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Three Rockets Hit Near Kabul Presidential Palace During Eid Prayers

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Three Rockets Hit Near Kabul Presidential Palace During Eid Prayers

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Three rockets hit the area outside the Presidential Palace in Kabul, on the morning of July 20th.

The strike came during prayers for the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, but President Ashraf Ghani and many others calmly continued praying at an outdoor gathering.

Taliban denied they were involved in the attack on the heavily fortified palace.

Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid told Reuters in a voice message the fighters were in a “state of defense” during the Eid religious holiday. Unlike some previous years, the Taliban have not officially declared a ceasefire for Eid over the week.

Television images showed Ghani and dozens of others kneeling for prayer as the first explosion was heard. Most continued to pray as security guards could be seen in the background hurrying toward the sound of the blasts.

It is natural that the Taliban would come to mind as the culprits behind the attack, since they have for years fired rockets into the city every now and then, usually inflicting only minor damage and few if any casualties.

In March 2020, four rockets fell on the edge of the palace compound during Ghani’s inauguration as president. Islamic State insurgents claimed responsibility.


“This Eid has been named after Afghan forces to honor their sacrifices and courage, especially in the last three months,” Ghani said in his address to the nation following morning prayers for Eid al-Adha, or the “Feast of Sacrifice.”

“The Taliban have no intention and willingness for peace” Ghani said. “We have proven that we have the intention, the willingness and have sacrificed for peace.”

Afghan forces have complained about being left without reinforcements and supplies, often running low on food as the Taliban advanced.

In many instances, Afghan troops surrendered rather than fight. Washington’s watchdog monitoring U.S. spending in Afghanistan reported that troops are deeply demoralized and corruption is rampant.

After their pullout, the U.S. and NATO are committed to spending $4 billion annually on Afghan forces until 2024, the majority of that money coming from Washington.

Ghani said he deplored his government’s decision to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners to get peace talks started last year as a “big mistake” that only strengthened the insurgents.

In his speech, Ghani also condemned neighboring Pakistan, which Kabul blames for harboring the Taliban leadership and providing a safe haven and assistance to the insurgents. In the most recent fighting in the Afghan border town of Spin Boldak, Taliban fighters were seen receiving treatment at a Pakistani hospital across the border in Chaman.

Pakistan is seen as key to peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban leadership is headquartered in Pakistan and Islamabad has used its leverage, which it calims is now waning, to press the Taliban to talk peace.

Pakistan has also been deeply critical of Kabul, saying it has allowed another militant group, the Pakistani Taliban — Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan — to find safety in Afghanistan from where they have launched a growing number of attacks targeting the Pakistan military.

“Pakistan does not want a Taliban regime in its homeland” but their media have been “campaigning for a Taliban regime in Afghanistan,” Ghani added.


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Americunt LOSERS

What a great mess the stupid Americunt dumbass losers have made. They invaded Afghanistan, killed a million civilians, destroyed the tribal societal compact that had worked for centuries and then fled in the middle of night and now another cycle of endless violence awaits the hapless Afghan population. The Taliban will try to score a quick victory, but this will turn into a major civil war as many external forces have dogs in this war. Feel sorry for the Afghans.

A clown like you

Taliban took Kabul before and seeing them attacking/taking back those areas aren’t surprising to anyone. Also, for the past 25 years, the Taliban took power by force – just like ISIL (there were civilian Sunni Iraqis who didn’t like ISIL but they were forced to live under the rules of ISIL).
The north of Afghanistan is different, the Taliban never got their hand over the North of Afghanistan because of Northern Alliance.
Here is a map showing Taliban control of Afghanistan (1992–2001).

Also, I find something funny: Reuters, “Turkey’s Erdogan says Taliban should end “occupation” in Afghanistan”
“(The Taliban) need to end the occupation of their brothers’ soil and show the world that peace is prevailing in Afghanistan right away,” Erdogan told reporters before leaving for a trip to northern Cyprus.”
“In the statement made by the Taliban, there is no phrase ‘We don’t want Turkey’,”

It is clear who is going to back who, Russia knows Taliban are fuking lying pigs, Iran knows Taliban very much going to be the dogs of the Wahhabi Gulf States and Pakistan for money. China also doesn’t like their Uighur to become backward Sunnis – like some of them who are still in Syria fighting with terrorist groups.

