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Three Turkish Soldiers In Idlib Diagnosed With COVID-19: Report


Three Turkish Soldiers In Idlib Diagnosed With COVID-19: Report

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Cases of coronavirus have been detected among jihadists, the Syrian Arab Army and the Turkish forces in Idlib, according to Turkish outlet grihat3.

It was announced that the corona virus was detected in three Turkish soldiers. It is alleged that these soldiers were first sent to Reyhanlı and then to Gata and quarantined.

It is not known how many soldiers are infected with the virus since testing could not be made after this incident, which was stated to have occurred approximately a week before March 16th.

The initial report was that three soldiers were treated from a severe flu, but then it turned out to be coronavirus after they were tested for it.

It is estimated that the risk of infection on the battlefield is relatively high, where hygiene conditions are low, as well as most nutrition comes from canned foods.

Furthermore, the virus may have been contracted from jihadists or members of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army.

The Turkish Armed Forces reportedly sent more healthcare personnel to the battlefield, after the General Staff notified the Turkish Ministry of Defense about the situation.

An unnamed health worker working in the region said that the spread of the virus among soldiers is very high and that serious consequences may occur if emergency measures are not taken.

It is not known exactly what the situation is at the observation posts, that are surrounded by the Syrian Arab Army. Extensive tests cannot be performed, because healthcare personnel cannot safely go to the observation posts.

Furthermore, according to the outlet, there’s widespread coronavirus infections in the Syrian Arab Army, but it’s allegedly attempting to keep the infection rate a secret.

Local independent sources say there are more than 30 quarantined Syrian soldiers.

Furthermore, the outlet reports that Iran-backed fighters who traveled from Iran to Syria and fight on behalf of the Syrian Arab Army may have transmitted the disease.

It is estimated that Turkish soldiers were infected with the virus from the groups that they were in contact with. Because the jihadist passage to Idlib “still continues from time to time.”

As per the outlet, the jihadists of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uyghur origin are moving with the Turkish Armed Forces.

There is no clear information about the number of corona virus carriers on the front.

There is no information regarding any Russian troops being infected.

While the war that has been going on for years has been locked in Idlib, the corona virus has made all parties panic.

This could assist in reaching a “colder” phase in the conflict, with less escalations, or may push the Syrian Arab Army’s schedule forward, and the offensive to liberate Idlib from militants may be accelerated.




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