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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces Make More Gains Against ISIS South Of Taybah. ISIS Is On Run (Map)

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Tiger Forces Make More Gains Against ISIS South Of Taybah. ISIS Is On Run (Map)


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and their allies have made more gains against ISIS terrorists south of Taybah in the province of Homs.

The Tiger Forces regained  the villages of Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi,  al-Souq and Qibab al-Faransia as well as the Sarouh checkpoint deploying in only about 5km from the SAA positions near the town of Sukhna. Tiger Forces fighters also advanced on the Zaheq Mount where a fighting between them and ISIS members erupted.

Separately, the Syrian Defense Ministry released a statement confirming the recent advances and claiming that ISIS terrorists are on the run in the province of Homs. According to the statement, ISIS members are fleing the area suffering significant casualties.

Earlier reports of pro-government sources that the SAA closed the second pocket in the province of Homs appeared to be untrue. However, there are no doubts, that the pocket will be closed and cleared soon. The situation at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor raod where government troops allegedly made large gains advancing 30km in the direction of Deir Ezzor also remains unclear.

Tiger Forces Make More Gains Against ISIS South Of Taybah. ISIS Is On Run (Map)

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Jan Tjarks

With Daesh on the run it is likely that SAA will keep the pocket open for a little longer, just to let Daesh run the gauntlet, they are easy targets on the run and why risking troops if you can bomb the sh’t out of them.

The interesting part will be, how Daesh will address a closed front line running from Ma’adan in the north, via Sukhna towards T2 pumping station in the south.

Regarding the push to Deir Ezzor, it would rather show a desperate attempt by SAA trying to free them in a hurry. It would indicate a real battle erupting around Deir Ezzor in the near future, but I’m rather skeptical about such a scenario. It might be that Daesh simply didn’t have the means to guard the road and prefers to sit alongside the road, shelling it from hill tops (not sure about the terrain)?

John Whitehot

“It would indicate a real battle erupting around Deir Ezzor in the near future, but I’m rather skeptical about such a scenario”

You gotta be kidding. There’s nothing desperate in making haste in relieving a city that’s been under jihadist siege since years.

Another poster hiding pieces of shit among the cookies.

Jan Tjarks

When, so far, did SAA ever take haste to Deir Ezzor? Not at all, since the last push failed. At the same time the majority of the comments exactly pushed this narrative, only SAA didn’t.

It’s no secret that Deir Ezzor is Daesh’s last chance for a coup, they tried it time and time again, but Deir Ezzor received reinforcements all the time too, bombing the sh*t out of Daesh.

While for quite some time it’s already too late for Daesh to make a difference with it, they at least would create a propaganda stunt, while sealing off the east of the country too. Question is, if Daesh can withstand SAA on the Euphrates river banks.

We still don’t know if the news about this push are accurate or not, as such, it is sort of guesswork anyway. While I respect that you have a different opinion, I do not respect your wording and especially your lack of argument.

Mickey Dee

Another basement dwelling Syria ‘expert’. I suppose you also analysed chemical attacks from 10 000 miles away.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You seem to fail to realize the strategy here since it is about closing the pockets and bleeding ISIS troops as much as possible and getting them bogged down in fighting useless holding actions. The advance on Deir ezzoir won’t happen anytime soon and advancing from the T2 region towards Abu Kamal will take some time. The various fronts and isolating of ISIS is paramount as this weakens the assault on the city by draining resources meant for the assault. ISIS is fighting from prepared positions and once dislodged they seem to be in complete disarray, further weakening their capabilities.


The advance to Deir Ezzor is happening already. Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran army are advancing to DZ already since ISIS-Daesh defense have been totally destroyed, and they are just running to nowhere. If ISIS-Daesh are not be able to get USA-NATO-Israel air bombing support, they can be considered eliminated.

Jan Tjarks

Well, I didn’t see a real confirmation so far. I could only see two sources which claimed that SAA advanced roughly 30 km into Deir Ezzor, That is ~6 hours after my initial comment on the situation. As such it’s guess work only.

