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Three U.S. Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups Are Patrolling The Pacific, As China Voices Discontent

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Three U.S. Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups Are Patrolling The Pacific, As China Voices Discontent

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On June 12th, for the first time in a while, 3 US aircraft carriers were patrolling the Pacific Ocean, not too far from the South China Sea.

The unusual simultaneous appearance of the three warships, accompanied by Navy cruisers, destroyers, fighter jets and other aircraft, comes as the U.S. and China are escalating tensions, mostly due to the Washington’s attempts to antagonize it in the South China Sea, Hong Kong, about COVID-19, and Taiwan, among other, less significant issues.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt and its strike group are operating in the Philippine Sea near Guam.

The USS Nimitz strike group is in the Pacific off the U.S. West Coast.

The USS Ronald Reagan has left port in Japan and is operating in the Philippine Sea south of there.

“There have been some indications in Chinese writings that the United States was hit hard by COVID-19, that military preparedness was low, so perhaps there is an effort by the United States to signal China that it should not miscalculate,” said Bonnie Glaser, director of the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “The Chinese will definitely portray this as an example of U.S. provocations, and as evidence that the U.S. is a source of instability in the region.”

The US National Security Strategy, as well as the recent Republican-released suggestions put China as the top US competitor around the globe, and for a while now the US Department of Defense has been working to deploy more assets and resources in the region around China, similarly to what’s observed in Europe near the Russian border.

“The ability to be present in a strong way is part of the competition. And as I always tell my guys here, you’ve got to be present to win when you’re competing,” said Rear Adm. Stephen Koehler, director of operations at Indo-Pacific Command. “Carriers and carrier strike groups writ large are phenomenal symbols of American naval power. I really am pretty fired up that we’ve got three of them at the moment.”

Speaking to The Associated Press, Koehler said China is slowly and methodically building up military outposts in the South China Sea, putting missile and electronic warfare systems on them.

In China, state outlet Global Times published a response.

“By massing these aircraft carriers, the US is attempting to demonstrate to the whole region and even the world that it remains the most powerful naval force, as they could enter the South China Sea and threaten Chinese troops on the Xisha and Nansha islands (Paracel and Spratly islands) as well as vessels passing through nearby waters, so the US could carry out its hegemonic politics,” the Global Times report quoted Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert.

The Global Times also cited other experts, such as Zhang Junshe, a senior research fellow at the PLA Naval Military Studies Research Institute and Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst.

According to Junshe, the US is lacking confidence in its activities, and that is why it is receiving such wide media coverage and its advertising its deployment.

“The US Navy deploys its carrier strike groups throughout the world. But it is usually not covered heavily in the news. The high-profile media exposure this time is noteworthy as it embodies the US’ lack of confidence.

They seem to worry that the outside world is doubting their military capability. Therefore, the US Navy decided to send its carrier strike groups to flex muscles in the West Pacific region, exhibiting to other countries that their combat capability was ultimately not hindered by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As a matter of fact, the morale and the combat capability of these US aircraft carriers have certainly been influenced by the pandemic. Some of the infected soldiers may have not fully recovered, and cannot return to their posts. The US Navy is just puffing itself up at its own cost. It is utterly unnecessary to dispatch carrier groups to the West Pacific when the US is hit hard by the pandemic.”

He further said that according to him, the US doesn’t release reports to what extent the Navy was affected by COVID-19, and simply wants to show that it is still capable.

“Furthermore, the US deployment of these aircraft carriers is likely nothing more than posturing over security with other strong powers such as China and Russia.

It is widely seen that as the US economy still struggles to recover from impact of the pandemic, the military has become a pillar of the US in its competition with other powers. Neither Beijing nor Moscow is willing to compete with Washington with its new cold war baiting. Such practices will negatively impact global peace and stability.”

Essentially, the US is struggling so much, and its apparent fall from grace and from the throne of global hegemony need to be hidden behind deployments such as these.

The other expert, Wei Dongxu thinks that the three carriers will not approach China, because that would send a “very dangerous signal, triggering tensions in the region.”

