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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces Resume Advance Against ISIS In Southwestern Raqqah, Capture Few Points – Reports

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Tiger Forces Resume Advance Against ISIS In Southwestern Raqqah, Capture Few Points - Reports


Government forces, led by the Syrian Army Tiger Forces, have relaunched their operation against ISIS terrorists in the southwestern part of Raqqah province, according to pro-government sources.

On Thursday, government troops launched an advance against ISIS south of the government-held town of Rusafa and allegedly captured the areas of Bir Atao, Bir Horan and Bir Alznati.

Pro-government sources are speculating that the Tiger Forces and their allies are going to reach the ISIS-held town of Sukhna located at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway from the southern direction.

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The US terrorists are going to start bombing the Syrian army again, under the excuse of self-defence of their SDF tools, shortly.

John Whitehot

and then you’ll change nickname and bitch about russia not protecting syria.


Fuck off, I don’t use mutliple wigs to say what I think.

John Whitehot

wigs lulz


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this is why russia needs to tell the US, in no uncertain terms, that their servicemen are embedded with the SAA, so if you decide to bomb them, accidentally or not, there will be consequences


Advance towards sukhnah should be from resafa as well as from arak. They should meet up to beseige sukhnah and create a large pocket.

There is no hurry to eliminate such a pocket. They are not going anywhere. Focus on sukhnah then deir ezzor. The pocket can be taken after defining the boundary with sdf.

Ramon Candia

They should not go to Sukhnah , instead go to the M4 highway down to deir ezzor, thus cutting off the SDF from grabbing more land south of euphrates. I don’t understand this long hiatus from the tiger forces.


The road they are on, which is the subject of the above described advance, is the road to Deir Ezzo.
This is the correct move.

They should bypass Sukhna entirely, both from the North and the South. Instead, the Southern advance near Palmyra should move Eastward , bypassing Sukhna, and then also move North toward Deir Ezzor. Thus both armies should go toward Deir Ezzor, forcing ISIS to relocate their defenses at Sukhna through open dessert, where they will be easy targets for ground attack aircraft.


Ahh nice the boys are back!

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