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JUNE 2021

Tiger Forces Are Storming Strategic Abu Al-Duhur Airbase In Idlib Province

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Following the recent advances in southern Idlib, the Tiger Forces and their allies have reached the strategic Abu al-Duhur airbase and started storming it, according to pro-government and pro-opposition sources.

Some media outlets and activists even speculated that the airbase is already under control of pro-government forces, but these reports have not been confirmed by any evidence or official sources yet.

The airbase and the nearby town are key strong points of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in southern Idlib. If these areas fall into the hands of the Tiger Forces, the entire front of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham west of Khansir will likely collapse.

Tiger Forces Are Storming Strategic Abu Al-Duhur Airbase In Idlib Province

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Gregory Louis

I already see two pockets beginning to form if HTS collapses West of Khanaseer that’s huge….they won’t be able to disturb SAA supply lines in that area anymore and pose a threat to the strategic town


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The beauty of this advance, is that it shows what can be accomplished when the necessary resources can be freed up to devote to this type of operation. It bodes well for shutting down Israelistan east of the river.


The problem in the US/ Israelistan is that the USAF would be active and some serious air defences would be needed. Russia may not wish to have direct combat with the US there but after the latest but unsuccessful drone attack on the Russian airfield the Russians may well be considering that its better to take on the US in Syria rather than in Ukraine and sort out the US completely.


I’m sure that they’ve war gamed out providing air cover for an advance east of the river. If they can close Russian airspace to Nato, they can do the same thing in Syria. And yes, it would take some serious hardware. Which they have if they decide to go that route.


Might be time for the SyAF to really come up to the 21 century and drone warfare .
Just like the US , “it wasn’t us” , Syria can claim the same . Russia likewise .
Iran’s RQ 170 , could be mass produced cheaply , loaded with two payloads not four and have an excellent range .


That would give the US more propaganda against Iran though ?


The RQ 170 , that I miss labeled as “Iran’s” , is actually an American designed and developed stealth drone . The Iranians were able to electronically take control over one that the Americans were flying along the Afghan – Iran border .
They managed to land it with no damage . The Americans were furious , as it is state of the art stealth design . This happened in 2012 , but it is still very state of the art . It can be set up with four rockets or with cameras for recon .
The Iranians reverse engineered it and call it the ” Lightning Bolt”. They claim it saved them thirty-five years of research .
Russia and Iran could mass produce them cheaply , reverse the game on the Americans , that they played with the 13 drones at the Russian air base .


To be deniable they would need to have a locally made air frame, bases on an Israeli design perhaps :) and Western made components :)


US will use propaganda against Syria , Russia and Iran regardless of denials Israeli design ? when you have the best American design .
Taking on the USAF in eastern Syria with stealth drones rather than aircraft makes it much more affordable ,especially if mass produced . It allows for swarming in clusters thereby overcoming airbase defense systems .
Taking on the US in Syria will not be a walk in the park , but they have shown in their 13 drone attack , the direction they are headed towards .


Awesome news! Create two pockets, squeeze them in and force them to evacuate to idlib, capture the two pockets, free up soldiers for a push towards idlib stronghold.

You can call me Al

I am not sure. I would not evacuate them, I would eliminate them first.


Trump army have entered into Syria with massive military hardware and air forces. Does Trump has taken signed consent, MOU or authority documents from Syrian government? Can Trump show these documents to the international community.

At the moment Trump has no signed consent, MOU or authority document from Syrian government to operate on Syrian soil against terrorists or to chop up Syria or to talk about Syria. If Trump do then this will be a breach of international law, a biggest blunder in US and in UN history and then Syrian nation have full rights to retaliate for their own rights against hostile rulers.



Erdogan army have entered into northern Syria with massive military hardware and air defense missile systems…. Does Turkey has taken any signed consent, MOU or authority documents from Syrian government? Can Turkey show these documents to the international community?

At the moment Turkey has no signed consent, MOU or authority document from Syrian government to operate on Syrian soil against terrorists or to talk about Syria. If Turkey still operate on Syrian soil or send reinforcement to the foreign terrorist networks HTS, FSA and Al-Qaeda in Syria, then this will be a breach of international law, and this will be a biggest blunder in Turkey and in UN history, and then Syrian nation have full right to retaliate for their own rights against hostile ruler.
Turkey and Syria both are closed brother Muslim countries and they should have to support each other, not to provoke hate and war against each other.


