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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces, Tribal Fighters Entering Homs Province After Series Of Successfull Attacks Against ISIS Terrorists In Southern Raqqah – Reports

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Tiger Forces, Tribal Fighters Entering Homs Province After Series Of Successfull Attacks Against ISIS Terrorists In Southern Raqqah - Reports


The Syrian Army Tiger Forces and pro-government Tribal fighters have continued their successfull attacks against ISIS terrorists in the southwestern Raqqah countryside and now are allegedly entering the province of Homs from the southern direction, according to some pro-government and pro-opposition sources.

On Thursday, government forces advanced against ISIS south of the government-held town of Resafa in the southwestern part of the Raqqah province and recaptured Bir al Zenati, Bir Itaw and Bir Hiwaran from ISIS. On Friday, the Tiger Forces and their allies liberated the Al-Kadir oil field , Kherbet al-Halol and Ridgem-Abe el-Kalat Hills from ISIS terrorists.

On Saturday, pro-government fighters allegedly entered the the Bir al-Zamlah crossroad area as well as reached the border with the province of Homs. However, these reports still have to be confirmed. If these reports are confirmed, this will show that right now ISIS does not have enough manpower and resources to keep a real defense against government troops advancing in the area.

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In a way its strange that ISIS can put up such a strong defense in Eastern Hama province and around Sukhnah, and is so weak in other areas, like its core heartland around Raqqa.


Well like any other army they have to choose what is most important to protect. Couldn’t Iran just send in 20k soldiers and ISIS would be gone in a month.

Justin Ryan

I have a feeling Iran has already done that. I think both Iranian and Iraqi troops are in Syria now which is why they are able to hold so many front lines and still push forward in other areas!
Keep in mind the costs of doing this is astronomical!
Think about it, every soldier needs to get paid. Tanks and armour need to be bought along with ammunition! Then there is the logistics of transporting all of this to different regions, along with water, medical aid, fuel, food etc.
So my strong feeling is that Iran is heavily funding this war (especially when ISIS had all of the gas and oil wells).
And that small border crossing the SAA and the PMU managed to connect between Iraq and Syria is surely so that military hardware and troops could cross the border to help!
So yeah, thats just my opinion!


Agreed. However Iran for sure has a much larger army at home, but they of course also need to watch what they do as the next war might be coming their direction.


It is strange. The eastern Hama front has gotten nowhere even as Isis is collapsing.

Either Isis is abandoning raqqa to reinforce villages in east Hanna, or the SAA commanders there are grossly incompetent.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The fact it is led by incompetent Israeli Strategy is explanatory in itself , throwing away troops in a battle of futility is indicative of this strategy . The Syria Army is going to expand on too many fronts and make some huge gains , right now shifting troops around and getting cohesive plans are needed . The SAA is going to have to push on flanks if they keep following their current strategy they will be flanked and pushed back to Resafa, but pushing north to cover that flank is necessary to protect themselves from being spread to thin .

They need to isolate ISIS into pockets and push the flanks around places where they are entrenching themselves this type of warfare is left to heavy bombardment and siege tactics and too costly at a time like this . The US/Israel are having their proxies withdraw in their advance and reinforce positions against the SAA and the best thing to do is outflank and encircle your enemy giving you plenty of time to deal with them to achieve the necessary objectives .

The US has the manpower and the Russians and Iranians seem to be the barking dog here with no real heavy investment like the US/Israel . The problem is they can no longer be just barking dogs time to start to have a bite and some fight .

Just "Syrian"

simply because east hama have a rough area and mountains that can be well fortified and al-sukhna is the last stronghold before deir al-zor

John Brown

Its not strange at all since Israel orders ISIS to use most of their resources against the Syrian government over 80%. The SAA should just surround this area and advance on Deri Azur ASAP so it can’t be given to the USSA slaves of racist supremacist Jews or the Kurds by ISIS-Israeli-ISIS as there will be very few ISIS fighters left in this area as per Israel’s orders.

Justin Ryan



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Its core heartland is not around Raqqa, it is southeast of Deir Ezzor.

Justin Ryan

You’re right it is strange! But I think that Eastern Hama is more like a defensive wall for ISIS. I don’t think there is much oil and gas there and yet the pockets existence still poses a threat to the Road to Resafa!
Also, the more land that gets taken back from ISIS, the more they withdraw back to DeirEzzoir!

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