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Tiger Forces Crushing ISIS In Aleppo Province, Advance On Maskanah (Map)


Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, are rapidly gaining ground in the countryside Maskanah in the province of Aleppo.

Since the weeked, the Tiger Fores and ther allies have liberated Wadi Muwayih, Jub al-Ali, Tal Hasan, Nafiyah, Atirah, Mazyuna, the Thaletha farm, Samaljieh and the Al-Khazim Gas Station.

With these advances, the SAA is now in about 10 km from Maskanah with only 3 villages – Sain, Ras al-Ayn and Sakariyah – remaining on the government forces way to the entrance to the ISIS stronghold.

Tiger Forces Crushing ISIS In Aleppo Province, Advance On Maskanah (Map)

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  • Joe Doe

    Log way to go until SAA will reach highway 42

  • Gabriel Hollows

    How well defended are these villages? How strong is the ISIS presence in the region?

    • mark123456

      COnsidering Jirah was retaken by ISIS once and they actually are putting up decent resistance with various counterattacks, and they could not advance on Jirah again until the main force came back, I’d say decent. You can see daily updates on isis channels or or heavy.com, its just that the tiger forces are THAT good and its a pity there isnt more of them in the SAA.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    2 kms daily? nice.

  • gravity

    Soon Maskeni will be behind and SAA will march towards Raqqa. US will see how Syria can manage to liberate the whole country from terrorists.

  • mark123456

    If every force in syria was like the tigers. I used to say its their fault idlib was taken back, but it was just mostly them against a huge horde of turkey backed coalition of fsa and nusra, while all the other brigades ran for their lives Suheil was on video requesting backup and ammo direct from Assad.

  • Thegr8rambino

    Verrryy goooood tigers keep surrounding/encircling maskanah and killing everything resembling a terrorist :)))