“However, the US Navy may deploy one aircraft carrier each time around China to provoke it. For example, the US may first deploy an aircraft carrier near China and the other two may carry out activities in peripheral areas. Through such rotation, the US can make its aircraft carriers frequently appear near China’s doorsteps.”

According to him, carrier-based aircraft may be dispatched from a great distanced, in a sort of “muscle-flexing,” such as the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet or F-35C fighter jets.

Of course, China doesn’t need to sit idly and do nothing.

“To cope with the US’ carrier-based aircraft, China must develop integrated warning systems for land, sea and air. For example, China can use early warning and control aircraft to patrol. Once it finds that the US makes provocative actions or is moving closer to China’s airspace, it can send out more advanced fighters to intercept them. The US may deploy more F-35C stealth fighters in the future. This requires more advanced technology to detect and track them, such as anti-stealth radar. Preventing stealth aircraft and stealth drones should be our main task in terms of preventing air and marine provocations.”


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Zionism = EVIL

Americunt arseholes are falling apart but insist of creating global problems. A UN report today stated that
If Black Americans were to seek asylum, they would easily qualify for asylum anywhere due to on-going police brutality and historical genocide.

The UNHCR evaluated countless refugee cases from oppressed countries and has now listed US as a major offender. The oppression Black Americans face in the US would qualify as persecution.

comment image

Ishyrion Av

When you say oppressed black Americans, you speak about those hordes of thieves, murderers and illiterates who burn the cities (especially the Democratic governed ones)?
Statistics says that 90% of the black people murdered are murdered by blacks, who are 20%-25% of the total population. Also, related with interracial , please check this graph:

comment image

Zionism = EVIL

Racist Jew cunt. No wonder you arseholes are up the creek and girls are leading the protests.

Ishyrion Av

”Racist” is a word invented by jews to control the mind of the simple people and the narative of the public.
When a person breaks into a store and loot it, I call him a thief. When he burns it, I call him an arsonist and possibly a murderer. When he cannot read or write I call him an illiterate.
Some people, many people, fall for the globalist propaganda so easily. Maybe you don’t like America, maybe you hate America, but is not the people who should dislike or hate, is the corrupt government, MSM and the banking system. The wall street offsprings.
There are people in America, and there are tens and maybe hundreds of millions who work from sunrise to dawn to provide care for their families. Among them, blacks too. You can’t possibly hate them, unless you are an idiot.
But when you see an organized mob – and believe me, Soros is one of the funding pillars of this “revolution” – you should take a step back and think first before you open your mouth to say anything.

Swift Laggard II

razist beast raised by a razist mother. that is how your kind are bred, by their mothers

Ishyrion Av

so, you are an… illiterate?


To be fair, not all of that is Black people’s fault. Ever heard of Freetown, Sierra Leone? It was founded by freed African slaves, hence “free” in its name. Was it largely Black people behind De Beers and its blood diamond conflicts?

How about Libya? Is the “NATO coalition” (+Sweden) that took Libya from the best country in Africa to refugees and terrorists mostly composed of Black people?

Ishyrion Av

I would say neither most white people are on the pyramid either, you an I both know who is there!
Today, the Christian (and mostly white) civilization is destroyed. Not the black (african, american, etc) civilization (which existence is not questionable, but who is obviously in the shadow of the white Christian civilization), but the Christian one, the one who built the world as we know it.
What for? Who is the archenemy of this world? Who divides the people between color of the skin, religion or sex?
You think black people were oppressed and exploited by white people? By white colonialists? No, no, no.
My ancestors were white – as far as I can count back in time – and they didn’t oppressed anyone. Is not the whites who oppressed, is a certain category of wealthy people who did it, beyond colors and religions.
Somehow, I’m certain that any “saint” from today who would be in that category that time would do the same thing.
Our civilization is collapsing, since the banking system (without color and God) owns us.
You think we have freedom right now? We pay back the government 80-90% of our work in multiple taxes. Compare that with 10% which was paid in the medieval age by direct taxation. We don’t own anything now, even our houses are own by banks. Yesterday, some of us were having the privilege of owning a piece of land, gathering their own food.
We have become weak.
And our weakens is growing day by day in the face of socialist governments and freedom-for-security-trade. And we don’t see that, because we fight each other on our skin color.
Divide et impera.


