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Threat Of Staged Chemical Attack In Syria’s Idlib Remains: Russian Foreign Ministry

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During a weekly press briefing on September 20, Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova warned that a threat of staged chemical attack in Idlib province is still high.

According to Zakharova, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is supplying its allied militant groups with chemical agents with this purpose. She further noted that containers with sarin have been delivered to the national hospital in the city of Idlib.

The diplomat added that the White Helments could play a key role in the upcoming provocation. Women and chidren may become victims of the staged attack, she said.

Zakharova said that threats of the US to carry out a military attack on Syria in the case of chemical weapons usage are undermining attempts to promote a peaceful settlement in the war-torn country.

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I’m really tired of Russian talking without doing anything. Well, we all know what is western mainstream, who are oligarchs, NWO, Deep state etc. If Russia think they could talk a peace with them , good luck. Talking is cheap. They spilled Russian blood and Putin apologies. May be they even know who is the orchestrator, if it is Rotschilds family or Netanyahu or Bolton or somebody else. And they tell mothers and fathers of 15 dead servicemen that they died by mistake. It is DISGUSTUNG and STUPID and OUTRAGEOUS.

AM Hants

So what do you want? Thermo-nuclear WWIII?


You are really afraid of that aren’t you? The threat of thermo-nuclear war has been used for decades to scare people. Remember all the drills? Remember the movies where we are attacked and counter attack with nukes and destroy each other? I’ve even seen some where we, the U.S., are attacked without reason. People believe it so much that there are YouTube gag videos designed to make people believe just that. The fact is that those scenarios were never real. And they still are not. The threat of all out nuclear war is just a ploy to keep people in fear and submissive.

AM Hants

Not at all. Just seriously bored with media disinformation agents, coming out with the same soundbite of the week.

If it goes thermo-nuclear, I do not really care, courtesy of the masses, still believing their Government of the day or mass media. Where I live, there are many big beasts, tuned in to take the place out, so I would not even be aware, until I wake up a radio-active, particle of ash. We all have our sell by date. However, I do laugh at the new crowd of ‘zombie trolls’, taking their 30 pieces of silver. What programme is running them?

“Siloviki” Telegram channel?… A confidential instruction addressed to the military personnel of the special operations forces of Ukraine – to the Center for Information-Psychological Operations (CIPO), including the 72nd CIPO, for carrying out cyber attacks against Russia – has surfaced on the Internet.

How does the script go?

“Russia is the aggressor” –

“The demonstration of a purposeful aggressive policy of the leadership of the Russian Federation and the facts of the direct participation of the Armed Forces and the Russian special services in the zone of conducting the ATO,” it states in the document.

“Spiders in jar”. This supposes:

“Discrediting the political and military leaders of the LDPR; kindling mutual distrust and an armed standoff between the military personnel of the republics, units of the Russian Armed Forces, and Russian mercenaries”.

“chronicle of occupation”, the Center for Information-Psychological Operations must distribute information about a catastrophic economic-social situation… which has allegedly developed because of their leaders.

“National lustration”.

“Compromising pro-Russian leaders of the local political elite … demonstrating illegal and destructive activity, with an emphasis on a corruption component,”

“All against All” supposes highlighting the activity of the Russian Federation as an aggressor, inspiring socio-political tension and public protests …

“You are expected at home” direction includes holding operational conversations with relatives and friends of the military personnel of the army of the republics for the purpose of inducing the latter to surrender their weapons and to voluntarily cooperate with the special services of Ukraine…

Empire's Frontiers


The only thing to do with a man suggesting the surrender of one’s firearms is to go shoot his boss.

Empire's Frontiers

I simply enjoy the imported olives at the grocery store.


Wrong, the threat of nuclear war is very real, but more people will be killed via germ warfare than nukes. Once you accept that war is stealing at a national level, it all makes sense. Nuclear weapons destroy infrastructure, the very thing an aggressor wants to steal. So today aggressor countries like the USA devote most of their energy developing germ and chemical agents. Defenders on the other hand want to destroy the aggressors infrastructure, to stop their ability to make war, which is why Russia concentrates on nukes.

A war is highly likely, because the US is on the verge of economic collapse, and they would rather go out like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid than lose the empire.

Would it erase the entire human race, I doubt it, people living outside the main theaters in isolated places would survive, but would you want to live in a world with no internet? :)

Concrete Mike

I can live without the internet. It would be kinda nice, especially for families….have you been to supler table, all i seem to say is put the gosdamned phone away.

The intenet is morphing into thought police..i dont like it.


