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Tiger Forces Liberated Khirbat al-Hajj Abidan Village In Aleppo Province (Map)

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Government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, have liberated the village of Khirbat al-Hajj in the province of Aleppo.

Earlier today, the Tiger Forces launched an advance on Ras al-Ayn controlled by ISIS and even set a fire control over this village and the nearby sugar factory.

Tiger Forces Liberated Khirbat al-Hajj Abidan Village In Aleppo Province (Map)

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Jonathan Cohen

Fighting ISIS is great and all, but this doesn’t get SAA any closer to the Iraq border, so why not send tiger forces to Arak via Palmyra instead? where they can race to the border.

Expo Marker

These areas are being ceased to make sure the SAA has superiority in Aleppo province, and prevent any side tracking from one theater of Syria to another.

Jonathan Cohen

The more SAA moves their offensives around, the more ISIS must move forces to defend, and every time ISIS moves across the desert, they risk airstrikes.


Attrition warfare is like doing a jigsaw; one piece at a time.


All ISIS territory that is not heavily defended is free for anyone to grab. If left alone, the SDF would grab this territory sooner or later …

Do you see what is going on in southern Syria? The US+allies are using ISIS as an excuse to occupy a piece of the border and have a base there (and bomb SAA+allies for “defense”)

That’s why you need to clear ISIS territories. Also why should the people in these towns suffer under ISIS sharia law longer than they have to?

Jonathan Cohen

Because They say it is important to link up with PMU on the Iraq border and the way to do that is out of Palmyra through Arak, fast, with everything, at the expense of other offensives both North and South.

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