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Three ISIS Suicide Bombers Blew Themselves Up In Iraq’s Sinjar


Three ISIS Suicide Bombers Blew Themselves Up In Iraq’s Sinjar

FILE IMAGE: Iraqi Federal Police

Three ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up on March 24 in the town of Kairouan in the southern part of the Iraqi Sinjar region. The suicide bombers were reportedly being chased by Iraqi security forces.

“Our security forces from the army and the Popular Mobilization Forces of local tribes besieged three suicide bombers. They blew themselves up without causing any casualties,” A spokesman for Iraqi security forces, Brigadier Yahya Rasool, told AFP.

Iraqi sources said that the terrorists were fleeing from Syria and had entered the region of Sinjar via the western Anbar desert. Earlier, Iraqi security forces killed five ISIS fighters who were trying to sneak in from the same route.

ISIS led a brutal attack against the Yazidis in Sinjar in 2014, killing over 4,000 civilians and abducting more than 10,000 others. Most of the captives were women and children, who have not been seen since.

The US-led coalition announced the complete defeat of ISIS in Syria a day earlier. However, the attack in Sinjar proves that the terrorist group’s fighters are still moving freely in the war-torn country. This is likely the result of the the lack of proper security measures by the coalition and its local allies.

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