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JUNE 2023

Tiger Forces Allegedly Reached Positions Of Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal – Reports

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Tiger Forces Allegedly Reached Positions Of Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal - Reports

Illustrative image: mod.gov.sy

On December 6, reports appeared tha the Tiger Forces have reached positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the border city of al-Bukamal.

Following the liberation of a large area on the western bank of the Euphrates, members of the Tiger Forces reportedly reached al-Bukamal and established a full control over the river bank.

If these reports are confirmed, this will mean that a core the remaining ISIS members in Syria is now located in the Homs desert.

Tiger Forces Allegedly Reached Positions Of Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal - Reports

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I am a tax paying republican veteran and I want our troops OUT of Syria. That is what Trump promised us and I want the generals to deliver.

Rex drabble

Good luck with that.I hope Trump makes it happen,if he doesnt the world will see him as no different from all previous war monger Presidents.If he does he will be sending a very positive message to the world who has had a gut full of your bloody killing.

Matt Lazarus

Trump is just another mealy-mouthed, corrupt American politician. He’s given Pentagon free reign to do whatever it wants, and spend however much they want on new weaponry. We’re living through most corrupt era in US history. Trump’s not changing anything.


Yep, while Trump actually has no power to change foreign policy, he didn’t have to gift them an extra $50 billion for war making…. Then again, maybe he was ordered to by his boss.


lol trump just a neocon whore like all recent presidents


Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have nearly as much power as we think he has.



The CIA runs foreign policy not the President.


Trump is better than Hillary but still when it comes to Israel, he will pit israeli interests above the national interests of US citizens. (putting US soldiers’ lives in danger and spending billions in Syria alone)


Trump got to watch -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMeBgcmTyKA

Pay no attention to Rex, he just hates Americans, it’s what he’s been programmed to do or maturity hasn’t caught up with him yet.

Jc Plancarte

Unfortunately, Trump arrived to the white house only with his campaign team. AND then, the deep state started to decimate his cabinet from the get go, starting with Flynn and ending with Bannon. He could not fight against the deep state alone. He needed to arrive with a wave of new republican congressmen and senators who shared his way of thinking. Most of the republican party are establishment politicians owned by the deep-sate. Trump is walking a tightrope, surrounded by deep state operatives in his cabinet, like McMasters, Kelly, etc.. he knows he had to cave in on foreign policy, or end up like JFK !!!

MD Ranix

kudos to syria coalition – strong, powerful and triumphant

Richard M

Now squeeze the desert pocket dry!


SAA has created a very large sliver of land, just a few kms in depth, that they have to defend and where they are very vulnarable to counterattacks. Experience teaches SAA does not handle those very well.

You can call me Al

Butt out, your lot is on the Eastern side and will soon join the good guys.


Experience teaches that you’re a disinfo peddler who ignores the fact that the Syrian government coalition has created and cleared pocket after pocket many times. The SAA is defending captured built up area, Isis is extremely vulnerable in the open desert and has been wiped out repeatedly there. Just like is going to happen this time.

Politolog Externista

your ill wishing cant change the situation.

You can call me Al

I want Al-Tanf eliminated by “The Father of all bombs”, it is really starting to piss me off now.

Gregory Louis

It will cause a large amount of damage but that won’t change any US stance begin the FSA there

You can call me Al

OK, take the US out then….. I want the US eliminated, apart from its good people.


me too lol


We’ll probably find that SAA will push Daesh from the Euphrates and open a corridor towards At Tanf. Let the FSA fight Daesh as that was what they claimed they were there to do.


Hopefully it’s gonna be much harder for ISIS to find enough drinking water now, although I suppose they have plenty of smugglers to bring them supplies.


i really love it :))) you can always count on tiger forces :))) that pocket should shrink smaller and smaller each day now :)))

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