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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces Enter Kharata Fields Area, Deploy In Only About 20km From Deir Ezzor City (Map)

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Tiger Forces Enter Kharata Fields Area, Deploy In Only About 20km From Deir Ezzor City (Map)

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Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces have liberated Ber Qusaybah, Tar Turayfawi and Qasr Turayfawi from ISIS, and entered the Kharata fields area in the province of Deir Ezzor.

With this advance, the Tiger Forces and their allies deployed in only about 20km from the city besieged by ISIS and outflanked ISIS strongpoints in the Sholah area.

It looks that government forces have decided using secondary roads to reach Deir Ezzor city avoiding clashes with ISIS at the Homs-Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway.

Earlier, the SAA liberated the Nuzayrat Mount and the Adimah Mount.

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There is a road going straight to the 137th army base from the oil fields.
No doubt ISIS is getting mauled within the gap. :)))
comment image

Maj Dan

comment image What awaits ISIS in their happy hunting ground!

Rob Centros

And that’s the pretty one.

Red Tick Alert

That’s it’s face !!!.


They are overextending ripe for an ISIS attack!


Perhaps they’re using it as bait to attract their Raqqa forces and kill them


I would think that there is a strategy for that possibility Vidura.

Robert Duran

I am 100% certain that this has been thought of


its a bait for sure…the Russian airforce will find them in the open ground as they move an eliminate them….

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The SAA is pushing from the South and they pushed east towards Al Sholah and any attempt to attack the flank will have them wiped out in a pincer attack. They will be forced to withdraw or be wiped out in a pincer attack as they will soon be caught between three flanks.


Excellent, watch your northern flank.


This is going to draw enemy forces into the desert to try stop the government from reaching DE. Which is waiting for them to do exactly that. So that they can start exterminating them to cut down on their troop strength and equipment away from civilians.

DJ Double D

I hate to say this, but we all don’t want to hear another boasting from Amaq of another VBIED attacks on SAA that claims 50’s of lives. Please secure your flanks, do thorough mopping up of liberated territories, round up suspicious residents for questioning. We can’t afford to continue seeing soldiers entering as liberators and senselessly loosing their lives sooner afterwards. Real Justice is on your side.


Connecting is a morale milestone. But the siege remains in effect until shola and Mt. Thurda is captured.

Red Tick Alert

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

Liberate the airport / military base first.

Graeme Rymill

In just under 4 months the SAA/Tiger Forces have gone from capturing the Jirah Airbase in eastern Aleppo Governorate to arriving at the gates of Deir Ezzor. This is a distance of over 250 km by road.

After being stalled around Arak for months in just a month and a half the SAA has also advanced over 170 km via Sukhnah to Deir Ezzor.

ISIS positions in central Syria have been crushed. This has been an astonishingly successful series of offensives. I can’t see ISIS holding on to their parts of Deir Ezzor city for very long at all. They hold a long narrow string of Euphrates River valley towns with no depth and restricted lines of communication and supply.


Good ANNA news video report of SAA movements from last week – through al-Sukhnah to Deir ez-Zor:


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