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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces May Launch New Military Operation Against Militants Around Aleppo City

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Tiger Forces May Launch New Military Operation Against Militants Around Aleppo City

Militants shelling the positions of the SAA in the northern part of Aleppo city earlier this week

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces are preparing to launch a new military operation against the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria – Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) – and its allies around the city of Aleppo, Syrian pro-government activists reported on May 16.

Local observers expect that the target of the upcoming military operation of the Tiger Forces will likely be the few remaining positions of HTS and its allies in the districts of al-Zahra and Ilirmun in the northern part of Aleppo and several villages north of the city.

Since the start of this year, HTS and its allies have carried out a series of hit and run attacks on SAA positions in the northern parts of Aleppo city from the districts of al-Zahra and Ilirmun. Militants also shell SAA positions there on a daily basis.

Recently, the Turkish Army has established two observation posts in Anadan town, 10km north of Aleppo, and in the al-Rashidin district, 1km west of the city, in order to monitor the de-escalation zone there. However, HTS and its allies have stepped up its attacks.

In response to these hit and run attacks, Russian warplanes conducted a series of heavy airstrikes on positions of HTS and its allies in the al-Zahra district earlier this week. Syrian pro-government sources said that the airstrikes killed several fighters of HTS, including a well-known field commander known as Abdullah Balkash.

The Tiger Forces backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces will likely be able to secure the northern part of Aleppo city within a few days if reports regarding the upcoming military operation are true.

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Michał Hunicz

Not a bad idea. But I really want to see a full-scale Idlib offensive. Attacks on Aleppo, Jisr Al-Shugur and Saraqib fronts. Would be interesting to follow.


All will occur in time but the Jordanian border areas South of Damascus are also important to clear. Although any SAA campaign will likely be mirrored by a terrorist attack in another area to relieve pressure on the SAA prime target.


Won’t happen for a good long time, but eventually it most likely will, with or without turkish presence in idlib…
I dunno why they are screwing around in there, it is pointless because they are in the wrong and erdoghan knows it.

Richard M

Idlibstan was getting rolled up as fast as East Ghouta when the Ottomans invaded. If not for the Ottoman invasion, Foua would have been liberated weeks ago.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s the sad truth. Putin’s very angerly delivered invincible nuke speech came just days after Erdogan erected those 2 unsanctioned OB posts smack in between the SAA and the rebels in the south of Idlib, just a coincidence or maybe a warning to Erdogan. I don’t buy that it was directed at the US for failing to renegotiate the treaty or just a bit of self promotion for the Russian elections, he was just way too angry when he delivered it. That speech was a very angry message to some one and it had real purpose behind it.

A riddle, wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery, to paraphrase Churchill. Putin can be cool and calculating, but sometimes impulsive.


The liberation of ISIS pocket in Homs/Deir Ezzor is very important. ISIS in the Homs/Deir Ezzor pocket may take the areas back from SAA.


You are correct, Rob. Anyone who remembers the second fall of Palmyra knows that Isis can materialize large numbers of newly outfitted units from thin air, thanks to their foreign sponsors.


Trump, May, Macron and their terror organization Israel took Jerusalem mean Israel now completely entered into West Bank and will take whole Palestine. Trump, May, Macron and their terrorist gang Israel is a serious security threat to the whole world humanity because they are evil terrorist gangsters. These terror gangsters have occupied many countries by military force for example Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Saudi Arab etc.


I would Laugh if it wasn’t so Sad… Trump & His IsraHell is getting pretty Isolated these days… Europe is Talking about becoming a World Leader Again…. BWAHAHAHAAA….these Folks are Complete and Utter Retards….. an IQ of 33…. what an Idiots can the Human Species Produce…



All with an IQ of 33 Merijn :)

33 degree Masons as cunning as rats.

neil barron

Not noting the idiocy of the Arab subculture of sand scarabs that they haven’t risen above thought of thinking for themselves. Yet adoring the pagan Mohammad on the white horse of time travel.


I think it is fair to say that all and any groups in the world who have vast wealth , fail to advance mentally, morally and politically.

They are comfortable to continue as they are and being part of a cult that enables their lifestyle is part of that.


Would be great if they capture Khan Touman


The liberation of ISIS pocket in Homs/Deir Ezzor is very important. ISIS in the Homs/Deir Ezzor pocket may take the areas back from SAA.


I get the impression that the Tigers spent more time in and around Aleppo then any other part of Syria. I also wonder why it has taken this long to create some buffer zone around this important city. Whole offensives have been waged to secure the areas east and south of the city, but never west, even though the Jihadis are basically still on the outskirts of the city in that area.


