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JUNE 2021

“Tigris Shield”: Turkey Prepares For Military Operation Against PKK In Northern Iraq – Media

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"Tigris Shield": Turkey Prepares For Military Operation Against PKK In Northern Iraq - Media


An expected Turkish military operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraqi will be entitled Operation Tigris Shield, the Turkish media reports.

According to reports, the Turkish Armed Forces are currently preparing to launch the widely expected operation, which will target the PKK in the area of Sinjar.

HINT: The PKK is a Kurdish armed separatist group operating in southern Turkey, northern Iraq and northern Syria. The PKK has been for a long time waging militancy against the Turkish state and de-facto seeks to establish an independent Kurdish state, which would include territories of Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Ankara also describes the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) operating in Syria as a local branch of the PKK.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly vowed to extend the Turkish military operation against Kurdish armed groups into eastern Syria [mostly Manbij] and northern Iraq [Sinjar].

Turkey has even noticed the Iraqi government in Baghdad that its forces would attack the PKK camp on Sinjar Mount Iraq takes action against the group.

“If you are going to handle this, you do it,” Erdogan said in remarks directed at Iraq. “If you can’t handle it, then we may suddenly enter Sinjar one night and clear out the PKKs there.”

Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu claimed that Turkish and Iraqi forces would carry out a joint military operation against the PKK in northern Iraq. According to him, this operation may be launched after Iraqi elections set for May 12.

On March 18, the Turkish Army captured the key YPG stronghold in northwestern Syria – the city of Afrin. Since then, it and Turkish-backed militant groups have been consolidating their gains in the Afrin area.

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Kurds are in deep sh.t thanks to their greed .


Regular Freedom kurds action for this news ”Lets to pray for Us Air Force”


Yeah. We dont forget once they were cheering ‘Biji Serok Obama!” upon seeing US jets in sight.


No country for backstabbers!


Sinjar is critical for Turkey. KCK knows that directly attacking Turkey by its Syria branch YPG is suicidal and would only give an execuse to Turkey for an all out operation against them. Thus, KCK chooses to transfer manpower and weapons from Syria, through Sinjar, to KCK’s Iraq/Turkey branch PKK in and around Qandil mountains, Zap, Avashin and Basyan regions then launches the assaults from there.

This way it looks as if its PKK attacking Turkey not YPG. KCK’s mistake here was that as of late all the weapons provided to YPG have been getting captured from PKK militants. Not to mention, many PKK fighters taken alive are from Qamishli, Hasake etc.

If Turkey clears Sinjar from PKK it will be a devastating blow to KCK’s ongoing insurgency fight against Turkey. At the same time, it would help Iraq to secure more of its land from terrorists.


In order to reach Sinjar, Turkey will have to secure also the Al-Hasakah governorate in Syria just to protect its back. The more they spread in northern Syria and Iraq, more vulnerable they will be to guerrilla warfare and I think thats exactly what the Kurds/US want after all.


Its easier to counter guerrilla warfare in Syria than in Iraq as the land is flat, the Turks also have a good spy network. The YPG/PKK tried this a while back expecting local support and failed miserably like in Afrin the locals fled rather than support the PKK. This resulted in a significant loss of its members, I don’t think the YPG/PKK will try that again it will mean almost certain destruction.


Big question is if Turkey will be able to eliminate US influence within its establishments affecting its strategies and truly ally with RF/Iran and Syria. Because if not, a ”Pyrrhus Victory” is just on the other side of the door.

Sincerity of the leaders are highly questionable and hidden agendas all-over which we can not know. Zionists plan long term. The Greater Middle East project is still on the table I’m afraid.


= If an organization such as PKK is marked as terrorists (by USA/EU), they change name or invent another organization (KCK) to deal with affairs with the outside world and manage the sub-organization (PKK).
If an organization is hiding its origin and pretends it is after a new venture at another place, it finds a new name so that US/EU seems to help not ro PKK but to YPG (but to PKK).

Hulusi Akar

Finally some smart people commenting here. Thank you

Hell Sing

With Turkey gearing up for the upcoming invasion in Iraq, in a way they’re actually doing Baghdad a favor despite yhe Iraqis handling Pershmega accordingly as they saw fit.


Since 2012 Turkey has been the point man for NATO proxy war against Syria – Turkey obviously thought, or was persuaded, the proposed regime change outcome would yield big gains for them – ie a dependent Sunni state under their influence, and or annexing selected northern provinces. Turkey didn’t grasp the dynamic and unpredictable potential of indirectly and directly arming masses of rival factions in Syria – and that the Syrian Kurds might just be one of them. Which is exactly what happened – the US couldn’t find or manufacture a credible ‘legitimate’ Sunni fighting force on the ground, in Syria, so partnered up with the YPG to enter and occupy Syrian sovereign territory. Now, Turkey finds itself in a ridiculously compromised position – still the NATO point man for NATO indirect war against the Syrian state leadership, and yet simultaneously attempting to halt increasingly assertive, and NATO armed, regional Kurdish moves toward autonomy and separatism. Thus Turkey is part of one immediate NATO scheme against Syria, but in direct conflict with the longer term NATO strategic plans for ethnic and sectarian Balkanization of the middle east region.


This would be a good comment if you posted it about 4 months ago.
Things are quite different now.


Not really – in essence Turkey still remains deeply compromised between the two NATO objectives. Turkey is just looking for greater means and partners to maneuver themselves around in the middle.


Yep, everyone messed up here. This is when the leaders all meet around a table and say “oops, we made some bad choices” hahaha.


yaaaaaaaas get em


albert_stein yes but

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurds wanted to break the backs of both the great Iraqi nation and the back of the Syrian people by breaking off huge chunks.
Kurds are in Israel training as pilots to have massive Israeli air-forces, and in return they agreed in 2016 that Israel could have permanent stations, air forces and anti-air missiles systems to defend Israeli air bases inside of ‘Kurdistan’ country.
Kurds have betrayed their own, to side with eternal-Zionism.


The only time I can actually agree with erdoghan and the fsa( however, this FSA branch is actually composed of turkish mountain men that lived in jisr al shugar region west of idlib in syria. For as long as assad continues to leave this area alone, these guys will continue to fight for erdoghan)…


Screw the communist kurds…

aydın erol

Turkey will defeat all kinds of terrorists in the world!!!! Humanity will win!!!!

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