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Three More Villages In Nagorno-Karabakh Fell Under Azerbaijani Control

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Three More Villages In Nagorno-Karabakh Fell Under Azerbaijani Control

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On October 16, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces continued its slow but steady advance in the Armenian-held region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

President Ilham Aliyev announced that his forces had captured three more villages in the district of Khojavend, located in the eastern part of the region.

“Azerbaijan’s glorious Army has liberated Khirmanjig, Agbulag and Akhullu villages of Khojavend district,” Ilham Aliyev said on Twitter, “Long live Azerbaijan’s Army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”

A day ago, Azerbaijani forces captured the villages of Arish, Doshulu, Edishe, Dudukchi, Edilli and Chiraguz. Before that, the villages of Garadaghli, Melikjanli, Garakollu, Bulutan, Tagaser, Khatunbulag, Kemertuk and Teke were captured.

The fierce resistance of Armenian forces is slowing the advance of Azerbaijani troops. In the morning, a large attack on Nagorno-Karabakh’s southern part was repelled. The attackers sustained serious losses.

Azerbaijani forces are relaying on heavy fire power, precision weapons and the support of Syrian mercenaries. Turkey is also playing a key role in the aerial operations taking place over Nagorno-Karabakh.


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Finally SF admitted to the “slow but steady” Azerbaijan military gains.

Excellent. More to go. Village by village. District by district.


Those two “bad guys” are having some fun….

Even France is changing its tone.

Bogdan Latow

We are so bored by your propaganda.


SevenMoons the spam rat bot


Spambot or not, if SF a Russia leaning news site says “slow
but steady” Azerbaijan military gains, then then those military
gains are real. Big win for Muslims coming when N-K flips from
Christian to Muslim control.

Gradual retreat of US from Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan
where peace deal with Taliban in exchange for US troops leaving, is
an exact repeat of Vietnam, where US Supported South Vietnam fell
quickly after a peace deal including US forces withdrawal.

After N-K, the Muslim advance into Western Europe will be

US/NATO/Israel supporting Muslims governments, NATO; Turkey +
Azerbaijan in this case; to tie down Russia resources on its
southern border, will backfire massively when Western Europe comes
under Muslim political control, like London already where the Mayor is a Muslim.


Aliyev on France: “France’s latest statements are positive for us. At the same time, my last telephone conversation with the President of France was very positive. I said that already before. Every country may enjoy special relations with each other


Aliyev: “Iran and Georgia have closed their airspace and land routes to arms shipments to Armenia. We would like to thank the governments of Iran and Georgia for this


Aliyev: “We have information about the transportation of weapons from Russia to Yerevan by civilian planes, but the Russian side assures us that they do not send weapons to Armenia

Again, Russia is playing games. It continues to supply expensive outdates weapons to Armenia to serve Russian interest.

Russia is the only place where Armenia can get military supplies.

But it is hard to imagine that Russia can supply all the tanks, artillery on its planes.


And if Iran jokingly fire a salvo of headchoper busters over the border, will Aliyev be thougher than Trump?


And if Russia is only providing outdated weapons, not effective systems against drones, then Azerbaijan has asymetric advantage, as well as numeric and economic advantage against Artsakh. Big win for Muslims coming as N-K flips from Christian to Muslim held territory.


Armenia informed Iran that if the situation on the border will not change, Azerbaijani military on the border will be destroyed. Warned of possible overshoots to Iran, and Azerbaijan will be responsible for these overshoots

Parshinyan wants to draw Iran into the conflict. Iran should have the ability to track where the bombs come from.


Wow! Friend just posted in FB a pic of a woman Armenian sniper. She was killed in Hadrut. It is a waste because she is very pretty.


Blame Parshinyan for all the loses.

And for Russia to supply her with the gun and bullets.


No it is not only Parshinyan. The entire armo population mind set is in ancient times. They choose this war now they are getting smoked and I’m loving it.


what a difference for you mustafa ? you as mongoloid have low sexual market value for 99% woman on planet so you better stick with goats and other animals ;)


Many of your compatriots are dying and you commenting like a kinder garden. Grow up Armo!


just facts my friend and i am not Armenian


Facts??? Buddy grow up please


well , its based on science so who have to grow up ? :D . I suggest to read about sexual economic and sexual objectification study and many more , its very clear , If you are not white. tall caucasian male then you are done ,you re fcked ,sorry gypsy bro


I heard about Neo-con in Washington. Here we get Neo-Ottomen. LOL.

But Neo-con is neo-conservative. They are pro-Israel…. Those are the American Jewish people who care more for Israeli interest more than to American interest.

Fog of War

Why did you call them ” Jewish people ” and not Jews ? Do you call Muslims ” Muslim people “, or Christians ” Christian people ” ?



Jewish people emphasizes on those people, those specific people. Not all the Jews. Same thing with others.

Fog of War

Evasive answer but I’ll bite. Whats the difference between Jews and Jewish people ?

Great Khan

Jew no good, Pakistani be careful, they work with India and kill brother in Kashmir.


From Aljazeer article:
With a combined population of barely three million, that is the equivalent of the United States losing more than 60,000 men in less than three weeks of fighting.

Great Khan

slowly, slowly Armenistani coward lose war hahhaha Pissinyan become Jew bitch Soros….hahhaa


If you look at the map, Armenia is surrounded by Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan. It is an entirely landlocked country. It can only trade with its neighbors. It has no sea access and the only way to get inside the country from other countries is through air transport. But that is also controlled by neighboring countries.

And entire N-K is landlocked inside Azerbaijan too.

On their own, Armenia + N-K has very bleak outlook. It is also resource poor and has sparse population. This is why both Armenia and N-K are impoverished over the past 30 years

And yet, those damn’ed Armenians decided to take on two of its large neighbor countries. It believe it can still win. This is just so absurd.

This is why Parshinyan has been playing chess game with other leaders. He wants to bring in competition between US and Russia. US was not even interested. This leaves Russia as the only power who can face Turkey + Azarbaijan. But all Russia wants from this is to get benefit from this conflict.


“And yet, those damn’ed Armenians decided to take on two of its large neighbor countries.” ??
Now you are twisting the facts again. Turkey made this conflict possible by supplying drones and technical/military support to the Azeris. :/

John Brown

Well I have to say George Soros is a genius. He really has outsmarted Armenians.

Soros orders his Armenian slave president and PM to betray Russia start a
war with AZER and then send all young male Armenians to be slaughtered.

Once Armenian has lost and most of its marrying age men have been wiped out,
Soros will order open Armenian borders and mass immigration of African and
Indians etc.

Armenian women will be taught to marry migrants and they will have no choice
as Armenian men of marrying age will be dead. Also start LGBT training in all
Armenian schools except for the PM and Presidents kids etc. to turn as many
Armenian boys into homosexuals as possible and give them gender changing drugs.

In 40 years Armenians will be extinct. Convert al those churches to Hindu
temples and African Mosques.

cechas vodobenikov

true or false? irrelevant
Azeris lost in 1994; will they lose again?

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