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Tiger Forces Liberated Gharibah, Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Carried Out Massive Strike On ISIS In Deir Ezzor (Map, Video)


Tiger Forces Liberated Gharibah, Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Carried Out Massive Strike On ISIS In Deir Ezzor (Map, Video)

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The Syrian Tiger Forces have liberated the town of Gharibah from ISIS terrorists on the western bank of the Euphrates in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. Now, the Tiger Forces are advancing on Asharah and Quriyah, which will likely be liberated soon.

Following the November 25 strike, Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers once again bombed ISIS positions in the province of Deir Ezzor on November 26.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the strategic bombers hit the terrorists’ command posts and manpower in the Euphrates valley. “All designated targets were hit,” the ministry said.



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  • Nigel Maund

    Great stuff! Blast ISIS to kingdom come! Well done RuAF!!!

    • Jens Holm

      Seemes to include 40 refugees in tents.

      • Nigel Maund

        You low level CIA? ……as you’re clearly a US shill.

        • Jens Holm

          Those news are all over the world.

          • Politolog Externista

            you mean lies

  • Lupus

    Howcome this IS mofo’s can still resist for so long. How many are left

    • Futhermuckers are still receiving help from Axis of Evil. (US, NATO, Ziostan, Wahhabistan, GCC and FUKUS {France, UK, US}).

  • LOL. Took a sa heet on Daesh!

  • Zainab Ali

    satanists/sdf/isis/hts/yankees/their lapdogs will always lose – if they do win it means they will be staying in the deepest perm hell for their crimes against humanity

  • WinstonSmith

    The southernmost tip of the eastern bank of the Euphrates hasn’t yet fallen prey to ISIS/SDF dealings. SAA should hurry it up here to cross the river and capture it before the US-led terrorists do.

    • Graeme Rymill
      • gustavo

        This is consistent with my hypothesis that all of this is a Lavrov-Kerry agreement beteen Rusia and USA. I do not think Rusia-Syria-Iran-Hezbolah be so stupid such that they allowed SDF to block SAA at Deir Ezzon, Al -Mayadin, and now Al Bukaman, or are they ?

        • Jens Holm

          The Lavrov – Kerry agreement is fulfilled today. So this is “next”. None knew at that time if SAA ever could come to that corner and SDF would be able to by better and better local support.

      • Jens Holm

        Again a strange version. SAA are not able to clean that area at all. NDF/SDF and The Iraqian army are.

        The SAA focus should be the desert at the side they mainly are – AFTER – taking their villages at that side.

        I also see very few SAA units even qualified to clean deserts. Some Hesbollahs in their technoicals might be helpfull – But the rest. No way.

    • Rob

      The problem is the SAA and their allied army forces strength. If the SAA power was great then terrorists Jews ISIS cannot stay even one second near Euphrates river because they will know their results.

      • Jens Holm

        IF is a french island. Go there.

    • Rob

      Israel is a fake state and have no soul like ISIS state because all Israeli Jews have come to the Middle East country Palestine from foreign countries like ISIS terrorists to Syria and Iraq.

      Second most of ISIS are Jews and eight well known countries know the treatment of Israeli Jews and that is Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, China and North Korea and that is why terrorists (Israel and ISIS) are against them.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        IL is SIN state, but not fake. it is very real.

        • Rob

          Yes like ISIS for sometime.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Its very possible that the US has left a faux ISIS presence on the East bank so that resupply of ISIS on the West bank cannot be blamed on the US.

      • Jens Holm

        Yes, babies are born at there and grow fast given hormones. They are born having already army boots on and some even with suicide belts.

        There is no resupply. You can see how ISIS has stored so much military equipment all over and have made so many fortifications as well.

        USA only supported ISIS for a periode and very hard. You seemes to forget the rest of possibilities.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Where did the ISIS convoy ,with weapons, end up after the US gave them transport to leave Raqqa then Jens. Denmark or ISIS areas near the Iraqi border ? Including family members there were 4000 ISIS according to the drivers who transported them. The ISIS fighters mostly joined the convoy in their own vehicles.

        • FlorianGeyer

          ” USA only supported ISIS for a periode and very hard. You seemes to forget the rest of possibilities.”

          At least you are honest enough to admit that the US DID (and still does in my opinion) support ISIS that is and has always been a UN proscribed terror organisation Jens.

      • Margaret

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    • Jens Holm

      What a joke. they hardly can take the bank, where they are.

      • Nigel Maund

        So you know everything do you? I think not unless you’re CIA, or just some jingoistic US shill.

        • Jens Holm

          You just have to be normal to see how SAA fight very ineffective having big losses and always blame others.

          You are a writer of the 10.000.001 excuses for doing nothing real at Your own problems.

          • Nigel Maund

            What a lot of rubbish! It just shows you haven’t the faintest idea of what you’re talking about. I have noted this tendency through all you posts on this site and the pattern is clear. Sure the SAA was on a steep learning curve when it started fighting ISIS with Iranian and RuAF support, but they have been significantly upgraded and learned a great deal on the battlefield as evidenced by their much improved performance.

      • Gary Sellars

        Fuck off terror apologist.

