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JUNE 2021

Thousands Of Locals From Daraa And Al-Quneitra Join Syrian Army

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Thousands Of Locals From Daraa And Al-Quneitra Join Syrian Army

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More than 3,800 civilians and former fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) from the southern governorates of Daraa and al-Quneitra have joined the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) so far, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 10.

Daraa and al-Quneitra joined the reconciliation process last month and the radical militants there withdrew towards the opposition-held areas in northern Syria. The reconciliation agreement gave 18-42 y.o. men in the two governorates a six-month period to reconcile and join the SAA, if they have not completed their mandatory service during the war or prior to it.

The UK-based monitoring group estimated that more than 23,000 former FSA fighters from central and southern Syria have joined the SAA and other pro-government forces, such as the Tiger Forces, since the beginning of this year. Most of these fighters are from the regions of Eastern Ghouta, Eastern Qalamun and Northern Homs, which have been recently liberated by the SAA and its allies.

More civilians and former FSA fighters in southern Syria will likely join the SAA before the end of the six-month period. Local observers believe that the number of new recruits will exceed 50,000 eventually.

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Carol Davidek-Waller

UK based monitoring group=a disgraced Syrian with a cell phone.


Haha well put

Tudor Miron

From time to time he has to tell some truth to gain credibility to his mostly fake news. Above is one of those incidents.


TM we really need to sit down for a bottle of ice cold vodka one day. Also Salo

Tudor Miron

We will.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hey i would like to as well! :))


Make it in Lisbon.


Moscow is closer :)


Let’s be generous. He has a laptop.

Promitheas Apollonious

dont be so sure.


He has wash machine :) Fat ugly bastard.

Rafik Chauhan

that’s what Israel is Afraid of . Israel wanted to break SAA completely but now they have grown Much Bigger.

Jens Holm

Again. Thats Your own propagandized wish. And Nr 2 of course is, You blame them for it too.

Edel King

Why on earth are you sourcing your info. from SOHR??

Promitheas Apollonious

I was wondering this too.


That occurred to me too, but why would SOHR report this if it were not true? What’s to be gained by it for US and its buddies?

Promitheas Apollonious

well….. many times SF mentioned its sources from SAA. So it be more logical if what they reporting SAA sources are used. They would be more reliable.


Washington and it’s buddy and their dogs aims for realm divided which one arduously believe only one side, ideally worldwide population mostly theirs but most importantly majority of their own citizens. Except of course to make your sides believable you’ll need credibility and consistency in the act’s which seems they unable to understand.

This a partial remedy for their lack of credibility i believe.

Promitheas Apollonious

“Turkey would not intervene against the SAA“

In the position turkey is now, I dont think they be stupid enough to break ties with russia. They have no where else to go. So If the russians tell them to jump, they will ask how high, if they want to play the honest long game and one day they amount to something, beside been mongoloids in their majority.

In any case if they will make a move for territory, this is the last chance they have, while they still play in both fields in the game. Other wise when she is asked politely to leave afrin and the rest of the syrian land they are into, they had no choice but leave or start war with the SAA. Very hard decision either way. Beside the fact turkish economy is build by european companies and funds.

Of course they can always, try the very hard way……………………

Feudalism Victory

Turkey is finding out the hard way how hollow their economy is.

Promitheas Apollonious

not yet. But if they follow the path they preaching, very soon, they understand their error.


Not just economy as they keeping someone else snakes with them. Color revolution against Turkey anytime erdogan losing it. Russia would prop them up but i believe her allies would demand some payback for all the things it has done in Syria.


SOHR…I bet he chokes every time he has to say something good about SAA/Assad. I hope he has plenty more to choke on. Prick.

Richard M

Send them to the Ottoman Front!

Brother Ma

Looks like a Butt- hurt Turk is upset about my comments being antithetical to Erdoganistan . They are marking my comments as spam!

Listen here NeoOttoman! I don’t care that Russia and Turkey have had a rapproachment and are now pals! I know what you did as do many others. You invaded Syria,you harvested bod parts from children,you stole productive capacity and took it back to Turkey. Whole factories!

Russia may have forgiven you,i haven’t.

Put that in your nargileh and smoke it!


Ironically their citizens have to put up having route to gulf country closed up indefinitely for this small minded man dirty ambition.

Jens Holm



One aspect sort of verifies this news for me is all the equipment being captured intact or are those fake pictures? It’s almost like these guys hedged their bet or went in a direction that kept them alive. Now that the Head Choppers are choppees it’s let’s make a deal time. So sign em up and send em to the front to test their latest loyalty.

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