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JULY 2020

Three Saudi Airfields Targeted In Coordinated Houthi Attack


Three Saudi Airfields Targeted In Coordinated Houthi Attack

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

A coordinated aerial attack by the Houthis targeted King Khalid airbase as well as the airports of Abha and Najran in southern Saudi Arabia in the early hours of August 5.

The Yemeni group’s spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, said that several Qasef-2K suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) struck “sensitive military targets” and warplanes shelters in three airfields.

“This attack comes as the embodiment of the Leader of the Revolution’s [Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi] promise of painful blows and the expansion of the circle of attacks in response to the crimes of aggression, its siege and the continuous airstrikes on the great Yemeni people,” the spokesman said.

The outcome of the aerial attack is still unclear. However, it remains one of the Houthi’s largest aerial operations to date.

Three Saudi Airfields Targeted In Coordinated Houthi Attack

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In the last three months, the Houthis carried out 60 drone attacks on southern Saudi Arabia. According to the pro-Houthis al-Masirah TV, Abha airport was struck 16 times, Jizan airport 14 times, Najran 11 times and King Khalid airbase 9 times.

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  • Garga

    Coordinated attacks on three different places is not easy, regardless of the distance. Yemenis clearly toying with Saudis, Well done.

    Imagine MbS’s face when receiving this kind of news. The first time he didn’t believe and second or third time probably was the worst, more than that one’s pain tolerance goes up. Too bad. And too bad we don’t see his face at the right moment.

    Seyyed Houthi also warned Emirate in his recent speech, waned them to “not break their promise” and get out of Yemen, otherwise they have a lot to loose. So the reports about Emirates’ concessions and promises to Iran might be true.

    And for the love of god, Yahya Saree’ is Yemeni army spokesman, not Ansarollah’s.

    • goingbrokes

      Good stuff. MBS must be furious. What is he doing about it? His useless military must be a target of his wrath.

      • Yolo

        Imo it is not sure that psychopaths (=leaders of SA) really get upset about this. They mostly use mercenaries as cannon fodder and do not care about ordinary people in SA or Yemen.

        I suspect there is a hidden agenda of the puppet masters to create somekind of stalemate in Yemen.

        For example I heard one of the goals of the Korean war was to promote the UN, because it made this organisation look more necessary. Come to think of it, the US loves to create military bases all over as well, also in South Korea. And US always needs a scary dictator to let the tax payer spend more on the army.

        Is it possible that an endless war in Yemen is used to recycle US surplus weapons paid with newly printed petrodollars?

        Or are new bombs, drones and airplanes tested in a live battlefield by UK and US?

        By now the battle ‘readiness’ of the invading ground forces is tested enough it looks and everyday this war continues is just insane.

        • goingbrokes

          Definitely, all the issues you mention are there, and more. The only thing that is odd is that UN is and looks more irrelevant by the day.

          • Yolo

            UN is still relevant to enslave humanity.

            Imo the peacemakers (UN) and warbringers (US/NATO) are two sides of the same coin owned by the puppet masters (fed reserve bankers).

  • Siegfried Stahl

    what a lousy air defense…

    the complete western air defense is based on this system … omg


  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    truly nice

  • verner

    way to go and crown prince, hopping mad mohammad bin salman (of fake leonardo da vinci buy at 450m$ – real value 1.5m$ fame) regrets every second he took advise on his Yemen-war from bolton and pompeo and is now surrounded by bodyguards to prevent his head being lopped off by cousins and siblings.