A clown like you

Here is a map showing Taliban control of Afghanistan (1992–2001).
https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:War_in_Afganistan_(1992%E2%80%932001).png

Turkey’s Erdogan says Taliban should end “occupation” in Afghanistan
https:// http://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/turkeys-erdogan-says-taliban-should-end-occupation-afghanistan-2021-07-19/


Iranian Shiite Scum are the PIGS and Taqiyyah liars. Stay the FUCK outta Afghanistan. You have your own problems to contend with. Your “anti-Wahabi” rhetoric is no different from zionist/US/NATO rhetoric yet taliban aqeedah is based on Hanafi-Maturidi doctrine, not Salafiyyah doctrine. Afghanistan is the last bastion of militant Sunni Political Islam – is that what is bothering you Shia Fucks? Afghansitan will have to take help from whoever will handout help. But Mullahs in Qom were helping US fight the Taliban – so we know where the Taliban stands on Iran. Taliban took on the might of 28 nations and a superpower and defeated them. Iranian pigs are no match.


The biggest liars are you Wahhabi/Deobandi terrorist SWINES.

All Wahhabi/Deobandi terrorists fucks do Taqqiya to hide their terrorist plans and kill innocent people. Lying, deception and hypocrisy is a part and parcel of your Aqeeda.

Shia allow Taqiyya ONLY to save one’s life against oppression. You Wahhabi/Deobandi terrorists and supporters do Taqqiya to enter schools, hospitals, mosques, markets to blow up innocent children, women and men into pieces. You Wahhabi/Deobandis terrorists do Taqqiya to enter Europe and then become suicide bombers to massacre innocent children. Wahhabi/Deobandi terrorists do Taqqiya to take lives, Shia do Taqqiya to save lives.

When times comes, you first bite the hand that help you, feed you. Look at Syria where Hamas was being given safe shelter, money and training to fight Israel aggression. Instead, “some factions” of Hamas joined ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda and started beheading Syrian army – same people that helped them because you dogs are champion of deception, lies and hypocrisy.

Oh yes, go fool someone else with your deception. Taliban are Deobandis, who call themselves Hanafi Sunnis but their ideology is similar to Wahhabis. Their basic concepts are like Sunnis and their ideology is similar to Wahhabis. Anyone can search about Deobandis and Wahhabi connection. Deobandis and Wahhabis terrorists have killed thousands of Barelvi Hanafi Sunnis, even Shafi and other Sunnis, all around the world. Deobandi is custom-made Wahhabism for Barelvi and Sufi dominated Indian sub-continent, even incorporating some Sufi practices. So by adding some Sufi practices, do Deobandis become Sufi Sunnis? You terrorist pigs have no limit for your many faces. Saudia never helps any other Sunnis sect other than those who are close to Wahhabi ideology. That’s why Saudia doesn’t assist Barelvi Hanafi Sunnis to build madrassas. Only Wahhabi and Deobandis receive Saudi money to build madrassas and mosques. Only Wahhabi and Deobandi priests get VIP treatment in Saudia. You Wahhabi/Deobandi terrorist and supporters PIGS are worse than the DOGS OF HELL.

Last edited 11 days ago by PakeeGoHome
A clown like you

“The word Taliban comes from tālib, “student” in Arabic”
You have no clue what ISI did by making Taliban. Stop they are not what you think they are, they never really fought the SU they came from Pakistan schools which the SA paid for, do you think SA pays them for free? FUK NO.

If they take control of Afghanistan, you better run away from Pakistan, they are no longer under ISI or Pakistan gov. Pakistan has problems with ISIS/ISIL/Wahhabis, don’t you dare, did you forget that the Taliban back in 2000 said if Pakistan doesn’t become Wahhabi State Taliban will invade Pakistan. Laugh at that and laugh at you later.

ISIS/ISIL wasn’t Wahhabi before they show their ugly face to the world, you stupid child.
The Afghan doesn’t want them and they blame Pakistan for creating these monsters.

You stupid child, what did the SU did to Afghans, N-A? They killed millions of Afghans and yes that worked. The US didn’t attack the Taliban because of SA, Pakistan, and other Wahhabi Gulf states.
That is a fact and you can’t understand that much?
How stupid do you want to be seen?

Watch the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzBVvyBWDD4


True, what you say……..The situation can turn on the dime, high probability, if these wahabbi cunts carry out terrorist attacks or suicide attacks on Russian/ Iranian/ Tajik/ Uzbek/ Indian interests. Besides both Gen Miller and Miley have both stated that the ANA vastly outnumbers and will hold its own against the talibunnies. Centcom is on standby to provide UCAV strikes on request. Lets hope the US/ NATO keeps backing the Afghan gubment, so we don’t have to get involved.

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