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MARCH 2021

Three Officers Shot Dead Amid Protest in Baton Rouge. Attacker Dead


Three Officers Shot Dead Amid Protest in Baton Rouge. Attacker Dead

AP Photo/ Emily Schmal

At least three police officers were shot in Baton Rouge on Sunday. The event came a week after the Dallas attack that left five officers dead and a dozen others wounded as protests (launched by the group called “Black Lives Matter“) over the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have turned into the violence.

3 are believed to be dead following a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Mayor of East Baton Rouge has said that this is an active shooter situatio. The officials are are investigating the motive behind the attack.

“Right now, we are trying to get our arms around everything,” said Holden.

Reports say that the attacker is killed in a gunfight with police. 4 policemen are in critical situation.

We remember the FBI issued a Situational Information Report (SIR) warning cops of a credible threat of a “police purge” in Baton Rouge. The advisory was dated for July 8 to 10. However, additional warnings were issued by the FBI later.

The situation has begun to deteriorate as a group called “New Black Panther Party” has “supported” the Black Lives Matter protests with weapons in tow. The New Black Panther Party is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a black Nationalist hate group.



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