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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces Open New Front Against ISIS In Northeastern Hama Pocket, Liberate More Areas (Maps)

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Tiger Forces Open New Front Against ISIS In Northeastern Hama Pocket, Liberate More Areas (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

The Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces are now pressuring ISIS terorirsts in the northeastern Hama pocket from the the northern and southern directions.

On February 5, the Tiger Forces and the SAA liberated the vilalges of Rasm Kibar, Sawwanat Hamrah, Uwayjat Qana, Tal Shur, Malihah Kabirah, Malihah Saghirah, Rasm al-Mafkar and Abu Khanadiq in the northern part of the pocket while the SAA and the NDF liberated the villages of Maasaran and Buyad as-Saffaf in the southern part of the pocket.

Now, government forces are advancing on the ISIS-held villages of Tiwal Dabaghin and Suruj. Clashes are also ongoing in Duwadiyah.

ISIS just does not have enough manpower in the area to repel two government attacks simultaneously. Most likely, the terrorist group will concentrate its defenses in the strong points along roads in the key part of the pocket.

The ISIS-linked news agegncy Amaq already claimed that ISIS members had destroyed 5 battle tanks and 3 BMP vehicles of the SAA. But these reports can hardly be confirmed by any evidence.

Tiger Forces Open New Front Against ISIS In Northeastern Hama Pocket, Liberate More Areas (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

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Michał Hunicz

Probably these terrorists will be saved and after few months in Israeli hospital they will return to another pocket. Zionists didn’t prepare these Wahhabis well there.


mdr!!! daesh is encercled!!


Nice Keep Killing them SAA don’t left not even one Daesh live


This must be why the Saraqib front has stopped it’s advance.
To concentrate on taking out the ISIS pocket faster.

Joe Doe

SAA have no choice by to clean the packet very fast


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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Believe Suruj is already captured and there hasn’t been any contact from ISIS in Duwaidyah for some time now. They have 3 fronts going in this region so it should go swiftly since ISIS may have spread out thin and will end up in smaller pockets eventually.

Astar Roth

Yes, but don’t look two weeks back, have a slightly longer memory.
All THIS BLOODSHED has started since neocons took all powers in USA in 2001.
People have enough of this bullshiit.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

US people should deal with those problems not Syrians as they should be worried about their country.

Strange how a protest group of civilians turns into reinforcements flags waving were from various groups A few YPG flags were spotted so were Syriac Council things are always being misread in the media. Everyone needs to watch out for hacked media accounts seen some articles of questionable stances in contrast to their usual stance.

Congress can fix the 2001 law by repealing it , the only problem is finding the time to pass it.

Astar Roth

Yes, I agree mate.



Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized

Since 1917 to 1920 Palestine was under British occupation. Then on 1 July 1920 the British regime handed over Palestine to its own Zionist minister the Herbert Samuel the first high commissioner to Palestine. Then in 1948 the British regime handed over Palestine to the illegal European migrants called Israel, who have established Israel the headquarter of the Zionist terror network in Palestine. So in 2018 Palestine is still under the occupation of illegal European migrants.

It is better for Mahmoud Abbas to immediately withdraw from the recognition of Israel which is a terror headquarter built by illegal European migrants on Palestinians soil. The Recognition of Israel mean the destruction of Palestine and Middle East. The friends of Israel and Washington are enemies of Muslims.

That Guy

Good, but they need to be faster. So, Godspeed SAA.

Astar Roth

That, what they need is good bombing campain, including Napalm ordinance to extra super speed up this advance.


Once this pocket is cleared, it will be the end of the regime change forces having any major areas of control west of the river. And the mopping up process will begin to clear the remaining smaller pockets. And to move ahead with restoring government administration in the Israelistan Kurd SDF secession attempt area east of the river. Israelistan and the attempt to do to Turkey what was done to Syria is already heading down the tubes with the Turks moving against the Kurds and Mossad in the northern border area.

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