Agreed. A minority of people making and enacting policy decisions is how all civilizations tend to work. Plus, it is the policies and supporting ideologies at the core of the problem – “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood” and so on…

As for whether “civilization is destroyed,” define “destroyed.” Whether you’re talking about Christian Russia bouncing back, or Libya and Syria working to restabilize (I don’t know far into the Arabian Peninsula to go before Africa turns into Europe or Asia), the bankster empire has not kept everyone down permanently.

Ishyrion Av

I’m talking about ancient rules which made the very basic fabric of the society and helped it to grow and flourish, which now are turned to garbage. Rules like: family, work, Christianity.
Family has become “obsolete” in this society with multiple types of “families” – in fact with less and less families at all: places where children were grown in respect of their parents and older people. Now is all about sexuality and lust.
Work is not valued anymore, since anyone can rely on government, socialists government who give money to the ones who doesn’t work from the ones who work too much. And instead, work is replaced with a hedonist, empty and worthless life.
Freedom of religion was valued even in the Roman Empire – they weren’t touching the conquered people’s gods. Except for Christianity, of course, in the first centuries. Christianity is the fundament of our society since the beginning. Yes, women didn’t have right to vote, some would say (who cares anyway, since voting has become a matter of who’s counting rather of a matter of who’s voting!), but the women were ruling the homes. Now, they, in this equal society, have nothing, no families and no homes. And that is only one aspect of the problem…
This is how our civilization is demolished. From the foundation. We lost our faith, we lost our way of life, we lost our freedom.
Next thing is a fencing built for all. And it has already done, with this covid experiment. People were happy to stay behind (the fences) to save their lives.
And it wasn’t even the case.
And that is sad.


I see. Understood. In that case, those principles are definitely bouncing back.

“Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
~ President Vladimir Putin, 2014

Chechens, who are mostly Russian Muslims, Syrians, Iranians, etc. cooperating with Ex-Communist, Christian Russia means their principles are largely aligned. Check out Sheikh Imran Hosein’s lectures on the Islamic alliance with Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

On work, please note that charity is also a key principle of Christianity, as evidenced by Jesus’s miracles feeding the multitudes and the Gospel of salvation being a free gift to all. So, won’t a Christian-based government or administrative system have social welfare programs or social spending?

Ishyrion Av

I didn’t know of that Putin’s speech, but I believe it says all about where are we today.
I think muslim countries cooperation with Russia (Shia, especially and never Sunni) is based mostly on common security and economic interests, and is not actually a religious convergence – both Islam and Orthodox Christianity have strong rules of not mixing things together.
Although, myself, as an Orthodox Christian, I feel closer with Iranians (I know many, as I traveled there) than with European protestants (I also know many). And this comes from the way we feel about certain things, rather than the way we think about certain things.
As for a Christian religious government, from an Orthodox point of view this is not a desirable thing, because we don’t mix religion with politics. Orthodox Churches, national churches, were always close to the kings and emperors (in Middle Age), but never took their place.
However, a Christian government – understood as a government composed by real Christians – is a desirable thing.
To answer your question, I think that sort of leadership should value work rather than social welfare, as Orthodox Churches are already deep involved in social welfare.
This means less taxes, support for larger families by even lesser taxes (not direct social welfare, since this encourages laziness) and some other things. Grownup children should take care of the parents, not the state (and this is possible if you don’t take all the money from the active people and force them to work 12 hours per day to achieve a minimal level of well-being). Grandparents should help parents to raise their children. Etc.
This would be Christian way. In my opinion.


Wait, most of Syria is Sunni, yet doesn’t it still elect a Shia president, and cooperate with mostly Shia Iran and Christian Russia? Not all Sunni Muslims are Wahhabists or the like.

As for “strong rules of not mixing things together,” that’s debatable. In fact, Islamic eschatology says that Jesus will return in the end of days to defeat “al-Masih ad-Dajjal,” the false messiah.

