshenko has begun to “prepare” for Russia’s serious “trashing”. But he will have to “trash” her for a long time …

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Tom Johnson

How can Russia, a “theft-ocracy”, survive with a democracy with the governance of rule by law on a common border? It cannot withstand the moral condemnation so as a guilty person would it lashes out.


Your trolling is stupid and worthless. Go get a real job, and contribute to society.


How did the NWO come about by globalization? Theft-ocracy. Your comments reflect a naive left wing delusion.


You obviously do not have the two brain cells needed to think independently. Go back to school (any school other than American).


I do even know if you could blame common core on that one.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

What rubbish propaganda from the exceptionally violent and RACIST nation of US. This “rule of law” business? Do you mean rule by US/EU/NATO diktat? Boy, the US/EU/NATO cabal sure hate Russia for not falling for that rubbish. Get used to it. Russia has company: China, Iran, India, South Africa and more to follow, all who hate the diktats of the “superior and civilised” west.

Tom Johnson

No you moron, start with GAAP. Fuqing twit.

Robert Ferrin

Well lets face it our days in the sun are gone, the exceptional city on the hill is going dark,war torn and bankrupt we lash out at who ever we percieve to be an enemy which to us is everyone, our word little more than hot air for we will turn on a friend as soon as an enemy for we have only interest rather than friendship for the common good,our days as an empire are numbered and that in itself is the best news on the planet.!!!


Think you have the countries transfixed. Now you can go on trying to correct me by calling me gay or some other bs.
The Russian federation has an elected government which also has the support and acceptance of it populace. That can not be said about some of its neighbors which have to mortar their constituents into accepting their appointed rule.


LOL, I love the cartoon at the top! Great work!


Good article and accurate analysis of what ukraine means to the western central banking interests. Concerning replying to obvious trolls. Some of them get paid more if they irritate people enough to get multiple replies. Best imho to ignore them or correct the lies they spew in a general comment instead of directly to them. Theftocracy? People who hire trolls usually have better standards they what they’re stooping to thses days

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