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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces Led By General Suheil al-Hassan Prepare To Storm Militant Positions In Eastern Ghouta (Damascus)

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Tiger Forces Led By General Suheil al-Hassan Prepare To Storm Militant Positions In Eastern Ghouta (Damascus)

A screenshot from the video

The Syrian Tiger Forces and their allies are preparing to storm positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham and other militant groups in the Eastern Ghouta region in eastern Damascus. Recently, the Syrian military has started deploying the most expirienced units in the area ahead of the upcoming offensive.

Government troops are deploying for an advance in Eastern Ghouta:

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andy l

Go Tigers flush out those rats once & for all.


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That Guy

That’s a pretty good size truck convoy that they’re moving into place. Which is on top of the containment force that is already in place. I hope that they’re successful. It looks like the Syrian general has a contingent of Russian troops as part of his security detail.

Prince Teutonic

My 2 cents because there are a lot of 5th column inside SAA and also numerous sleeper cells inside government territory…

You can call me Al

agree with the sleeper cells but the 5th column nonsense in the SAA is a load of BS.

Prince Teutonic

No it’s not! How do you think weapons get smuggled inside East Ghouta for years?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sounds to convenient since NGO’s are bringing them in there happens to be about 69 or more groups linked directly and indirectly to Al Nusra groups and ISIS , we all know the White Helmets are one such Al Nusra group.

Joe Doe

I hope the AA tiger force would be allowed to finish the job in full, not half way and move to another front. There is another ISIS packet in Southern Damascus. There is anther packet in Deir Ezzor, which needs also be eliminate and Hama-Homes packet


Swear I saw they are also planning to take that pocket. Saw it once the Idlib offensive had finished that both Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta were the next main targets

You can call me Al
Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



I hope they succeed and may their glory and triumph be shared with the rest of us.


OZIVJ will come sure with nice pictures. :)


Tigers to come in from the east flank?
They like more open terrain for good hunting.
comment image


Yeah! That is, what i meant. :))

alejandro casalegno

Russian bodyguards……..Spetsnaz or PMC, for me, Wagner contractors, the helmet is not the Spetsnaz model and standard AK-74.

R PLobo

The Russians and the SAA are not messing around – this is a well discipline force and they are taking their time to root out the mercs. The zionist masters are now f’ked – that is why the zionist MSM can no longer make a coherent propaganda narrative. Payback is coming to the KSA muppets and the rabbi gangster entity.


general srahadin (spelling is wrong) the defender of Deir ezzor should have had some Russian spetnazt guarding him too at all times..You have not been forgotten General may you rest in peace and thanks for your brave sacrifice they were not in vain, Syria is closer to being freed everyday

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