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Tiger Forces To Participate In Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert

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Tiger Forces To Participate In Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert

Commander of the Tiger Forces, Suheil al-Hassan, and Tiger Forces members

On February 11, the Tiger Forces began redeploying their units and equipment from the northeastern Hama countryside to Homs governorate. According to Syrian pro-government activists, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces are preparing to launch a large scale military operation against the besieged ISIS forces in the Homs desert.

The SAA and its allies had besieged more than 500 ISIS fighters in the Homs desert after securing the western bank of the Euphrates River on December 17, 2017. Since then, the SAA has not launched any military operation in the Homs desert as it was busy conducting much needed defensive and offensive operations in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo governorates.

Syrian experts believe that the besieged ISIS fighters in Homs desert pocket are well armed and experienced as most of them participated in several attacks against the SAA in 2017. Moreover, it is high possibility that prominent commanders of ISIS are currently besieged in the pocket.

A source close to the Tiger Forces told SouthFornt that the military operation against ISIS in the Homs desert pocket will not begin soon, as the SAA and its allies are currently resupplying their troops and waiting for the weather there to improve.

The Tiger Forces backed by the Russian Aero Space Forces were able to eliminate a smaller pocket of ISIS in the northeastern Hama countryside within three days only.

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  1. Johnson Malarkey says:

    Good luck and God speed Tiger Forces, bring order and peace to Syria! My only concern at the end
    of all things concerning Syria, is what’ll happen to 30% of its north territory under occupation of
    United States. These U.S. warmongers don’t care about international law, nor the United Nations security council. They forcibly occupy foreign territory and build permanent bases where ever they set foot, how can this cancer strategy be stopped!?!?

    1. antoun says:

      24,1% occuped!!

      1. Johnson Malarkey says:

        @disqus_UrADg2kiwO:disqus I hope I’m wrong, but I’m still regarding the Turks as an extended tentacle of the United States.

  2. nadeera witharanage says:


  3. Richard M says:

    Grey Bus them to Idlibstan!

    1. Antimondialiste says:

      Good idea. Let them join idlibistan. Then when the Syrian army takes back their lands, the terrorists will be able to escape to Europe. As the Europeans can taste the democratic potion they inflict on the Syrians.

      1. Richard M says:

        Yup. Ottomans will facilitate their return to Europistan as surely as they opened the gates to bring the Jihadis to Syria.

  4. Rob says:

    This is a good strategy but liberating ISIS pockets will hurt Trump, Netanyahu and Erdogan. Therefore, Tiger forces must have enough air defense missile systems there to deal with their F-16, F-22 etc because they will come to help their terrorist buddies in Syria.

    1. Richard M says:

      So true, yet when the missiles find their way to western airports, the above mentioned will wash their hands.

      1. Rob says:

        You are absolutely right.

  5. RichardD says:

    The Isis positions in that pocket are very vulnerable to elimination with few if any human shields , and little or no resupply. It will be a lopsided victory for the Syrian government coalition. If the Isis fighters are smart, they’l get out while the getting is good. Staying is a suicide mission.

    1. Graeme Rymill says:

      “This photo released on Saturday, May 30, 2015 by a militant website, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows Tadmur prison, blown up and destroyed by the Islamic State group in Palmyra (Tadmur in Arabic), Homs province, Syria. The prison was where government opponents were held, and reports over the years said it was the site of beatings and torture.”

    2. Joe Doe says:

      SAA should move the ISIS to Idlib, fight FSA and HTS

    3. Potato Potato says:

      I’m surprised they’re not dead yet from dehydration.

  6. Barba_Papa says:

    This proves that the Idlib offensive is at an end. No further offensive into Shariastan, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Turk, the great Sultan from Ankara.

    1. Bob says:

      The HTS-FSA controlled area of Idlib has hugely shrunk in last month – if look at map is now no larger that US-FSA held al-Tanf pocket. That is lot of progress for relatively limited costs to SAA – further advances would be more costly and start pushing fronts into into civilian occupied areas. Slow and steady – time to look at other pockets for now.

      1. Barba_Papa says:

        I’m a firm believer in slow and steady, just compare the maps from 2015 to today and you can see the result in that. But I find the end of the offensive ominous, and in tune with Turkey’s protests. Which leads me to suspect the rest of Idlib is off limits. And this was the SAA’s window of opportunity, with Turkey preoccupied with taking Afrin. The SAA’s chances to take Idlib won’t improve once Afrin falls to the Turks.

        1. Bob says:

          It may appear lost opportunity but there may be more going on with Russian strategy than is apparent at present. Keeping FSA and YPG focused on each other in north, is rare advantage for Syrian forces. Time to deal with Homs or East Ghouta?

        2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          The Russians still have HTS, TIP,ISIS on the list which represents over 80% of the so called “REBELS” , agreements are falling through so expect the SAA going into action soon in Idlib.

    2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      That will change as ISIS keeps taking towns and have somewhere over 1000 loyal fighters ready to join them.

  7. Joe Doe says:

    Another SAA General staff blunder, but most likely press by Russia to stop advances in Idlib and move to clean the Hama packet from ISIS, which also need to be done but not at this time. The more important is Idlib and besieged SAA and Assad supporter in small packet in Idlib. In addition SAA should move to prevent Turkey and FSA secure and prevent SAA liberate Idlib. Looks tome like Putin sold Syri, first to the Americans, by inviting the Americans to Syria fight ISIS and trying please Trump an his administration, hoping they could be friends again, now Turkey Putin try please Erdogan and give green light to Erdogan to conquer Idlib province hoping Erdogan will leave NATO and join Russia, which will create bigger buffer zone between Russia and NATO. Erdogan has own agenda and will not leave NATO not NATO will kick out Turkey, as Turkey location is strategically important for NATO. For Putin no price to pay, but Assad will be stuck with divided Syria.
    Putin can’t even protect it’sown citizens, ow he can protect Syria or other nations.

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Hey you wanted the to “clear the packets” so they are and not a blunder as this is more about freeing up Troops. The North is becoming a powder keg so not sure what is going to happen with the instability and Green on Blue there.

  8. Mountains says:

    SAA forces and supporters are very very cringe worthy. They were parading around the city with killed Russian pilots and forces pictures. This is extreme cringe worthy level.

    Being an SAA truly must suck when you have such a cringe worthy gov’t and supporters. The best way to describe them is simply ”A Woman’s private part”

  9. Ivanus59 says:

    Good, clearing that area will make American terrorists at Al Tanf even more isolated. :)

  10. Justin says:

    time to top up the ISIS pocket in Idlib with fresh isis members from Homs! Use the newly supplied group as a vacuum cleaner once again! Fight FSA and HTS or suck up their soldiers who join them! either way, both numbers dwindle and anyone seen to be supplying isis with weapons will be ridiculed in the nearest future!
    Terrorists killing terrorists is better than SAA risking their lives! Im sure all agree on this!

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