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Three Civilians Killed In Overnight Azerbaijani Shelling Of Stepanakert (Video, Photos)

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Three Civilians Killed In Overnight Azerbaijani Shelling Of Stepanakert (Video, Photos)

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On November 6, a new wave of Azerbaijani strikes hit the city of Stepanakert, the capital of the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to the Armenian Unified Infocenter, several heavy rockets, some armed with cluster warheads, targeted the heart of the city as well as nearby civilian settlements.

“Azerbaijan is deliberately targeting residential buildings, civil and public infrastructure across the city,” the Infocenter said on Twitter.

One of the rockets struck a house inside Stepanakert, killing three civilians. According to the reports, one woman Svetlana Mcrtchian and two her grandchildren Eric and Arkadiy Ahumian were killed.

Rescue workers were able to retrieve the bodies of the victims.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan called the Armenian reports “misinformation”. The ministry also stated that an explosion at an Armenian ammunition depot was behind the destruction in Stepanakert.

“An explosion of truck loaded with ammunition resulted in a conflagration in the ammunition depot near Khankendi [the Azerbaijani name for Stepanakert],” the ministry said in a statement, “The ammunition depot used to provide the units of the 10th mountain division and the 5th mountain regiment in Aghdere with weapons and ammunition.”

With today’s causalities, the total number of Armenian civilians killed since the beginning of the Azerbaijani attack on Nagorno-Karabakh has risen to 53.

The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh will not likely end any time soon. Last month, Armenia and Azerbaijan reached three humanitarian ceasefires. All collapsed within a few hours.


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Random Dude

Poor Azerbaijan, losing its civilians in both sides. Since all is happening within Azerbaijani territory, legally it could be called a civil war, if Armenia was not involved of course.

Potato Man

Their goal is not hard to understand…they (Zion-Turk-Azer) might fight in the city…by shelling city more and more civilians ofc leave….one thing that SF doesn’t even talk about.

Intermittent shelling by Azerbaijan’s forces has turned Stepanakert into a ghost town dotted with unexploded munitions and shell craters. Much of Stepanakert’s 50,000-strong population has left, with those remaining hunkering down in cellars.



I think Putin really needs to step up now, this is getting too much. The Azeri’s have been bombing civilian centers for over a month now, clearly as an attempt to drive civilians out before they try to capture the towns. They don’t just want to capture NK, they want to ethnically-cleanse it of Armenians.

Russia could send forces to Stepanakert and Shushi as peacekeeping forces and the Azeri’s would be forced to halt their attacks.

Doom Sternz

What NATO and the Western rules based order is attempting to achieve and the methods used are disgraceful. All the Western “rules based order” leaders must arrested and go before the Hague for crimes against humanity. It is very clear that the NATO uses the most despicable soldiers of war, ie fascists and terrorists as mercenaries to allow the identified country to be looted for the 1%, who also must be arrested and go before the Hague for crimes against humanity.

If we do not do this we are all dead people walking. Wake up if isnt to late already.

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