Thousands Protest In Barselona Over Police Violence During Catalan Independence Referendum


Thousands Protest In Barselona Over Police Violence During Catalan Independence Referendum

Several thousand people gathered outside the Barcelona headquarters of Spain’s national police force on October 3 amid strikes in protest of police violence during the contentious Catalonian independence referendum.

According to municipal police in Barcelona, the 15,000 demonstrators stopped traffic, as businesses and schools shut down.

Many small businesses across Catalonia have shut for the day. Schools, universities and medical services also closed their doors or operated at a minimum level. Tourist attractions were also closed, including the city’s famous Sagrada Familia church.

Metro stations in Barcelona that are usually busy were deserted as services were cut back sharply, and the Boqueria market was almost empty. Elsewhere, the response to the strike call was patchy: there were no reports of disruptions affecting big industry or Barcelona’s airport, according to the Guardian.

The protest came as a result of several labour unions and pro-independence organizations urging people throughout Catalonia to go on strike, including UGT, CCOO and ANC.

The Catalan independence referendum took place on October 1. 90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted chose yes. The turnout was 42.3% despite Madrid using police violence in an attempt to prevent the vote.  At least 844 people and 33 police were reported to have been hurt during the attempts to stop the vote by the police.

The Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, declared that Catalonia had “won the right to an independent state”, to which Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy replied by denying that the referendum took place.

Puigdemont has appealed for international mediation to help solve the crisis and called for police deployed to Catalonia from other parts of Spain to be removed.

The European parliament will hold a special debate on October 4 on the issue.



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  • TAzz Mannia

    Although referendum was illegitit and against common sense, a big error was to send police to close poll centers and confrontating with people. There is much propaganda here and injured ciphrs are clearly overestimated, but anyway, it was a big error.

    • Barba_Papa

      Aye, best thing Madrid could have done was nothing. Let the Catalans hold their illegal referendum. Ignore if would go pro independence, claim moral victory if it went against independence. Now they basically fueled the pro independence movement and alienated many moderate Catalans.

  • Serious Dude

    Bunch of commies…

  • Johnpd

    The more I read about this situation, the more I realise it’s a product of massive political stupidity from BOTH sides.

    There is, rightly so, a growing resentment at Madrid’s ridiculous austerity policies, applied throughout the poisonous EU Bankster state.
    There is a growing desire for more autonomy, which has not, as yet, reached a majority.
    Legally & morally dubious actions by BOTH the stubborn & stupid Nazi Rajoy, AND the Catalan local politicians are increasing the chances of Catalan separation.

    It’s almost as if they’re conspiring together. Weird.

    The NWO project to destroy ALL nation & force a one world totalitarian govt takes a step forward.