Ask Putin. He stopped the Adana offensive.


There we have our ZioRaptor….steals Kosher Eggs from dinosaurnests


Zionism is the antithesis of Judaism.

John Whitehot


Dr. Pro Liv

you militarist AmeriCunts are barking pigs


Turkey demanded that it would be stopped. Geo politically Putin wants Turkey to remain friendly to Russia and at odds with the US. So the offensive was halted.


No, this happenned in time, when there was a war between russia and turkey. You have short memory ;)


The SAA is only now reaping the manpower benefits of the liberated pockets , both in SAA manpower freed up and new recruits from the liberated areas.

The Desert pocket is linked to the US pocket at Al Tanf and the nearby ‘refugee ‘ camp that is internally controlled by terrorists who fight for US dollars from the US.

Priorities for the SAA are sometimes chosen by the SAA and at other times dictated by the actions of the US Coalition of Terror.


Resources are finite.

Dr. Pro Liv

“but never west, even though the Jihadis are basically still on the outskirts of the city in that area.”

Not enough good quality combatants to finish the job properly…Once the Tigers were gone to do more pressing things… there was nobody left who could continue and finish what was left of the Jihadi resistance on the West.
Now they will do it but it took them some time to get Tigers back to finish what others can not…
Now it will be much more “expensive” because Jihad pigs have had enough time to fortify their positions well…


On the other hand the Jihadis in East Ghouta had more then enough time to fortify their positions. Years of prep time. In the end they folded quicker then an Italian army. I do get the impression that after the last offensive to break through into East Aleppo failed the Jihadis in Idlib were spent. Then came the spring 2017 Hama offensive and that pretty much was their battle of the Bulge. After that they could no longer punch through a wet paper towel if their lives depended on it and most of the fighting that they did was infighting.

Dr. Pro Liv

True… “Jihadis in East Ghouta had more then enough time” but than they were surrounded (with option for bus exit) which is completely different situation with this one.
These are not surrounded and can receive all the help in anything they need.

“Jihadis in Idlib were spent….battle of the Bulge”
Probably you are right but than they didn’t have as many fighters as they have now. With all these Jihad buses bringing the new fighters to Idlib. The ranks are full now. They have new weapons courtesy of Western and Arab scum – sponsors.

The final battle is about to start.
Only thing I don’t understand. What is exact role of Turkey now… in all that ?
And how far the SAA can go in liberating Idlib?
What was that Astana agreement between Russia Turkey and Iran exactly about?….
We all heard declaration of “bringing peace to Syria”after Asatana agreement
But what that exactly means in practical terms?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Will tell you the Tiger forces at times include the top elite divisions which they have 14 of them shows you the capabilities today as you see how swiftly they can all operate. Never rely on information in the Media on SAA troop movements like the US and the West does. Tigers are used as mop up forces when dealing with the tenacious hardcore fighters and they do it effectively like the Ghaith brigade of the 42nd and the 9th Ali Taha Brigade and Storming Brigade , the 4th Mechanized etc. just need to learn how many elite units the SAA have, as the SAA is not the clerk corps it was in 2011.


One day, a time will come when there are no more islamist terrorists in Syria, the ground will miss drinking their blood but no living creature will miss them.


One difficulty the US Coalition of Terror will have with any insertion of ISIS into the SAA liberated zones is heavy weapons supply to ISIS.

The excuse that they were taken from Iraqi and Syrian stocks will not have any credence now and direct supply by the US would be politically difficult even for the American gangsters.


The problem wouldn’t be defeating the Rebels, the problem would be avoiding war with Turkey. Many of the Rebels are under the indirect control of Ankara so those are out of the question, and among those that aren’t if the SAA attacks them many of these will simply make deals with Ankara. effectively dividing the Rebel held areas between the SAA and Turkey.
Still, this is all speculation because there is no obvious choice for the SAA’s next target anymore.

Wahid Algiers

Don’ t be afraid of the Turks. They have no fighters, only “women”.


Great! Aleppo needs and deserves a buffer zone now.

Dr. Pro Liv

Go Tigers kill them all !!!
Kill those Jihad pigs that fight for Israel, Arabs and NATO !


Syria-Russia-Iran-Hezbolah have to lunch an attack to this area for the terrorists stop treating and killing people in Aleppo. However, maybe Syria will need to push away Turkey to his boundary, and…. will Russia help to do this ? … I am not sure, even Turkey is NATO member and friend of USA (although the theater is to pretend that there is not agreement between Turkey and USA-NATO).

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