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Tiger Forces To Lead Advance Towards Syria’s Al-Bukamal (Video)


Tiger Forces To Lead Advance Towards Syria's Al-Bukamal (Video)

The Tiger Forces will join the ongoing military operation towards the last ISIS stronghold in Syria – al-Bukamal city, the Syrian Muraselon news blog reported on Saturday.  The Tiger Forces will reportedly lead the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attack from al-Mayadin city towards al-Bukamal.

The Tiger Forces will likely redeploy its units from Deir Ezzor city to the SAA positions south of al-Mayain within the upcoming hours.

Al-Mayadin city is located 65km north of al-Bukamal city, due to this the SAA and Hezbollah will likely reach al-Bukamal first from the direction of the T-2 station, or even from inside the Iraqi territory.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria announced on Saturday that the SAA and Hezbollah are about to reach the Syrian-Iraqi border south of al-Bukamal city. The Hezbollah media wing also published a video of the SAA and Hezbollah advance.

The SAA and Hezbollah will likely launch their final attack on al-Bukamal city after reaching the Syrian-Iraqi border. The attack will likely be launched from inside the Iraqi territory. Like in al-Qa’im city, ISIS fighters will likely run away, as it appears that the terrorist organization fully collapsed.



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  • Tudor Miron

    With Russian Navy and Strategic bombers destorying main tergets around Al Bukamal, Iraq forces providing cover from PKK (US/Israel leading them from behind) and Tiger forces redeployed from Deir Azzur, it is clear that Al Bukamal will be liberated.
    I wonder where zio’s are planing to redeploy those rats (after they take advantage of last supply of shaving tools)…
    As for SAA and it’s friendly forces – what is their next target? I guess that Al Qaeda (HTS) will get theirs next.

    BTW, I think that use of strategic bombers in Deir Azur area had a secondary objective of sending clear message to Kurds – you’re either become loyal to Sirya or get ready to taste some FAB 500. But I think that their turn is not now. I think that HTS (with all those embedded CIA operatives) is first in line.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      russians will destroy isis by bombs and yanks make heliborn attack in tho cleaned city :-O

  • BMWA1

    Tiger forces should be Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year”.

    • Don’t read butthurt replies

      Radical feminists would cry about it and complain about the lack of Kurdish women fighters in the magazine.

    • Thegr8rambino

      yes would love to see suheil’s portrait on the front cover :)))

  • alejoeisabel

    The Syrian government and Syrian Arab Army will expel and liberate every inch of its territory, and end once and for all foreign occupation specially Israeli in the Syrian Golan Heights.

  • RichardD

    This is a serious advance. The Syrian government coalition clearly wants to get the highway from Russia to the Golan open to convoys to manage the political restructuring of the region from a position of strength. This can be done with minimal damage and Israeli loss of life if it’s managed properly. It’s worth noting that the cruise missiles and heavy bombers being utilized to open the highway can also be equipped with tactical and strategic nuclear munitions on an as needed basis.

    In the event that they’re needed if Israel lashes out with WMD terror attacks and nuclear first strikes against New York City, Damascus, Washington, Moscow, Paris, London, Beijing, and Cairo. Attempting to impede the implementation of UNSC Chapter 6 Resolution 2334 that extinguished the Balfour Declaration and San Remo Resolution. And the UNSC Chapter 7 resolutions against Israel that are being worked on.

    • RichardD
    • First Lastname

      That’s fascinating, but I think Israel may be choosing to continue with a covert, subversive route after suffering this embarrassing loss in Syria. I doubt that Israel would go full nuclear option, that’s not the way of the JEW.

