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Thousands Of Turkish-Backed Syrian Militants Arrive In Libya

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Thousands Of Turkish-Backed Syrian Militants Arrive In Libya

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Turkey has deployed a new batch of at least 2,100 Syrian militants in Libya, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on April 25.

The London-based monitoring group said the number of Syrians fighting for the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya is 7,400. Around 2,500 others are now preparing for deployment in the north African country.

“Hundreds of fighters are preparing to move from Syria to Turkey, as the process of registering new lists of names by the Syrian National Army’s factions continues upon the orders of the Turkish intelligence,” the SOHR report reads.

Most of the militants preparing for deployment in Libya are reportedly from the factions of Ahrar al-Sharqiyah, Jaysh al-Sharqiyah and the Sultan Murad Division.

Other groups, like Faylaq al-Rahman, are refusing to send any militants to fight in Libya. Turkey is pressuring the group by suspending support for it. Al-Rahman militants have been not receiving their salaries for two months, so far.

Meanwhile, more and more Syrian militants are being killed by the Libyan National Army (LNA) around the Libyan capital, Tripoli. According to the SOHR, the number of Syrian militants killed in Libya has risen to 223. Turkey appears to be using Syrian militants as a cannon fodder in the GNA battle against the LNA.


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Well… Turkey decided that their own forces can defend the terrorist bastion of Idlib good enough so they can afford to move terrorists to Libya… this is a signal that SAA and Russia need to move ahead with a new offensive in Idlib and kick out the invaders!

Mustafa Mehmet

ok anus .. saa will do that soon


Thats exactly the way to attend them LOL.

There are at least 50 military officers people planning such operations on each side , and suddenly some ‘ genious civilian ” appears and acts as if he found a gold mine, and gives advices to military planning staff. Hillarious.

Porc Halal

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Porc Halal

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Porc Halal

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Porc Halal

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Porc Halal

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Erkay Berkant

In Idlib Turkey has its own troops as backup. Not that it was needed much, against SAA in the last operations… Artillery, Rocket and Drone support was enough to stop SAA and inflict heavy damage.

Pave Way IV

And one can expect that Turkey won’t take the trash back from Libya if the GNA falls. So while relatively good news for Syria eliminating the remaining headchoppers scurrying about, it’s bad news for Libyans. NATO shit-holeized their entire country because of the west’s obsession with Gaddafi, and now NATO member Turkey is using it as a dumpster for head-choppers.

Gaddafi was right. Get ready to take in half of the entire African population as asylum-seeking refugees, Europe. That’s the price you have to pay for asset stripping LIbya. You’ll notice the US played by different rules there – we grabbed the gold, and refuse to take any refugees. I would think the EU would be pissed off about that. I know the little people Europeans are, but your government masters are unusually silent about how easy the US evaded consequences.

Xoli Xoli

No their were not obsess their took all Egyp gold,Gaddafi wealth money and gold and silver.Overseas accounts in France dissapear without trace evidently.

Porc Halal

Like I said, the only jihadists will remain in Syria will be the turdish occupation army…

Xoli Xoli

Russian joint patrol is not needed.Turkey withdrawal with immediate effect applies.Erdigan is a madi the antichrist.

cechas vodobenikov

mercenaries begging for their CIA turkey payday—occupiers r inevitably despised—-amerikans and turks r developmentally delayed….the USSR assisted the Syrian government in 1957—where the US-turkey alliance attempted regime change in syria—now thwarted by Russia and Iran

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