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JULY 2022

Three ISIS Members, Including Commander, Escaped From SDF Prison In Syria’s Raqqa

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Three ISIS Members, Including Commander, Escaped From SDF Prison In Syria’s Raqqa

Illustrative image. Source: sdf-press.com

Three members of ISIS, including a senior commander, have reportedly escaped from the central prison of Raqqa in northeastern Syria, which is run by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The escape took place in the early hours of June 19. Gun shots were heard near the prison, which is located in the northern outskirts of Raqqa city.

In an attempt to recapture the escapees, the SDF deployed large forces around the central prison as well as in nearby neighborhoods. Some sources reported that at least some of the escapees were recaptured. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The incident adds to the doubts about the SDF’s ability to keep thousands of ISIS detainees in northeastern Syria under custody.

Last January, ISIS cells launched a large attack on a prison run by the SDF near the northeastern city of al-Hasakah. Hundreds of terrorists escaped from the prison as a result of the attack. Many of them are still missing to this day. The attack claimed the lives of more than 300 people and wounded many others.

ISIS cells in northeastern Syria escalated their operations late on in May following reports of a near Turkish operation against the SDF. The terrorists carried out at least six attacks on the SDF since the first reports about the operation emerged.

The SDF has already warned that any Turkish operation in the northern northeastern region will jeopardize its efforts against ISIS.


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Apparently CIA has a mission for them.

Kathryn Bowman

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Assad Defeated Zionists

They were probably picked up by ISIS air force so they can fight against Butcher Assad. Aiding useful Wahhabi terrorists has happened before like during the “September 2016 Deir ez-Zor air raid”


Or UNHUMAN “olive branch” (better in MERDolfgan ass…) REMEMBER the quagmire for UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS and ITS chihuahuas…


Why you hate your master Erdogan so much? he’s f****** your mama nicely she is very happy or you jealous? do not worry your turn will come


Freed from SDF – We all know yanquis holding these Wahhabis as tools to use against Syrians.

So many times yanquis freed Wahhabis in Iraq to attack PMU and such.


translation—3 CIA AGENTS sent to trangender wokestan –USA—to improve lgbt awareness

Peter Jennings

‘Escape’ eh? Just the SDF doing the US another favour.

The USadmin did something similar after WWII but on a much larger scale. It was called operation paperclip. Neocons just love their fanatics. They have got the US where it is today.


It was their technical knowledge that the US valued, not their “fanaticism.”

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