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Three Palestinians, Including Two Security Officers Killed By Israeli Troops In West Bank

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Three Palestinians, Including Two Security Officers Killed By Israeli Troops In West Bank

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Israeli troops shot and killed three Palestinians, including two security officers, in a shootout that erupted in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin.

It reportedly happened in an overnight raid by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on June 9 into June 10th.

Lt. Adham Elewi and Cpt. Taysir Isa worked for the military intelligence service, and Gamil Mahmud al-Amuri was a Palestinian who had previously served time in Israeli prison, the agency reported.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority coordinate security operations in the territory against Hamas and other groups that they view as threats.

A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned what he called a “dangerous Israeli escalation,” saying the three were killed by Israeli special forces who disguise themselves as Arabs during arrest raids.

PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh, called on the international community and the United States to intervene to halt such attacks.

“The continued [Israeli] occupation’s practices and the ongoing violations of the Palestinian people’s rights and the daily killings will create tension and a dangerous escalation,” Abu Rudeineh said in a statement quoted by WAFA.

Abu Rudeineh said he held the Israeli government fully responsible, urging the international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people.

He also appealed to the US to “pressurize Israel to stop its aggression, so that the situation doesn’t reach an uncontrollable stage.”

Talal Dwaikat, spokesman for the Palestinian security services, condemned the Israeli army’s targeting of a Palestinian security headquarters in the West Bank and the killing of two of its members as a “dangerous precedent.”

Dwaikat said that “the new crime is exposing the true face of the Israeli occupation.”

“What happened at dawn on Thursday [June 10] is a reason for the Palestinian leadership to think deeply about what is required of all of us to protect our people and our security headquarters.”

Israel has overarching security authority in the West Bank and routinely carries out arrest raids in Palestinian cities and towns administered by the PA.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under threat of losing his power, as a coalition formed that will elect a new prime minister, and he would be left without no post to guarantee him immunity against numerous indictments.

Separately, PA head Mahmoud Abbas called off the first Palestinian elections in 15 years in April when it appeared his fractured Fatah party would suffer another embarrassing defeat to Hamas, and he was largely sidelined during last month’s Gaza war.

As such, both Abbas and Netanyahu do have some in common, both attempting to cling to authority as long as possible.


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Arch Bungle

So the IOF has moved up from killing kids to killing their own collaborators.

I thought jews were supposed to be smart?

S Balu

Arch Bungle When they kill their collaborators it is a sign of WEAKNESS AND DESPERATION

jens holm

Those 3 were kids

Arch Bungle

Not surprised…

None of you

Well done israel. Let’s terrorise the terrorist. Hamas are on the knife edge. For the rest of their filthy life they will look behind them. Filthy jihad.

Arch Bungle

‘Israel’ is fucked.

Gone in 8 years.

You have literally no way out of the corner you’re in.

One state solution: You’re fucked.

Two state solution: Double fucked.

Continued occupation of Palestine: Fucked completely, Hamas growing stronger every year. Hezbollah growing more missiles. IRGC tightening the circle around you.

You’re all fucked…


Fauda comes to life.

jens holm

I hope its well paid. It must be a hard job to be under Hamas bed blankets.

Arch Bungle

You’d know, bacha bazi boy.

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