        • Jens Holm

          No relations to my military comment.

          • Valery Grigoryev

            The Western bank may wait: its total capture is just a matter of time. While getting a fulcrum on the Eastern bank will give some strategic advantage for the SAA.

  • Oli Oli

    always funny when folks dont get the BIG picture……….syria under assad will fall, hezbollah will fall, iran(persia) will fall.yes right now…it SEEMS as if things r settled down there.NOPE!!!!if the going gets tough…….listen to me very carefully……they(being the zionists and their british masters….-.america does not exist, never has, to this date it was it will always be a british colony-…will use nuclear arms!The plan is simply diabolic.READ NOW! two possibilities; 1. make Israel bigger2.make the world smaller.the first one aint an option no more.today the plan is to make the world smaller.the entire northern hemisphere will go nuclear….from the far east..china etc… over india….russia…eu…north america!only then can their plan for a world government with capital jerusalem work out.africa, south america and the rest r all third world countries…which can be handled militarily.putin knows that… china knows that..india knows that. iran knows taht ..that was also the reason for the meeting of the catholic pope and the head of orthodox russian church in cuba.they all know whats coming.and even putin said I quote ” i dont know(speaking to the world press) how to even get through to you people anymore….do you know how close we r going nuclear?we know exactly what your governments(us,british etc..) r up too, and they know that we do…
    can we avoid nuclear war???? nope and yes. yes= if we humanbeings change our attitude about LIFE in general..meaning going back to the spiritual way of life.LOLOLOLOL aint going to happen folks…no ore mureders..no more porn…no more killing of animals and plants ..nature in the whole…no more greed..no more “somebody has to win” be it liverpool or manchester or tyson or klitschko..no more.this period will come…..sadly to say after nuclear war.
    so dont get an headache about thinking about deir azoor, or aleppo..about isis or whatever u wanna call them….accept the unacceptable.an alcoholic who accepts…will even after being sober for 2 years still tell u ..hi im an alcoholic.peace love and harmony for my brothers and sisters!!

    • j. jaxson

      holy torah what whore-aaa.

    • Rodney Loder

      Allah is in control just relax and unwind, all of what you mentioned is commonly known as Armageddon that has already happened it was the Great Battles for Moscow Leningrad Stalingrad and the Battle for the Kursk salient, it was a Divine Trial of Judgement set against any mug that would support the aftermath guaranteed by Comrade Stalin and the idiot Hitler to be the re-establishment of isreal without a Redeemer , listen to what “Christopher Read” said in “The Making and Breaking of the Soviet System” page 123.
      quote. – Jews were mostly to be found in eastern Poland, Lithuania and Western Ukrainian, much of which had come under Soviet control in 1939, and were destined to be removed from the 1000 year Reich. Plans for this, of course, evolved from expulsion (which curiously, led Hitler to sopnser a sort of Zionism for a time) to the unspeakable attempt at extermination”. end quote.
      That was 1942 after the initial success of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. The Einsatzgruppen (extermination squads) targeted Jews and Communists equally because that is what they were psychologically trained to do, there was no Jew extermination more so than Communist extermination what Hitler missed the sewer Pontiff John Paul finished off using my intellectual property to do it, and the Jews will no doubt become Assimilationists again, so you can see that the only worry is the Talmudic Christianitys holding me for ransom, I dare say Allah will pay them out them using my Brother Salafists.

      • John Whitehot

        “Pontiff John Paul”

        the second, The first lasted only a couple of months, died poisoned after turning his attention to the IOR (the vatican banks, which were recycling mafia money), and in particular to cardinal Marcinkus, the american boss of the above mentioned financial institutions.

        • Rodney Loder

          Understood Comrade, I will check it out only I vaguely remember one of his lieutenants found dead hanging by the neck under the Black Friars Bridge, London.

          • John Whitehot

            a banker named Calvi.
            also, check out the story with the masonic lodge named P2.

          • Rodney Loder

            I can’t remember a lot of the old stuff, I think Hitler use to call Mussolini the Green Freemason because Goring was snubbed by him when he was reviving the Catholic Church and giving them the Vatican, Goring was a dedicated hunter and Hitler was a wild animal lover, the two are closely connected, he never forgave Mussolini and secretly wanted him to fail militarily because Hitler was very egocentric P2 was a psychological loop that developed out of that, Sid Loder was connected with it deeply, but they treated him like they treated Goring, only his Caren was a toothless fat ogre chain smoking nefarious punishment for Sid, I call them the Brown Freemasons, they gave Sid an apron covered in medallions but nothing to put in his pocket, he accepted being the compassionate giver but it was the stench of the toothless fat ogre that drove him to suicide, although I think it was really his Masonic counterparts played a trick on him.

          • John Whitehot

            P2 came out during cold war and was a “parallel” lodge made up of the most influential people in Italy (among them, Silvio Berlusconi), which has always acted as a shadow government, and its main objective was to prevent the Communist Party to become part of executives.