      I’m not saying he has good information, but Roger Stone just put out a video regarding the Saudi soft coup last night and in it he said that Iran is supporting the radical Wahhabis in KSA. That’s a preposterous position for Iran to take. It would be like the Allies supporting Hitler in 1945 when there’s a plot to assassinate him. However if it’s true, I think Israel is shifting its focus to Iran, by using KSA as their army. I wrote a couple of paragraphs about it:

      “I must say, I think it’s an internal power struggle, devoid of religious motivation, though it may have ramifications in the religious sphere. That being said, shifting to the regional politics based on the video…

      Iran has nothing to gain by supporting the radical Sunni Wahhabi hardliners in KSA, and everything to lose. Iran is currently fighting a war against the shock troops of Wahhabism: ISIS. ISIS is backed from Wahhabi mosques ideologically and as long as the KSA regime is friendly to the radicals (which it was under Abdullah), they will logistically support ISIS, which will mean further losses for Iran in Syria. If anything, Iran would be supporting Salman and his son, Mohammed, who are conducting this second soft coup.

      The only player in the region who has something to gain by supporting the radical Wahhabis in KSA is Israel, who has a vested interest in deposing Assad. They’ve been bombing Assad since the war broke out, in fact.

      I feel like the young Saudi crown prince is being misled by bad intel, blaming Iran for supporting the radicals, when in fact, Israel is supporting them covertly. The Knesset overtly supports the alleged moderate prince Mohammed, son of Salman, while Mossad covertly supports the radicals he’s trying to reign in, while at the same time setting up Iran as the culprit for the covert support with false intel.

      Probable Mossad agent, Jared Kushner, made an unannounced trip to KSA within the last two weeks. He may have been delivering “””intel””” that identified credible internal threats to Salman’s power (which is believable, given the following two factors: first, animosity over the previous soft coup, and second, animosity in the Wahhabi sect after Muhammed’s announcement of socially modernising and deradicalising Saudi Islam) that unfortunately frame Iran for supporting this animosity, whether real or not.

      The biggest threat to watch out for is a potential skirmish between KSA and Iran. The war against Iran that the Bilderberg Group has been trying to engineer since 9/11 may well be in the works.

      I have no specific information on the PM of Lebanon successfully being pressured to resign by KSA, but no doubt if KSA is preparing to fight a war for Israel against Iran and the Shiites, they would love to take Lebanon and its Hezbollah Force out of the fight by affecting its internal politics before the fight begins. We will see how the situation plays out. If a Sunni PM takes power, or even a non-interventionist Shiite comes to control Lebanon, they will effectively be a puppet of the House of Saud, in the sense that it takes them out of the war, totally isolating Iran (with the notable exception of Russia).

      That’s the only scenario in which I could understand why the intel would lead to Iran supporting their sworn enemies of the Wahhabis. Either that, or Roger Stone’s out of his league in geopolitics and talking out of his @ss.”

      • RichardD

        Infowars blocked my Disqus account for exposing Jew crime and evil. VT has been taking down my posts exposing Jew crime and evil. I keep that in mind when considering any information from those sites.

  • Vitex

    I love how desperate the hasbara trolls are getting.

  • RichardD

    Great video.

  • Thegr8rambino

    fucking awesome video!! so much firepower!!

  • Deo Cass

    We’ve been here 3 times before and it always ended up with the Syrian government forces losing Raqqa city, Al-Jafra oil fields and Omar oil fields due to overstreached procrastination which I attribute to agreements behind Syria’s back between the US and Russia. Let’s hope I’m wrong this time and that Al-Bukanal will be liberated by the Syrian army for the sake of the Syrian people, who would otherwise have to live under a permanent state of blockade and economic hardships. I mean they are just around 15km away from Al-Bukamal from Iraq’s Al-Qaim, just around 40km from the T2 pumping station and 65km away from Mayadin city. Why for Pete’s sake should they stop advancing from the closest points and instead wait for the Tiger Forces to advance from the furthest point of Al-Bukamal, if not because of some orders from above to delay the operation to give chance for the US and co illegal invaders of Syrian land to take the town themselves? At this point I am starting to suspect that the Russian bombing of Al-Bukamal is to help the US terror proxies and not the legitimate Syrian government forces. Russia prove me wrong by letting the Syrian government reclaim its border town of Al-Bukamal NOW and I’ll start trusting you again.