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MAY 2021

Tiger Forces Capture Town Of Salhiyah, Create Pocket With ISIS Members In Euphrates Valley

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The Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces have captured the town of Salhiyah in the Euphrates Valley and imposed a siege on the ISIS-held area between Mayadeen and Salhiyah on the western bank of the river, according to pro-government sources.

Now, the Tiger Forces will likely advance to clear this area from the remaining ISIS members. After this, the elite force will continue its advance towards al-Bukamal.

Tiger Forces Capture Town Of Salhiyah, Create Pocket With ISIS Members In Euphrates Valley

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  1. alex spov says:

    A real civil war In israHELL against zionists , not a staged proxy foreigners-terrorists’s from overseas abroad fake civil war as seen here in this infographic map article , a clear real civil war against zionists in israHELL to liberate arab Palestine from terrorists-zionists’s occupation is immenent underway !

  2. PZIVJ says:

    Great to see the Tiger front on the move again.
    Using the same tactics as before to clear the west bank of the river.
    Push the remaining ISIS trash to the other side of the river, and let SDF deal with the problem.
    GOOD JOB !

    1. Garga says:

      You are so cruel.
      What did SDF tailors ever do to you? Will you be happy to see their hands full of blisters for all the garbs they have to prepare?

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        I made my comment before I read your earlier post :)
        We are on the same wavelength :)

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      The SDF will have new uniforms and badges ready and waiting for their latest ISIS recruits :)

  3. gustavo says:

    WoW, the snail is moving.

  4. Axis of Resistance says:

    It doesn’t help the SAA’s cause when you rush to post unconfirmed news.


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