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JUNE 2021

Three Russian Paramilitaries, Two Police Officers Killed In IED Explosion In Central African Republic – Report

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Three Russian Paramilitaries, Two Police Officers Killed In IED Explosion In Central African Republic - Report

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On May 27, three Russians and two local police officers were killed in the Central African Republic (CAR) as a result of an improvised explosive device (IED) detonation, Agence France-Presse reported on May 30, citing the official representative of the CAR government, Anj Maxim Kazagi.

“Three Russian allies and two CAR police officers were killed, and there are also wounded,” Kazagi said.

The IED reportedly exploded when an army convoy was moving on the road between the cities of Berberati and Bouar, 400 km north-west of the capital of the country, the city of Bangui.

According to the CAR information portal Corbeau News, the convoy was returning to its base when it was targeted with an IED in the area of ​​the Bondiba village. As a result, five people were killed, four were wounded and taken to the hospital.

“The Russian Embassy in the CAR has not yet confirmed information about the deaths of three Russian instructors,” TASS cited representative of Russian embassy in the CAR. “The Russian mission is verifying the information.”

According to Russian News Agency Ria Novosty, spokesperson of CAR government confirmed the death of three Russians as a result of explosion, condemning the attack.

Russian forces have been present in the CAR for a few years. Military advisors are currently training the Central African Armed Forces. Meanwhile, the PMCs are supporting government forces and guarding the country’s top officials.


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No you misread. It was Russians not US and/or NATO forces . Oh , I see by your name that you like to dream a lot or totally delusional. All up I would say you need medical ( psychiatric ) help soon before you start to think you are pseudo intellectual and capable of making semi intelligent comments.


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Proud Hindu

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Lone Ranger

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