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JUNE 2023

Tiger Forces, Their Allies Advance On Militants East Of Daraa City

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Syrian pro-government forces, led by the Tiger Forces, are advancing in the area east of the city of Daraa, according to pro-government sources.

On June 28, government troops captured the town of al-Hirak and nearby points. On June 29, the operation continued south of al-Hirak attacking militants’ positions in the villages of Western Ghariya, Eastern Ghariya and Karak.

Some pro-government sources claim that the Tiger Forces will advance directly toward the Syrian-Jordanian border – south of the village of Nassib. However, this is unlikely. Government troops will likely make an effort to clear the entire eastern countryside of Daraa before they establish control of the border.

Another option is a reconciliation deal with local militant groups. The Russian-Syrian alliance has offered militants to surrender their weapons and to settle their legal cases or to withdraw from the area via an open corridor. Then, in the framework of the deal, government forces will restore full control of the area.

However, the deal has not been reached yet.

Tiger Forces, Their Allies Advance On Militants East Of Daraa City

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You can call me Al

Sweet. Actually rather Brilliant. Go Syria.


excellentes news bravo SAA!!! GOE

Gregory Casey

Go SAA!!! all the way to the Border with Jordan and to the Golan wiping out ISIS al Nusra al Sham and whatever else they wish to call themselves. Savages!


Syria must demand total unconditional surrender or face death to terrorists, non other way. Jordan border must be closed and secured by Syria army in order to stop Jordan help to terrorists.

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