Yes agreed, when I first started using the net there were no web browsers, later I moved to the original version 1 of Netscape, it was great, a library in your living room. Now, it seems to be mostly porn.


Why do u think that war can stop their economic collapse? War will speed up American economic collapse.


Because they can steal the money they owe from other countries. During WWII, the US stole, seized in their jargon the gold of every nation they went to. That’s how the US ended up with so much gold. Of course they made more money by taking over the mines, oilfields etc.

All wars are about money, WWI was about forcing Germany to buy British and French oil. Today the war is about forcing Germany to buy American gas and oil.


America didn’t entered the WW2 until all sides weakened, America sold its weaponry,its weapon industry flourished so fast and this was the basic reason for their base to become superpower ,I think. And after this the reason u mentioned. But now in WW3 (like Germany and Britain in WW2 ) America will be in central place and generator of the War. So it is quite enough for Disintegration of USA.


The war was already won when we bombed Japan and it was just for show. A show which has worked well at instilling fear. We bombed North Korea until there was nothing left to bomb and yet we still didn’t win. The only reason for both of the above actions was because there was no threat of reciprocation. The chances of all out nuclear war between Russia and America or even China is almost nil. At best there would be tactical exchanges over troops in a theater of operation. War is not just highly likely but is ongoing. But all out nuclear war… I just don’t see it happening.


It wasn’t just for show, it was a test. The US had 2 types of bomb, Uranium and Plutonium, and they wanted to see which killed the best. The US rushed medical teams to both bomb sites after Japan surrendered, but didn’t offer any assistance, they just observed the dying process.


Yes, it was both a test and a show. It showed just how demented U.S. leaders are.


In my humble opinion, I would be very embarrassed after posting such nonsense, woops, sorry, comment.


You should be embarrassed for your unsubstantive comment.


You need brain power to get the substance of my comment.


LOL. Nice try.


They can’t even attack Iran, and u r strangely feared by that they attack Russia? How people r so much Scared??

AM Hants

Being aware, is not the same as being scared.

New soundbite of the week? ‘Being scared’? So many of the newbies, from the Siloviki” Telegram channel, using the same Soros funded words of the day.


God bless Russia. The hope for humanity, the hope for peace. Live long Russia!

AM Hants

How Putin Made Russia Great Again… https://www.sott.net/article/391148-How-Putin-made-Russia-Great-Again



Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia has a problem…it is to support the military-industrial complex and its prestige…or to support business with everybody ( included your enemies)…both at the same time it cannot be!…I am pretty sure that Russian military staff wanted troops inside east Ukraine like they did in Crimea…and also Military troops ( paratroops) in Syria with many S-300/400 system deployed in east Homs and Damascus….of course not allowing any attack of foreign armed forces!….but Russia business men,Banks and Companies fear economic sanctions from EU and USA and surely have forced to stop the Russian armed forces…therefore we will see Israeli airstrikes, US attacks…and NATO troops deployed in Ukraine and growing its presence in Baltic countries…in foreign policy you can be white or black…but not grey!..


Ukraine is different story then Syria. There is nothing to gain in Ukraine. Except Crimea it is a hellhole, corrupted country with brainwashed neonazi population. Why should Russia invade this hellhole ? Pay their debt and rebuild their dilapidated infrastructure and get killed for that ? But Syria, oh men…. There is key strategic port in Latakia opened for Russian navy and key airbase in Khmeimim. Syria is the last land preventing gas pipe from Qatar to Turkey. They have oil fields, moderate pro-russian president and it is nice buffer zone against Saudi and US terrorists known as ISIS. Syria is protecting Caucasus and Russian mainland, keeping ISIS busy. But despite huge tactical advantage Russia is even not able to protect their own troops in Latakia and despite gains in territory they are literally defenseless against daring Israeli attacks. This is problem of Putin’s soft politicy against Russian enemies. Namely against Israel.

Empire's Frontiers

Go re-read the art of war, and by the second chapter you’ll be at ease.


This is ‘Geopolitics’.

NOT ‘Professional Wrestling’.


At this point the hubris of US/israel has reached such levels that the staged chemical attack isn’t even necessary any more as a casus belli. Israel can just ramp up its air strikes with impunity.


Oh, good lord almighty. We’re still going on about this! It’s done; Idlib is canceled and the war is over.


America cannot accept defeat. To understand the American mindset watch this.


Concrete Mike

Ok before it was chlorine. Now maria is saying sarin.

My dear maria, sarin is the real deal. Are you just shaking trees to see what falls out or is there good intelligence? Sarin is serious, if al nusra has sarin then god help us all…

Good luck russia in stopping this madness, the whole world is with you on this one.

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