Thanks for the explanation on how Orthodox Churches can interact with their governments, but I think that also supports needing some type of government social welfare. When Russia began restricting/arresting corrupt oligarchs, it was not through Putin’s church; it was through Putin’s government. Since you said the churches might not take the place of government, fairly redistributing the “workers of iniquity’s” ill-gotten gains would be up to government.

Another factor (that early Christians never dealt with) is technological unemployment. Mechanization, automation, e-commerce: These all allow a few people’s work to be disproportionately more valuable than other people’s work. Without some kind of social spending, you end up with “a few hundred gigantic capitalists who own all the factories and their stock and, through them, control the people,” like Hitler warned, and you have some idea how that turns out…

Oh, and if “direct social welfare… encourages laziness,” your society is not Christian enough. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” (Colossians 3)

Ishyrion Av

Bashar al Assad and most of the Damscus area are Alawits, which is a Shia sect (I think). They are considered heretics by Sunni (as all Shia, in fact). However, even if most of Syria is Sunni, the country is (was) so diverse (including Christians) and the religion freedom is (was) so well established that Syria was not affected by Sunni Saudi extremism.
I’m not familiar with Islamic faith in very depth, I know they expect Mahdi. Same king jews expect, the one to rule the world. But in my (Orthodox) view, this Mahdi (or jews “Messiah”) will be Antichrist. Jesus will come after Antichrist will rule the world and will come for Judgment, not for ruling the world.
What happened in Russia, was a moment in time. Recovering after a period of time when law was used to make some people very rich and then taking back their stolen rich is, of course, government job. But this is not suppose to happen all the time. I was talking about regular times (hmmm, we won’t have those times very soon, I think!).
You have a point with the technological development. Is true we don’t have and probably we won’t have anymore Apostolic communities, where people were giving up what they wont need and this would go to the poorer. But owning something is not the problem. The problem comes when greed takes place of humanity. We die and take nothing with us, nothing from this world. If we live by this truth, which Hitler couldn’t possibly do, since he was an atheist, we won’t confront this issue (which today is so actual!).
As for the perfect Christian society, well, I would be pleased with an imperfect one, but always aiming higher. We are humans, after all, and we easily fall. But we always have to rise one more time.


You are correct on Syria; that’s what I was trying to get at. However, that Mahdi explanation seems off. If Islamic eschatology is that Jesus defeats the Antichrist, for your claim of that Jesus being the Antichrist, there would have to be 2 Antichrists…

With the bankster oligarchs, are there really any “regular times” for long? After corrupt Russian oligarchs went to jail, like Khodorkovsky, or ran crying to “Israel,” the US, etc., like Nevzlin, things could have gone on like regular… until banksters triggered the 2008 Great Recession… Remember Putin’s visit with the Pikalyovo metal factory oligarchs who were trying to fire the workers, close the factory, and profit from the economic crash?

You see, this is why, according to Hillary and some of the other corrupt oligarchs, Putin is the “new Hitler.” Hitler being an Atheist while opposing the Atheist Communists and reopening churches the Soviets shut down makes no sense, yet that is similar to how the oligarchs want us to believe Putin wants to recreate the Soviet Union… while rebuilding churches the Soviets destroyed…

Ishyrion Av

They say he will rule the earth a number of years before the Judgment Day. But, only Antichrist will rule the world before the Judgment day. Aka, Mahdi=Antichrist.
Islam thinks Jesus was only a prophet and is not Mahdi, but will help Mahdi to defeat Antichrist. Their point of view, not mine.
As an Orthodox, I know Jesus Christ is God and doesn’t need anyone to defeat the devil. The Judgment day exists only because God is right, not because God is somehow weak and needs some armies to fight against his fallen creation.
I never said Christ is Antichrist.

Because humans are weak and fall so easily, probably those governments need to do a perpetual job. But remember, there was a time when Jews were ruled directly by God. The moment they asked for a king (a government) was the moment God let them to fall to fell what the… government really is.
Of course we need a government but we need a small one, rather than a big one. And we need a righteous one. But you see, God gives us what we deserve. We left Him, He leaves us. And the result is what we can see.