            About the Vatican, it wasn’t Mussolini that gave it to the church, the country of “City of Vatican” has existed since roman emperor Constantine donated large parts of the Western Roman Empire to the Church with an act, the “donation of Constantine”, that has been proven forged by modern historians. In practice, the “Church state” has always existed, and is existing, because of a fraud.

          • Rodney Loder

            Do you agree with this this rough time line.?.1418 ,The Great Schism ,1451 Banking Families got going, 1550, PROTESTANT REFORMATION and the INQUISITION concurrently, 1700, the end of Spanish Hapsburgs and the war of Spanish Successions from then on the Italian AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT until 1796 Bonaparte and the Italian Republic,1815 Congress of Vienna reinstated Italy’s former rulers and the secret Societies, Nationalism began with the Red Shirts, the north south divide almost became a Republic with Southern control, but Venice was Austrian and France held Rome at this juncture Papal Troops resisted the advance of the Italian Nationalist Army in RETALIATION THE GOVERNMENT OF ITALY STRIPPED THE POPE OF HIS TEMPORAL POWER.
            The RC church was defunct 1870.
            1922 The King asked Mussolini to form a Government.he assumed the title Il Duce,1929 Il Duce signed SIGNED a PACT with Pope Pius X1 declaring Catholicism the soul Religion of Italy and recognising the Vatican as an independent State .
            The Pope was a done deal washed up, finished, buried in effluent, Musolini reinstated the grub to get the support of the secret societies mainly the Free Masons, Hitler was Protestant and reluctantly made concessions this is the P2 issue , the Donation of Constantine goes back to Attila the Hun mid 5 th. Century, ! nothing to do with the Vatican that I can work out, show me the connection, I don’t say that it’s not there.

          • John Whitehot

            the timeline is correct as far as i can tell, there are some clarifications:

            – In 1870, units of the Italian army stormed the city of Rome to complete the unification of the country to include the Papal states. Mussolini would reinstate the Papal temporal power over what today is called City of Vatican, basically a small part of the city center.

            but more importantly:
            – the P2 was founded in 1945: Hitler and Mussolini had nothing to do with it. It’s more likely that it was an entity put up by the US and UK intel services to act as a sort of intermediary between the italian elected government and the powers that be in western “democracies”.

            Elections would be held in 1948 after the 1946 referendum that abolished the monarchy, and there was the clear feel that the Communist Party could win them (there were voices of people, mainly priests, that were allowed to vote more than once).

            The P2 role, although secret, can be ascertained through the actions it committed in its story, in addition to the content of a document found in 1982 at the villa of its boss and founder Licio Gelli (An ex-fascist official that would turn to partisan when things started to look bad).

            Everything they have done is in anti-communist function; there is also high probability that they averted right wing coups (which the UK has tried to support even more than the US) that would happen surely, had the communists won any vote in the period 1945-1991.

            Probably, they acted in 1993 also, to make sure that Berlusconi could win that years vote: it was very clear that, after the corruption scandals of 1990-1992, the center-left coalition would win by a large margin. In that case, a massive propaganda machine was put in place, to make sure that all the people that formerly voted for Demo-Christians, Socialist and Liberal parties would go to the booths to prevent the Center-Left to govern the country – all those people would not had voted because the corruption scandals – so they got a brand new conservative party (actually made with recycled Center/Center-right elements from previous admins).

            The connection? I really wish I could point it out.

            There was an apparatus that pulled strings in several different subjects: the Mafia, the Vatican, the Intelligence, Police, Right wing organizations, “Gladio”, the military.

            The actions performed by those elements were undoubtely part of a broader strategy defined by a single “head”.
            All the available evidence points at P2 as that head. Imho, they were put up by Washington and London, and given a single task with ample freedom to fullfil it, to prevent not only the Communists win in elections, but also the participation of them in any executive coalition.

            The murder of the DC president Aldo Moro in ’78 by the Red Brigade was a defining moment: he got kidnapped and killed right in the moment when he, along with PCI secretary Berlinguer, were successfully negotiating a ruling coalition that included the communists.

          • Rodney Loder

            I knew I left out the unification of Rome was symbolic of the Italian State, thanks I will keep all that info. maybe I can use it later to show what was in Sid’s mind, he mever spoke, he would just jesture as something absolute being liberated from a chasm of darkness that somehow clinched everything.
            That’s why I found so much contentment in David Irving’s Goring and his Nuremberg Trial, particularly when Goring and Carin were in Rome being snubbed by Mussolini, the climax occurred when the partisans caught Mussolini with his lover I have a photo of them both after the event.
            I think that’s where were going.
            I saw it as an anti Communist driving force, consider the difference between Mussolini / Stalin = ownership of the means of production. which is sorter the same as Catholic Protestant nailing a schism.
            Australian Labour party / DLP another one was Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson I never worked out who his opposite pole was but that was who Sid admired the most, I was always a Communist and left the Young Liberals 1968 to join the Australian Communist Party, maybe I was Joh’s antithesis at that time who knows.

          • John Whitehot

            thanks for this interesting discussion.

          • Rodney Loder

            Thanks for the information.

  • Michael Qiao

    Thought the entire pocket was Liberated

  • Thegr8rambino

    very fucken nice :)))