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Three Turkish Soldiers Killed In Recent Northeast Syria Bombing: Opposition Commander

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Three Turkish Soldiers Killed In Recent Northeast Syria Bombing: Opposition Commander

Turkish forces are seen at Mount Barsaya in northeast of Afrin, January 28, 2018 / Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

Three Turkish service members were killed in the recent car bomb attack in northeast Syria, al-Quds al-Arabi reported on March 6 citing a commander in the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).

The commander told the London-based newspaper that several other Turkish soldiers were also injured in the attack. The deadly bombing targeted a checkpoint next to the town of Hamam al-Turkman in northern Raqqa.

“This was the first car bomb attack to target Turkish checkpoints in the Eastern Euphrates areas,” al-Quds al-Arabi quoted the unnamed commander as saying.

The car bomb attack also claimed the lives of at least two militants of the SNA. Many others were reportedly injured.

A few months ago, the Turkish military established 41 checkpoints between the border towns of Ras al-Ayn and Tell Abyad in northeast Syria. The step was meant to improve security in Turkish-occupied areas. However, it has clearly failed.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has not acknowledged any losses in Hamam al-Turkman bombing so far. However, the information reported by al-Quds al-Arabi was confirmed by many other sources.

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Saif Imam

? ?? ?? ?


Three Turkish service members were killed in the recent Mossad car bomb attack in northeast Syria,


Deaths of the invaders soldiers are generally the result of invading another country.

Erdo, please take note.

Jimmy Jim



Turkeys with Proxy stuffing up the arse.


Do the Kurds do suicide bombings? I wonder if it was them?


Russia and Turkey continue to work in Syria
Whether that holds up or not, Russia’s Syria policy has seemingly
passed a fateful test, avoiding a direct confrontation with Turkey.
There will probably be a return to policies in the spirit of the ‘Astana
Triangle.’ This means that the Russian intervention, which was launched
in 2015, has now truly brought qualitative changes to the region.

What is clear is that this is not the last crisis. A new escalation is
inevitable. But there is a chance that further frictions will also be
resolved in a similar manner. The fact that a “working arrangement” in
this context might mean occasional “recon by fire” and human casualties
must sadly be taken for granted.


Hanny Benny

rest in peese

Zionism = EVIL

or in piss.

Xoli Xoli

No shoul be Turkey Erdogan
puppet soldiers rest in hell and rape 72 virgin demons.

Zionism = EVIL

About 200 Turkeys dead and 600 wounded for the pig ErDOG’s cowardly ego. The illegal invasion of Syria has been an unmitigated disaster for the Turkeys, just like the other retarded pig MBS Yemen venture. At least the Saudis even have rumblings of a palace coup, where is the beaten Turkey military? they should just kill the bastard ErDOG as save the Kemalist moth eaten failed state.

Xoli Xoli

As much illegal occupier and terrorists leader Erdogan claim to retain the right.So has Syria much more right to self defence and destruction of any hostile movement or target.Patroling M4 road with Syrian invader Erdogan just to babysits him and pleasing him with no timeline does not make sense.Search and eliminate terrorists of Turkey operation must start.With Erdogan to force to with draw.Or else same Erdogan tactics must be apply by arming all surrendered terrorists with manpads and leaf them to destroy Turkey military spy observation terrorist observation Turkey bases.

Xoli Xoli

This ceasefire only guarantees and protect trade relations between Erdogan and Putin. It does not serve Syrian interests.Why should Erdogan police Syrian streets with Russia while there is Iran,Syria and Hisbollah.Let it be joint patrol for all parties involved.Demarcation in Syria sovereign land is illegal and allows Erdogan terrorists to oppress Syrian civilians and forces them in the areas of their control to dig underground tunnels or get killed for refusing.Turkey present give still its partner in crime USANATO to loot Syrian oil and refuses Syrian to be supplied with oil by USA.

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