As for Putin, I think he is doing a good job. For Russians and allies. Which seems fair to me. He is smarter than the Soviet Union dreamers. He doesn’t need Soviets anyway. That was a jewish empire over Russian and many other nations. It was a satanic empire, an experiment, unplanned to give us so many saints.
Now the devil changed the cards. So called freedom delivers much many to the abyss.
We, I, believe freedom is within Christ. Not in this world. You can be free in a prison and you can be in chains in this… freedom.


If the Mahdi is supposed to help Jesus defeat the Antichrist, yet you believe the Mahdi is another Antichrist, that’s 2 Antichrists, or 3, if you count the Mahdi’s Jesus.

That aside, Ishy, should we put much strategic importance on issues where “ye know neither the day nor the hour” when there are problems happening right now? Islam speaks of Jesus as a sinless prophet, a distinction not even Muhammad has. This means Muslims are supposed to be ideological allies of Christians against the Satanists, CIA/Mossad agents, etc. This insight is immediately applicable.

Next, even when Jews were “ruled directly by God,” weren’t there still people more… in tune, adept, or experienced at upholding God’s commands and leading others to do so? People like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, etc….? Government is a group of leaders or administrators, and God never said to not have those, quite the opposite. Colossians 4: “Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.”

Please note that a government cannot be too “small.” Just look at the Donbass republics: “Small” local governments, but they would have been bulldozed by the “big” governments of Nuland, Soros, Kolomoisky and other Zionists if not for Russia’s “big” government.

Ishyrion Av

Anyone against Christ is an antichrist. For example Soros, or Hilary Clinton. Or the Pope Francis. They all fight the Christian values, so they are antichrists. On the other hand, Mahdi is an Islamic figure supposed to rule the world in the end. Another antichrist, I say. It doesn’t really matter if he is the big one or just another one.
What matters is that muslims will bend in front of the Antichrist, calling him Mahdi. Jews will call him Messiah. And so on.
I don’t see muslims as an ideological ally of Christianity. There are no foundations for this. Muslims just want to make the world completely islamic. Wherever a muslim put his feet on, that is an islamic land. According with their teachings.
In the end, when Orthodox Christianity will be forbidden and all that will be allowed will be a common religion for all, which will be embraced by many muslims and christians and others… well, that day will be near the big end. And will be under ruling of (final, biggest) Antichrist.
We don’t know the day, but we know the signs. And the signs are obvious now. The word is falling into darkness.
Of course, you are right, the governments are not a structure fundamentally against God. Only people can be better or worse. The structures are just a set of rules.
When I said governments should be small, I was talking about their power over the citizens. Those in power always try to grab more power. And rule more and more over more intimate aspects of their citizens. At some point, the government becomes a despotic power, who rules what people should speak and what not. What to believe in and what not to. What to think and what not to think. Then they change the history. They take your rights. What are the rights, anyway?
What do you think, looking around, are we already in a despotic system or not? Is this system aiming to become global?
Some said the (final, biggest) Antichrist has already born.


According to Revelation 20, those who stand with Christ and Christian values “lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” If this includes the Mahdi, great, one less wedge to be driven between people.

Next, your comment that “Muslims just want to make the world completely islamic” is mirrored in Mark 16: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature… And they went forth, and preached every where.”

As for falling into darkness, that is not definitive. Ever read George Orwell’s “1984”? He suggested that the Cold War’s dystopian super states might become so monolithic that they could oppress the whole planet indefinitely… Then Orwell’s Eurasia, the Soviet Union collapsed and Christian Russia came back… “Know not the time nor the hour” means just that.

And thank you, Ishy, for your clarification on “small” government. Yes, in that context, ultimate power should be left to God. The closer humans get to God’s power, the more evident it is that humans make bad gods. George “Some kind of god, the creator of everything” Soros [his words] is a good example.

