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Timeline Of Idlib Deconfliction Agreement Expanded: Turkey & Russia Inform U.N.

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Timeline Of Idlib Deconfliction Agreement Expanded: Turkey & Russia Inform U.N.

Image: aa.com.tr

On October 18, U.N. humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland revealed that Russia and Turkey will give more time for the implementation of their deconflication agreement on Idlib. Egeland said that the step is a “great relief” for 3 million civilians in the northern Syrian governorate.

“I was heartened to hear both Russia and Turkey say they are optimistic, they can achieve much more through negotiations, and they are generally very positive on the implementation of this deal which is giving a relief, a pause in fighting, to Idlib,” Egeland told reporters, according to the Reuters news agency.

Despite of his optimism about the deconflication agreement, Egeland said that there are “a million unanswered questions” about how the agreement would work, especially if radical groups refused to obey it.

Under the agreement, which was reached on September 17, a 15-20km demilitarized zone was established around Idlib. While Turkish-backed groups withdrew all of their heavy weapons from the zone, radical militants are yet to respect the agreement.

“Not all the heavy weapons have been withdrawn, not all the militants have left the territory, but Turkish partners are doing everything to fulfill their obligations,” Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said commenting on the issue during the Valdai International Discussion, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Putin’s remarks reflect a lot of trust in Turkey, which is currently working not only to establish the demilitarized zone, but also to dissolve key radical groups such as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). These complicated tasks may indeed take months to complete.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



Great idea! Make a Putin mug. I’d buy it.


wow……real wow…i wonder for how long SAA will take missile and mortar and artillery strikes at their position…………..today afternoon..the turkish backed NLF(national libaration front) fired artillery and missiles at Aleppo city…in response SAA fired several missiles at Rashiideen 4 and 5 areas.
There is a constant break of the agreement by the jhadists, be it in latakia,aleppo area etc..

my point is as before (when all those different jihadi groups were boxed in)…if a fight is inevitable, why give your opponent time to regroup,rearm, and dig in??
If anybody still thinks here that just 1 jihadi will leave the areas you are virtually insane.period.If just somebody here thinks that TURKEY will fight their brother islamists u r more than insane.
so sooner or later, SAA will have to attack…and if the turkish pricks decide to wanna intervene(100% they will on the side of the islamists) then finish them of too(syria would have air superiority, hence win the battle in syria)….
…..in short…. a battle between SAA and islamists and turkey is inevitable.period

John Whitehot

the only thing inevitable is you being demasked once again.


well then check the news HERE at SOUTHFRONT….. today breaking news “attack on aleppo city”

fuck off jew bastard

John Whitehot

i’m not a jew, never been and never will.


i wish i culd rape your wife and kids you jew satanic prick.. or r u from satanic usa or paedophile UK ? dirty human….hope your kids get raped

John Whitehot

you can’t rape nobody.

go play bowls or something, instead of following politics and succumb to your own poison.

Ahmet Karaca

Turkey will fight anybody , not only it’s Islamic brothers, whom will not respect the ceasfire…


Interesting report on UAF DPR arms trade:


Turkish Greywolves

SAA cant do shit, better sit down and stop barking.


no the Russians dont want them to do shit and they respect it up to a point, since they owe Russia their survival and let them do it their way. Other wise turks are shit fighters and easy breakfast for the SAA. So stop talking BS.

Turkish Greywolves

Like in afrin when 150 regime fighters killed by Turkey, lol.


I dont know about afrin what turkish did or not I know that every day you bury your soldiers compliments of your blood brothers kurds. To me you are both the same shit different name.


Damascus was hit for years by terror stikes. The Syrians are as patient as they need to be to get the job done. Idlib will be no different.

Mustafa Mehmet

What the SAA. force waiting for ?


They can always blast them into infinity. Not much anybody can do about it. If some things are going well, that is good news. HTS and Co. needs to play ball or they will not be allowed out to play anymore. That is for sure. Nobody can save them if they don’t give it up. My take. A good evening to all.

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