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Tiger Forces And Tribal Forces Push Further In Southern Raqqah Amid Complicated Battle


On Tuesday, Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces and pro-government tribal forces fighters liberated 3 more villages from ISIS terrorists in the southern Raqqah countryside. Government forces took control of Jabir, Numaysah and Khamisiyah near the important ISIS-held town of Maadan.

The government advance on Maadan took place amid the ongoing fighting in the area of Sukhna in the province of Homs. ISIS have been repotedly redeploying reinforcements in order to retake the town of Sukhna from government forces from the provinces of Homs and Raqqah. If confirmed, the Tiger Forces and their allies could use this as an opportunity to put additional pressure on ISIS positions in the southern Raqqah countryside.

Tiger Forces And Tribal Forces Push Further In Southern Raqqah Amid Complicated Battle

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  • Joe Doe

    SAA should press hard ISIS in southern Raqqah countryside and towards Deir Ezzor and use the opportunities to advance and liberate the Deir Ezzor, while ISIS try retake the town of Sukhna. This also will release pressure on the town of Sukhna and Deir Ezzor. SAA in central Home should also start advances to put pressure on ISIS in central Syria

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      That is their current plan is to push and control the Soukhna region while pushing central Syria and flank ISIS in eastern Syria.

  • Attrition47

    The Syrians should “accidentally” blow away some US terrorist godfathers on the other side of the Euphrates.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Go SAA go; I think SAA needs to re join forces with Hezbollah and the Iranian; Because, the Imperial USA murderers who are illegally squatting in Syria, knows very well that, they cannot WIN. But, they will murder as many soldiers and civilians as they can. They also know that, Iraq has turned on them so, and wants to forge a better relationship with Syria. They are angry! So, Iraqi Soldiers needs to be very careful! SAA needs to start targeting USA bases up north!

  • John

    FOR THE SCUM, ISIS, IT’S ALL BUT FINISHED https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e181be459a46322ef36f1106d6dda9712b34ad2333a5326dc7ca61d9c3894d7.png EXCEPT FOR THE BALMING . . .

  • Bill Wilson

    Goddamn it’s taking the chickenshit SAA forever to liberate that region. Syria isn’t very large, perhaps the size of South Dakota.