The 30 km seem to be true, but we will probably know more in the morning. SAA knows that Daesh can attack their flanks if they are not careful, as such I can only guess that they used an opportunity to advance while Daesh has been thrown off balance.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They split in 2 groups one will meet with the Tigers and close that pocket then the others will clear the pockets out , they advanced about 20 km and they can’t push that fast due to the flanks being exposed. They need to wait for pocket to be closed and then resume the advance.

Jan Tjarks

That pretty much sums it up by now.

John Brown

Terra cotta I predict ISIS to be almost totally wiped out in Syria by the end of September with a few surrounded pockets left like part of Deir Azur and Abu Kamal left.


Watch out Jan Tjarks.
It looks like the Walt Disney franchise is ganging up on you. :D

John Whitehot

is this the moment where you hear the laughing people, like in those yank comedies?

John Whitehot

“When, so far, did SAA ever take haste to Deir Ezzor?”

You said that when you had to tell that “Regarding the push to Deir Ezzor, it would rather show a desperate attempt by SAA trying to free them in a hurry”. Actually, you just had to put the words “desperate attempt” in a context with the Syrian Army, when in fact the only ones who are desperate are the curious alliance of jihadists, jews, ukrainians and crooked yanks / brits.

You can also keep saying that I lack arguments, which is what desperate trolls do all the time, in their typical fashion of “i’mma accuse him of having the exact flaw that I have before it gets evident”.

And in regards to failures, I consider myself lucky to have witnessed the catastrophic, historical one your little dirty project of misinformation has suffered, with all the “jewish lawyers” style trolls clinging like crabs to this site comment section and trying pushing their shit among decent people which is just looking for some reliable, non-corporate news.

Jan Tjarks

It had been put in context, to emphasize that SAA was or is up to something trying to address, not to say prevent, most likely regarding DE. Which could have been an imminent assault on DE, the last real chance for Daesh to achieve at least something.

In such an event, to support DE would have been desperate, no matter the superiority SAA already enjoys. A context you obviously missed completely.

However, if you would have followed the discussion, then you would have noticed that the discussion already went beyond this point and that this is already off the table anyway, thanks to a detail which has been put on the table and puts the situation into a different light.

As such, before you leash out at people, who you have no clue of who they are, use your common sense at least ones please. As long as you are not able to reasonably take part in discussions, instead preferring to spout nonsense at them, please stay in Disney Land and grow up there first.

Thank you.

John Whitehot

You are right, I hadn’t the time to go through the whole discussion and made assumptions.

On the other side, reading your older comments, I think you can understand the reasons for “lashing out”, and that the kind of objection I raised stands, in the general context of misinformation that has taken shape in regards of the Syrian conflict, especially after Russian intervention.

In the end, I don’t agree with the finer details of the discussion above, especially in the part of “pocket reduction” vs “pocket bypass” but it’s something that I’m not that passioned to argue, as I don’t confide much on sources reporting on issues too particular.

That said, I believe it’s a positive thing that many people is at least having doubts about the intellectual honesty of both media sources and commenters and I must admit, that two years ago, certain discussions would not have happened – people were more naive if I may use this word.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The current plan doesn’t support a hasty advance until these pockets can be cleared and more resources can be used in a concerted effort. Deir ezzoir has held out this long and with the assault being weakened by the various fronts has been advantageous and will eventually mean a weakened ISIS force to meet when capturing the cities which will ensure a faster victory.

John Whitehot

I don’t know about that, and I’m not sure how would you say, since there is no published warplan for the SAA side.

It would make sense that pockets are left behind and contained, as the city is of much strategic importance.

If there was a peace agreement tomorrow, the Syrians would rather have Deir-Ezzor under their control than some village they are already surrounded.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are advancing on DE with 3 fronts as the go forward along the Bishri triangle. The pocket near Palmyra will be taken swiftly but not the other ,since it is too mountainous and full of local tribal group of Sunni Brotherhood supporters.

The peace talks won’t happen until mid September that should bring the other areas into being cleared of terrorist elements before any peace agreement can be made or even guaranteed. That leaves enough time for the other elements of the SAA advances and fronts to be under control.