Rodney Loder

Turkey and Jordan is once again becoming the recruitment lands of IS, the Mossad / CIA networking in Turkey and Jordan seeking out apprentice terrorists willing to brand name as IS is operational too but in dire conflict with Moderate brands and HTS, their finding it really tough going compared to genuine IS detachments who offer less renumeration, and expect much more, but have credible future prospects with destined victory, and less likely not winding up being humiliated with family paying a price.

This is unfortunate for the Afghanistan Taliban who are, I believe, detaching themselves from al-Qa’ed and affiliating with the New Brotherhood because of it, and seeking association with IS through the New Brotherhood,
that is totally legitimate by their overt association with Brother Erdogan, and Qatar.

IS recruits and hardened veterans are being channelled into this asymmetric force away from nonproductive terror attacks and their ideological support.

Long term Peace in Syria has to be a political settlement, this is the force that has to be settled with, which will never settle with the YPG rather it will pursue them till the end of the Earth, guaranteed.


Trump, Netanyahu and Salman have converted Palestine and Yemen into a human slaughter houses. They have closed the doors of both countries and inside slaughtering Innocent civilians by air strikes and heavy shelling.

Thanks to Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, who have rescued Syria and Iraq from these butchers. Now this is the time of Yemen and Palestine to be rescued.



Yes, although Yemen started under Obomber!

Jamil Abdin

And anyhow the last good president was the one before Washington;)


Iraq to ask foreign oil companies to build houses, ‘provide services’ for Iraqi employees – Iraqi oil ministry.

There are many civil construction companies in Iran, Pakistan, China and in Russia. They can train and employ Iraqi manpower and can do all civilian construction works without any condition and on a very low cost. US is a number one enemy of all Muslim states. Never trust them.


Tudor Miron
Tudor Miron

The lower pocket is very tasty – too types of rats in the same barrel. They may eat each other while SAA and RUAF will surely help them leave this beautiful planet. Again we see cualdrons that red army loved so much during WWII. One at Stalingrad is a classic in formal mil. education in many countries.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Tiger Forces specialist in catching terrorist in Pockets…….

ελευθεριος βενιζελος

can someone tell me something pls? are they retreating (the rebels) because they can not resist or they are withdrawing as they decided in astana and they will keep the part of idlib next to turkey?? And if this is the case will it happen or the russian will change their mind??


SAA is winning the battlefield, simple as that.

Tudor Miron

Wait a second… isn’t it obvious? I posted many times that only reason for deescalation zones (which was always broken by jihadists anyway) were created considering limited manpower of SAA. First they dealt with Aleppo, than Deir Ezzor now Idlib – all is going according to plan, there’s no changing of mind. Guess who’s turn is after Idlib is cleared?


You must be referring to E Ghouta?
But Idlib is large and complicated with Turkey’s involvement.
So SAA will have a temporary stop line to the west I think.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Turkey could be seen as a hindrance to the deescalation zones requiring them to withdraw from the process, allowing the other 2 to expand or unless a new Guarantor steps up as China has thought about it.

Tudor Miron

I war referring to deescalation zones in general – all of them were made to buy time.


That is clear enough. The only – small – chance rebels now have is uniting as soon as possible and kiss up with Turkey in the north and US in the south.. Likely they are too late.


Militants had always expected SAA to try to advance up the M5 HWY, so their defenses around K. Zita, Morek, K, Sheikhun are solid, made that much stronger by the urban environment. Militants are simply falling back into towns, where they will make their stand.

Tigers have all sorts of advantages in this open, rural areas where current battles are being fought. RuAF can target militants a lot more easily with no fear of hitting non combatants. Tigers command is made up of Air Intelligence ops, so they are recon specialists by trade, and seem to have developed a well coordinated mechanism with RuAF. After all, they have a great deal of experience fighting isis in the vast expanses of eastern Syria.

However, dash has made SIGNIFICANT gains in N. Hama, capturing over a dozen villages, and taking one over from SAA, killing several and capturing several soldiers.



Bernd Herzog Römhild


Du sollst den Namen Allahs / Gottes nicht Missbrauchen.


Children. Are they even 15?

Bernd Herzog Römhild

Ihr hättet es Ruhig stehen lassen können. Wenn ich etwas Sage dann trifft das auch Durchaus zu. Ich liege nur Selten daneben. Eher gar nicht..


Right at this moment a counteroffensive by rebels, at least 6 villages already taken, is trying to cut off the SAA advance near Abu Dali. If successfull, SAA will be trapped and might lose crack forces and materiel.

It seems once again SAA flanks were not secured. Will SAA keep falling for this every time?

Tudor Miron
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