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Tiger Forces Liberated Kawm Oasis En Route To Strategic Sukhna Town In Homs Province (Maps)

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Tiger Forces Liberated Kawm Oasis En Route To Strategic Sukhna Town In Homs Province (Maps)

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Following the previous advances, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces liberated the entire Kawm oasis en route to the strategic Sukhna town in the province of Homs.

The Tiger Forces are now developing momentum in the direction of the Taybah town located north of Sukhna. If Taybah is liberated, the Tiger Forces will get a strong point at the important road linking up Sukhna and the government-held area in Raqqah province.

Tiger Forces Liberated Kawm Oasis En Route To Strategic Sukhna Town In Homs Province (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

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Some wonderful news just in KUDOS to the SAA&Allies

Michael Qiao

it just shows that the SAA is evolving into a modern force that is to be reckoned with


If this war is ever over, we will see the SAA to be the most battle hardened and experienced military force in the region.


Well done SAA, that was fast. I guess that air assault really screwed up the ISUS defenses. GOOD NEWS !


That map makes Sukhna look like it’s directly south of Resafa… It doesn’t look like that on any other map. :o


ISIS fighters aren’t really mobile. They can attack but they are mainly made up of local supporters who stay and only defend their towns. Closing the pocket might not affect them a whole lot, but i’m just saying that they can still be tough. So nice job Syria and allies!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That’s not true about ISIS being made up of local fighters and not being mobile, their problem is they are too small of numbers to put up any type of heavy resistance. They used to concentrate their forces now that is an impossibility since SAA attacks on all various fronts, ISIS were always incapable of operating on many fronts. They have no reason to defend these regions, the villages are sparsely populated by those who couldn’t flee. ISIS groups are slowly pulling out of the region and supporting other various attacks and defenses. The region is mountains and hills that is which makes the area difficult to attack, it is like that in central Homs.


It looks like this push south has cut off the main road from central Syria into eastern Syria where the remaining regime change forces that aren’t surrounded or on a border are located. If this choke point is mountainous rather than flat desert that you can drive across in a 4×4. It will be very difficult for the regime change forces to move supplies and reinforcements between central Syria and eastern Syria.

And the pincer formations north and south now put most or all of the choke point in howitzer and multiple rocket artillery range. That along with air strikes can make any travel through the choke point very dangerous, even before the Syrian government coalition ground forces close the choke point with troops.

It’s probably to the point now where the regime change forces have lost the ability to reinforce eastern Syria with resources from central Syria and visa versa. I’m guessing that that choke point is now a no go area for anyone without Syrian government permission. It looks like for all practical purposes the large regime change pocket in central Syria is now completely surrounded, contained, and increasingly dependent on the Syrian government for the day to day necessities of life.

Once the choke point is closed and occupied with Syrian government coalition ground forces and the siege of Deir ez-Zor is lifted. It is probably the beginning of the end of the Syrian war with a complete victory of the Syrian government coalition over the Jew world order international crime syndicate in sight, with the exception of the occupied Golan.

That will allow for a conventional and nuclear superior Syrian government coalition force to be placed on Israel’s borders on an as needed basis to assist with the implementation of UN and other resolutions that Israel in chronic violation of. And to participate in disarming Israel if that becomes necessary.

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