Moving eastward out of Homs Governate into Dier Ezzore Governate the flatter the landscape gets – town of Dier Ezzore itself has massive flat plateau right across the front of it and Euphrates River at its back.


I find your analysis quite smart.

John Brown

Yes Jan you get it. You must have some military experience. Many on this board make incredibly stupid military comments. I think you are wrong about the push to Deir Azur though. The SAA wants that highway territory to expand the gauntlet ISIS has to retreat by, so the SAA holding the highway can better direct air strikes against ISIS in real time for an extra 30 km.

Jan Tjarks

So far I didn’t expect Daesh being thrown off balance that much, but it seems you are right with this.

That the Tigers were pushing southeast too was only partly taken into account by me, I surely was lacking attention on that spot. With this, they were prolonging the bottleneck towards Deir Ezzor, it makes even more sense to take the road for the mentioned 30 km.

Tough times for Daesh to get out of this mess. That Daesh isn’t even able to seal off the road from Sukhna tells a lot. For SAA it probably was a huge opportunity, too sweet to resist.


It’s turned out nice again! These are the dilemmas that several hundred thousand Syrians have died for. Now they have the luxury of liquidating several active fronts in one go, leaving the Syrian army and allies united and concentrated for the Deir Ezzor gig and in good shape to persuade the Kurds to consider their options. This is one of the best examples of systematic and methodical attrition warfare since Normandy 1944 or Vietnam in the early 70s.

John Whitehot

aw shit and we thought the US bombed them and ISIS was counter attacking xDD


LOL, It’s is very surprising how well the SAA bounced back from that horrific attack !
comment image

josef volny

There is no doubt that the recent US allies are getting wrecked. I am happy about it.
Soon whole Syria will be free of fanatical religious fundamentalism.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The “Assad must go” farts of the US/EU/NATO/GCC gang must look really silly, now! Assad must go! Assad must go, to Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Deir-Ez-Zor and all of Syria!
Go SAA to all of Syria and kick out the US/EU/NATO/GCC gang and send back the jihadi head-choppers (those not dead) back to the vile countries that sent them in the first place!


comment image


Unless some evidence finally starts to arrive I declare fake news on the SAA having advanced 30 km towards Deir Ezzor. The only SAA unit that has managed to make such advances has been the Tigers, and not even they are making that much progress currently.


comment image


xD)) sounds too good to be real, but could be

Solomon Krupacek

as usual. also now you are right. also russians have the same opinion


John Whitehot

nothing like the 12 men squad the Israeli employed in 1973 to kill “hundreds of Egyptian commandos” behind their lines LoL.


I wouldn’t rule out a decoy press release, since the Syrians have tightened security this year. Good on Southfront that it makes an effort to be impartial, reports claims, counter-claims and the evidence that the participants include.

Tudor Miron

A little off topic but I liked this video about new center for Russian special forces training in Chechnia. https://youtu.be/n7Q2sILliBg Many Russian Zar’s (can’t figure out how should I write this word in English) had their personal guard made of Cauqasus worriors. Those guys just love to war and make for some extremely determined soldiers. Chechens… Putin got Chechens to surrender to Russia’s might (Chechnia was to become home for wahhabi headchoppers) but opened the door to understanding that they are a honored part of a very large nation (not in mere numbers) of a very big country. After being ruined to dust Chechnia became a new Dubai. Schools, hospitals and lots of other less important but great looking things. They are sunnies but they are smart enough to figure out that accepting being Russia’s “fist” is much better than becoming a jihadist headchopper oasis under attack of Russian armed forces.



Patrik Wolff

They led the pocket open, so ISIS wants to flee. And then they’ll destroyed by air forces. Nice mouse trap.


Falaise a-go-go


I hope Deir Ezzor is being reinforced and prepared as it seems a Hammer (rest of the forces East of Deir Ezzor) and Anvil (the besieged SAA contingent at Deir Ezzor) scenario with the Daeshbags being trapped in between to be incinerated is about to happen.

Daesh as a cornered animal will be quite a load to handle, as Iraqi troops found out in Mosul.

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