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Three people arrested in Lebanon on spying charges

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Three people arrested in Lebanon on spying charges

Espionage device found in South Lebanon in September

‘This would be but one of a long line of violations of UN Resolution 1701 by Israel’

Three people have been arrested in Lebanon accused of being spies for Israel. The three have been accused of spying on military, security bodies as well as spying on individuals. On 08/11/2015 Lebanon’s security service issued a statement on the arrest of the two men and one woman, two of which are believed to be husband and wife.

“In the framework of pursuing operations to combat terrorism and espionage… the directorate of General Security arrested a spy network working for the Israeli enemy in the south (of Lebanon),” the statement said.

Lebanese security service did not go into great detail in the statement on how and where the spying took place but had said that all three admitted to the crimes. Back in 2000 and again in 2006 Israel launched wars against Lebanon, both times having to retreat as Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah went on the offensive.

After these two defeats Israel launched an intelligence war against the group. The United Nations Resolution 1701, the resolution brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah in the 2006 war. In the resolution it calls on Israel to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty, which is breached nearly on a daily basis with the Israeli air force crossing into Lebanese airspace.

Back in September spying devices were found in the town of Bani Hayan, south Lebanon. The device that was found in September was also thought to have belonged to Israel.


Gerard Dinnen

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