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Three Soldiers Killed, Nine Injured As Ukraine’s “Modern” Mortar Molot Explodes During Drills

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Three Soldiers Killed, Nine Injured As Ukraine's "Modern" Mortar Molot Explodes During Drills

M120-15 Molot mortar. Source: Wikipedia

On July 6, three soldiers were killed and nine others were injured in an explosion of Ukraine’s “modern” M120-15 Molot mortar during drills on a training ground in the region of Rivne in the northwestern part of the coutnry, according to a report of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The killed soldiers were from the 15th Separate Mountain Infantry Battalion of the 128th Separate Mountain Infantry Brigade.

Following the incident, President Petr Poroshenko has banned the use of Molot mortars during military exercises.

The July 6 incident is not the first deadly explosion of the Molot mortar, which was “developed” in Ukraine in 2015 and entered service with the country’s armed forces in 2016. The Molot mortar is based on the Sovie 2B11 120 mm mortar.

In July 2016, two people were killed during a mortar explosion at the Shyrokyy Lan training ground in the region of Nikolaev. In March 2017, three people were killed in a Mortar explosion in the village of Avdeevka at the contact line between pro-Kiev forces and forces of the Donetsk and Luganks People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Defective ammo/propellant? Improperly heat treated tube? Improper ammo handling? Defective fuzzes? Let’s hope the Ukros don’t figure it out.

William Carrington

Yes indeed ,there’s mortar this than meets the eye !


I smiled at that William.

Very droll :)

William Carrington

I try to be subtle, but with Canadian S F and CIA “advisors” training Ukrainian Forces to get WW 3 going , having a sense of humour is not easy ! And MH 17

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yep Can.Spec.Op.Regt. made up from Elite units from various parts of the CA. Army. Guess it’s there like always training terrorist forces everywhere ever since US trained terrorists suck. Well after training Khaled Walid Army guess they get the call now. They trained Azov Brigade as they are kind of like some the jarredheads in the military officer corp.




Sabatage by anti ATo weapons manufacturers

Gary Sellars

maybe we shouldn’t tell them they put the round in upside down….

stupid orcs


U.S Special Envoy Brett Mcgurk visited Raqqa.

Why he didn’t go to Damascus to see Assad because scammers will never come face to face with the leadership of the land from whom they have stolen by using their proxies. LOL


Poor Ukraine, always a dollar short and a day late!


@Jensstoltenberg – We’ll take decisions to step up NATO’s role in the fight against terrorism: launching a new training mission in Iraq + increasing our support to Tunisia and Jordan.

The role of US, NATO etc. in Iraq, Jordan and in Tunisia has reached to end. Bye bye


The child butcher Netanyahu find himself in trouble.


3 years before I had given prediction that the Western project of Israel will soon terminate. The reason why I had said because I saw some indications in the world politics.


So making copies of weapons is not that easy after all, innit?

I think the real cause of this incident is greed. Stealing from materials, using old and faulty parts or ammunition/propellant to fill the pockets of a few and regular bribes and “gift” to be awarded an arms contract. Too bad in such events regular soldiers and conscripts (who may not really be associated with the ruling scum) die. Pity.

Also, why a president should decide on the weapons to be used or not? Haven’t they got proper army structure?

Wise Gandalf

So making copies of weapons is not that easy after all, innit?

You as iranian thief sure know this.

Ishyrion Av

Again the israeli bot talking. Not very intelligent, but we can’t expect more from an orc…


Still sour? I’m sorry I hurt you too much. I promise I’ll be more gentle the next time… Here, take this candy! ;)


No, best officers went to Russians,


Or the president knows how sh&t the weapon is. We won’t say anything about the ethnicity of the president.


Welcome to Eastern Europe…


Da Rashans did i!!

Igor Dano

it works perfectly.

Gary Sellars

Not shedding a tear. Too bad it wasn’t 300 dead Ukrop orcs

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