Ishyrion Av

It my Bible says ”thousands” of years. And it refers to the people who previously lived and died for Christ, who go to heavens after their physical death. These are the people of God who die before the Judgment day. They are alive in Christ’s Kingdom and live with God.
So, no connection with Mahdi yet, since muslims expect him around the Judgment day.
Indeed, Christians were sent to preach the world of God to the entire world. But accepting God is entirely voluntarily, is based on individual freedom. Or that it should be, disregard of Catholic massacres in different parts of the world (including Europe) called “conversions”.
Muslims, on the other hand, are supposed to conquer the world no matter what. There is no freedom of choice. For the supposed conquered people. And we see this for example in Otoman Empire/Turkey. Less than 1% Christians now. There were more like 100% at the beginning.
I read 1984. And these dystopian times are coming now… Do you see the new cultural revolution on the streets of the West? Trashing the history and values, replacing them with… subculture or nothing at all. Almost identical with Bolshevik revolution in 1917 or Mao’s revolution in ’60-’70.
We surely live in interesting times.


Maybe the Mahdi is one of “the people of God who die before the Judgment day”… As far as I can tell, there is no single, concrete origin story for the Mahdi.

And who told you that with “Muslims… there is no freedom of choice”? If that were true, why do “The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World” exist? Why was Maaloula, that ancient Christian town in Syria, sitting in the middle of a predominantly Muslim country for centuries? The Syrian army even kicked out the Al-CIA-da terrorists without harassing the Christians there.

Just as some Christians are like the banksters’ Knights Templar – but not all – some Muslims are like Ottoman imperialists or Wahhabists – but not all.

Ishyrion Av

There is no freedom of anything in islam. If you read their books (I read coran), if you hear their words and look upon their facts. Wherever islam is, freedom dies. I don’t speak about muslims (some of them, more or less are distancing to their religion, although most of them can’t leave it under the death punishment).
I speak about the faith as it is in their books and imam’s mouths.
Mahdi and God have nothing in common. I must insist on that, because God as we know Him in Christianity – Father, Son and Holly Spirit, with Maria Mother of God, and all the saints, have no connection with islam.
And is not only that. Orthodox Christianity is a faith on the living God. Is a faith on personal commitment and personal, continuous effort to reach God. Lessen the flesh and raise the spirit. We were created to be above angels. We were created to be free. To become sons of God.
And where is islam here, with their abomination theory that their prophet is married with Maria in heavens? God forbidden! Their aim is not up to the heavens but down, in the dirt, their greatest achievement is to get 70 virgins. Where? In heaven! Flesh lust in the kingdom of God, among angels. What, are we animals?
You cannot compare islam with Christianity, is like comparing darkness with the sun.
They just ripped some pages from the jewish religious books (the old testament) and some other pages from the christian books (the new testament),they changed the narrative and the history, they added some new childish stories and they created a new “holly” book.
Sorry, but no, there is no connection.
I respect every decent person and them too, as persons, because the light of God is inside them too. I can talk with them, I can work with them if that’s the case, I respect their faith because is their choice after all. Everything comes from the freedom God gave us and if God have no problem with those who live away from Him, I don’t either.
But I don’t mix. They keep their faith as much as they want. I keep mine and I know there is nothing common between them and me, in this matter. I can’t pray with them because they pray to another god. An idol.
But I can pray for them, because God awaits them too.
This distinction in faith but respect between people made Syria a good place to live for Christians, for sunni and for shia, for allawites and for everybody.
But you see, devil didn’t like it so it started this ugly war.


“Freedom dies” in Christianity, as well, but like in Islam, that’s supposed to mean the “freedom” to love evil.

“To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”
~ Proverbs 8 v.13

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
~ Matthew 10 v.34

“See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.”
~ 1 Thessalonians 5 v.15

Exactly how people “see that none render evil for evil” is debatable, and I do agree with you that Islamic texts mixing some matters of the flesh into matters of the spirit where they probably should not go is sketchy. Although, likening Islam and Christianity as “comparing darkness with the sun,” like they are diametrically opposed is objectively false.

At least year’s Crimea’s referendum celebrations, President Putin said the referendum “showcased the power of the concepts of truth and justice. Because of this, Russia opened its arms, heart, and soul to take [Crimeans] into its enormous, multicultural family.” Should Putin have said “the concepts of ‘Christianity'”? Or do a number of ideologies, including Islam, have a metaphysical or spiritual foundation to champion “truth and justice”…?

