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Tiger Forces, Allies Cut Off Imporant Militants’ Supply Line In Northeastern Daraa (Map)


Tiger Forces, Allies Cut Off Imporant Militants' Supply Line In Northeastern Daraa (Map)

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Units of the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces are developing their limited operation against militants in the province of Daraa.

On June 19, government forces attacked militants’ positions west of the government-held villages of Duweiri and Harran north east of the city of Daraa. However, no real progress was achieved in the area. Additionally, an SAA battle tank was damaged or even destroyed near the village of Musaykah on the same day, according to pro-militant sources.

On June 20, government troops continued their advance and established control of the villages of Musaykah and al-Dallafa cutting off the militants’ supply line to the district of al-Lajat, north of the villages.

This advance is a first step en route to fully divide the miltiant-held area northeast of Daraa into two separate parts. The operation is ongoing.

Tiger Forces, Allies Cut Off Imporant Militants' Supply Line In Northeastern Daraa (Map)

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Military equipment of the Tiger Forces en route to Daraa:



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  • Kire Stojanovski

    Great start! Keep on going!

    • Siegfried

      looks good, as long the Yanks or the Israelis don’t send their air-forces..

      • Kire Stojanovski

        No one will be able to stop the SAA from clearing all the Syrian territory, just wait and see!

      • Kire Stojanovski

        As Syrian soldiers in the video also said: “If the Tigers are going to Daraa that means the win there is ours.” And “Soon you will be hearing great news from here!”

      • FlorianGeyer

        I was thinking the same thing. I am sure though that there will be Russian contingencies for that though.

      • Dušan Mirić

        In one of my comment after of Israeli missile strikes I wrote that it would be fair for Syrians to return some of the hardware Israel send to them all packed in rocket engine powered vehicles… someone replied it would trigger Israeli respond… I don’t think Syrians are afraid of such possibility, I just hope they prepared their surface to surface missiles as well as air defense as it was written about it on South Front pages.

      • Britam

        Do notice the troops in technicals guarding the route. I would not be surprised to find out that Pantsirs are shadowing the column.
        Col. Lang on Sic Semper Tyrannis opined that this is a “betting the farm” campaign for Syria. The addition of a ‘propaganda’ aspect to this movement supports the Col’s contention. Showing the “home folks” the build up to this action shows maximum resolve on the part of Damascus. Very good luck to you all from America.

  • Mortal

    The usual strategy of splitting the major pocket in smaller ones is once more at work. Probably a fast pincer movement will do the job of splitting the narrow corridor. I think the operation for the northern part of the region is going to be much easier compared to the heavy fortifications SAA and allies will encounter as they move closer to Jordan’s and Israel’s borders. Hopefully the size of force that is to be used could bring swift progress, but that’s without taking into account the usual “foreign” intervention that occurs during such operations. I wish SAA a great success and a fast win. Idlib and east Syria are waiting.

    • Bill Wilson

      That looks like a logical location to advance thru since it appears to be a flat plain without fields and villages to contend with.

  • Siegfried

    ..And now I’m afraid that the Israelis will bomb the Syrian Army :(..

  • leon mc pilibin

    Air defences in place,for the cowardly Zionists.

  • Dušan Mirić

    The biggest show of military hardware the greater chance for Rastan operation end.

  • Wise Gandalf

    Finally! They should do this when took Sheik Miskin!!!

  • Smaug

    The SAA still seams squeamish about using actual force, they are attacking just enough that they show they mean business but this isn’t something they couldn’t have done with less than half of the forces deployed. This is why it is not good to mix diplomacy and operations.

  • Cedric Hunter

    Yes. Keep going SAA. Pick up the pace and leave the Homs desert alone. Fortify Palmyra and the T2 Pumping station. Fortify Deir Ez Zor and get ready to repel those bandits.
    Any attacks anywhere else in the country are distractions, they are trying to keep the SAA out of the South, out of Daraa. Use local forces to fight them but do not stop preparations for the Southern offensive.

  • jako

    There should be no unpleasant surprises if Russian AWACS is on duty and Syrian Pantsir’s and BUK M2 in position and ready to fire when needed.