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JUNE 2023

Tiger Forces Liberated 4 More Villages En Route To Raqqah Province

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Following the liberation of Maskanah, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces continued developing momentum against ISIS in the province of Aleppo.

The Tiger Force took control of the villages of Anz, As Sulayhiyah, Aziziyah and Musattahat al-Makhrum.

A contact line between government forces and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces will likely be established south of Dibsi Afnan.

Then, the SAA may continue developing advance expanding a buffer zone along the Ithriyah-Khanasser-Aleppo road.

Tiger Forces Liberated 4 More Villages En Route To Raqqah Province

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Joe Doe

The contact line between should be establish at Abu Asi

Sam Culpak

Dude, it is quite easy to say “I was right. I knew better than all the rest” but you actually do realize that everybody on this site, military commanders and analysts said the same thing. Deir Ezzor can’t be helped just like that. A steady advance has to be made and the only thing the military can do to ease the grind for the defenders of the city is to parashoot reinforcements and supplies. If you seriously suggest the army should storm full throttle to DE you underestimate the difficulties. The whole road between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor has been mined. Every mountaintop is full of ATGM squads. They might let you advance through this grind and then just shut the door behind you. The SAA isn’t as dumb as General Custer of the US cavalry.

Joe Doe

First, I am not your Dude. Second, I not just saying, I wrote on SF and other sides, therefore I back my analysis in writing. Third, you can have army of million infantry, but if you have bad generals you still can lose a war. If you have bad planing than you have situation like we see now in DEIR EZZOR.

Solomon Krupacek

IF the commanders are not able to solve those little problems you descriebd, should be degrade to soldiers.

Jens Holm

Well, its hypocrasy of the worst. SAA & Russians could have made Deir El Zor to a safezone agains ISIS long time ago.

Its a matter of priority they dont.

You seems to know very little. From Raqqa SAA has 120 km extra to Deir El Zor and from Tabqa as now 30 km more.


SAA is too busy trying to do THREE MASSIVE OPERATIONS *Darra, Qalmoun, Homs* at same time. Which is whats causing continually delay in Deir Ezzor.

Joe Doe

The question is why, because the SAA have loooong defence line, which I also wrote many time SAA should work on shrinking the front lines. Now the stretch behind SAA capability. In addition, the SAA is lucky for now that FSA in Idlib province have internal conflict, but this will end soon and new offence will start in northern Hama and Idlib. Then SAA will be in very big trouble.


The SAA also faces much increased hostilities in the south. The al-Tanf front is new and quite active. And fighting in Daraa has increased a lot in the last months. It looks like Mattis is very active.

Jens Holm

There is no Tanf front. Make me laugh. Why did those troops leave important matters.

Jens Holm

Yes. I allow my to add they suddenly try to take desert borderlines from FSA & Co havnt been there for years.


Currently Khanaser-Aleppo highway has to be protected from 2 sides. After SAA and allies wipes out ISIS from east of the highway (as they are in the process of doing), they’ll be able to then dedicate 50% less personnel to the defense of the highway (since only the western side will be facing hostiles – those being FSA who are currently in ceasefire mode). A very good victory.

Jens Holm

Rubbish. That important road should be transportation zone right away making SAA supply much shorter. Fuel from Rojava should sold by that right away and the SDF zone – especially Tabqa and Raqqa need everything for civiles as well as refugees there.

It also would be possible to restore the dams corrects faster and give back electricity back to vital sectors.

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