Now, which ideologies produce better champions is its own discussion…

Ishyrion Av

Freedom never died in Orthodox Christianity. The real freedom. Loving/practicing the evil is the opposite of freedom.
Putin is a politician and a president. He must be the president of all citizens in Russian Federation, not only Christians.
Only Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In the end, He is justice too, since He is the Judge.
We, Orthodox, do not relate with the truth as to an objective/relative characterization of a situation or statement. For us, the truth is the Truth, Jesus Christ.
Therefore, wherever there is no Truth, there is no light. “I am the Light of the world”. If there is no light, there is darkness. In Islam there is no light, therefore is only darkness.


Just because Putin is “president of all citizens,” does that mean Atheist Communists are allowed to do whatever they want? How about the LGBT “transformers,” 5 genders” people trying to spread gay propaganda to Russian children? Some of them are Russian citizens, but would Putin say they champion “the concepts of truth and justice”?

I get what you mean, Ishy, about Jesus being truth and justice. After all, he’s “an example, that you should follow in his steps. ‘He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.’” (1 Peter 2) So, what is the problem when Islam says the same thing? The Qur’an does not even state Muhammad as being sinless, yet it does for Jesus.

Ishyrion Av

We are allowed to do everything, but not everything is good. Words of Christ. Freedom is in Christ only. Everything else is slavery.
Atheists who don’t believe in anything are the slaves of their own human limits. Homosexuals are the slaves of their own lust. The ones hunger for money and power are slaves also. And so on.
Today people build new idols for themselves, and most common idol of someone away from God is himself. But there are others as well: the belly full of food, the pocket full of money, the lust, the things which surrounds us and make our lives complicated and empty.
A TV, for example, is a common idol. People are worship it, dedicating a huge amount of time, never dedicated to God.
Our society is sick because people are sick.
A healthy society maintains basic values and doesn’t allow public manifestations of sickness.
Individuals are allowed to do whatever they want in their private homes (as long as that doesn’t affect the others), but they need to follow the decency outside their fence. The public space belongs to all (and that is different than “everyone”).
And here is the catch. If most of the individuals become sick, the society cannot uphold the values which made it to evolve in history, it degenerates and disintegrates.
That is the case for the western civilization, and not because the majority of the individuals are sick but because the sick people – a very small minority – has the voice, while the others are silent and silenced.
Russia/Putin understands this cataclysmic event (because the fall of the entire western Christian civilization is a cataclysmic event) and creates the framework for the survival and flourishing of the Russian and, as a matter of consequences, of the entire Christian Orthodox Civilisation.
The referendum in Russia was not only for Putin’s political future as MSM claims, was for many many extremely important other things.
The future of a nation stays in the concepts of real Truth and justice.
The one individual sick in this kind of society keeps himself away of the eyes of everyone, being ashamed and trying to find the cure. And he doesn’t come yelling on the streets, proud of his sickness and trying to infect others.
When I say sickness, I mean all the ugly sins which were punished by God with no mercy (and idolatry and homosexuality are among them). And when you hear someone proud of himself, remember lucifer was the first proud being, proud of his greatness. And it took a few moments for him to lose everything and fall into darkness where he is even now.
Islam… A religion started by a warrior, full of lust, which by the Christian standards was possessed by devil. By the medical standards, he was only epileptic. He killed numerous people, he had countless of wives and concubines. He claims he was taken by an angel to Jerusalem (we call this a demonic vision) and therefore Jerusalem belongs to his new religion, to islam. So here is the man, their greatest prophet.
But you can say this was only him. What about teachings? Aren’t they good?
The answer is no.
I look up to the tree and judge it after its fruits.
And historically, islam was a plague. It violated the human freedom and created historical suffering. I live in a country who faced 800 years of Turkish/Tatars muslim aggression.
So no, it doesn’t matter what they say (anyway, they took a lot from Bible), it matters what they do.
I don’t say catholics, for example, are saints. No way. In a way, they did more harm than the muslims did. And the collapse of their world is God’s justice for their deeds.
Like the collapse of the Byzantine Empire was allowed by God because people were carry the Christian baptize but not the Christian way of life.

jade villaceran

they just sanction the icc tribunal

Tommy Jensen

Dont play the liberal game. All are born equal!
If blacks just would take more showers with SOAP, get their arses up from the armchair and stop howling.

cechas vodobenikov

for an idiot amerikan admiral this is a “symbol” of US power; it actually reflects amerikan impotence

Bobby Twoshoes

That Stephen guy is Director of Operations? He sounds like he’s giving a pep talk at a little league game. I’m sure China is quaking in their boots, lol.

Simon Ndiritu

His statement is characteristically Juvenile, indicating the state of mind of those directing the US military

Tommy Jensen

With these 3 US Air-Carrriers we could wipe out both China, North Korea and Vietnam in one single fire row.
Just to show dictatorship countries and the world our Obligation To Protect the US and our Allies against ANY aggression and hostility against an American!


Everyone knows Nam is on US side, stop using IE

Tommy Jensen

Nam is suffering from stockholm. Deep down HCM is still there and a danger for all Americans.


Nam had only 10 years war with USA, a lot mor with China and it’s coming a new one. Many retired americans are living there and locals are friendly. Not the same thing towards the Chinese. Btw, I’m jocking, your trolling is low bait quality.

Tommy Jensen

All right. But isnt the relationship with China only usual neighbour quarrels due to old history. Vietnam is a proud country not bowing to any one.
I only see soft policy from China’s side on idiotic rigths on oil drilling around the common Sea, and Nam uses US as leverage to “gain more”.
The little guy playing “equal” and rebel toward the big guy who are not really suppressing anybody.


“who are not really suppressing anybody” Have you seen the 9 dash line China is now claiming as exclusive teritory? Again these are old news I’m impressed someone is not aware of, as China is making great propaganda about it.

Tommy Jensen

The dash line is for US/Western audience. US/West culture makes legal lines everywhere on paper, maps, and legislation.

But in real world, in Iraq/Iran/Turkey/Syria there is no real borders. Nomades moves around as they pleased until UK/US fokked this peaceful life up.

Same in South China Sea. All countries were fishing and sailed around as they pleased without sealines and stupid proporty claims.
But with US/UK’s aggressive land and resource claims and sawing tensions, China had to make an anti-line against US fooling around.


How is the 9 dash line made only for the West when Chinese ships chase and ram Vietnam, Indonesian, Phillipinne fishing boats but when US, UK, Australia navies pass by, Chines just cry provocation?

Simon Ndiritu

After failing to intimidate Iran, The US is now putting up a monkey show for China, which has more comprehensive national power; solid Military, Economy and Population/Cultural identity. The US is either delirious of suicidal as it cant win or even survive an offensive war with China in its current state. Its economy is rotten and hollow while its society is largely disintegrating.


This is Federal Reserve Act America you’re talking about, and the bankster empire won the previous world wars. Yes, the banksters cannot survive an offensive war right now, but that’s not the point. China lacks the force projection to survive an offensive war against the banksters’ countries, too.

What the banksters want is convincing casus belli, a reason for war so that they can rally their subjects and revamp their greater force projection. They used this exact same strategy against Germany and Japan.

In his book, “War is a Racket,” USMC Major General Smedley Butler warned, “The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s shores.” He was, of course, being sarcastic. Japan hated this, and when Japan objected to the military provocations and sanctions by attacking Pearl Harbor, the banksters could galvanize Americans to win their racket war.

Peter Moy

I wonder if these genius’ and Einsteins deciding on these carrier deployments ever wonder what a few large anti-ship missiles can do to a nuclear reactor. Probably not since the US probably has the worst of the worst military and political leaders on this planet. Now back to the George Galloway Mother of All Talk Shows on Sputnik Radio.


The banksters know how ill-suited aircraft carriers are against peer adversaries. But if losing a carrier or two is how the banksters get their “new Pearl Harbor” so they can retool their subjects for “proper” wars, then don’t you think they will risk it…?

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