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Thousands Killed, Dozens Of Power Stations & Hospitals Bombed In 2022’s ‘Forgotten War’

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Thousands Killed, Dozens Of Power Stations & Hospitals Bombed In 2022's 'Forgotten War'

Photo: Xinhua/Mohammed Mohammed

According to the report of Eye for Humanity, in the last seven years of the Yemen war, bombings carried out by the Saudi-led coalition have killed 17,734 people and injured close to 30,000. According to its data, at least 4,017 deaths were of children

Originally published by Peoples Dispatch

Data released by the Yemen-based Eye for Humanity Centre for Rights and Development claims that at least 643 Yemeni civilians were killed in 2022, out of over 3,000 casualties recorded. This is despite last year seeing an unprecedented six-month-long ceasefire and a significant drop in fatalities. The war in Yemen will complete eight years in 2023.

The data shows that the total fatalities recorded last year included at least 102 children and 27 women. At least 353 children and 97 women were also injured in this period.

The Saudi Arabia-led international coalition also destroyed over 14,300 homes, 12 hospitals, 64 schools, and 22 power stations in Yemen last year, furthering the suffering of millions of Yemenis.

According to the UN, the six-month-long ceasefire led to a 60% decrease in casualties and a total of 159 Yemeni civilians were either killed or injured due to landmine blasts or other explosions in Houthi-controlled areas and elsewhere during that period.

According to the Eye for Humanity report, in the last seven years of the Yemen war, bombings carried out by the Saudi-led coalition have killed 17,734 people and injured close to 30,000. According to the data, at least 4,017 deaths were of children.

Blockade causes massive humanitarian crisis

Bombings as well as the blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition have severely affected the situation of common Yemenis. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), more than 70% of Yemenis are now dependent on some kind of humanitarian aid, with the country’s health infrastructure working at half its capacity leaving millions of Yemenis vulnerable.

According to the Sanaa-based government, under the Houthis, the war and blockade imposed by the Saudi coalition is responsible for killing 16% of all premature babies in the country. Health Minister Taha Moutawakil claimed last month that at least “80 newborn babies die every day due to the lack of medical equipment and medicines” amid the blockade imposed on Yemeni people.

Moutawakil claimed that Yemen currently has about 600 incubators against the need for at least 2,000. The lack of incubators leaves a large number of new born babies in Yemen susceptible to death.

The Saudi-led coalition has imposed a comprehensive land, sea and air blockade of Yemen since 2015, purportedly to prevent the supply of weapons. However, the blockade prevents the inflow of essential supplies including food and medicines to Yemen, which is heavily dependent on imports.

The blockade was partially relaxed during the six-month-long ceasefire. However, the Houthis had demanded its complete lifting as the basis for extending the ceasefire, which the Saudis rejected.

According to UNICEF, as a result of almost eight years of war, the child mortality rate in Yemen has become the highest in the Arab world with over 60 deaths per 1,000 births. According to it, the figure of newborn babies dying every day in Yemen is almost double what the government claims. UNICEF has reported that nearly 52,000 new born babies are dying each year in Yemen, an average of at least 142 per day.

UNICEF issued a report last month claiming that around 11,000 Yemeni children have been either killed or maimed due to the war in the country. It claimed that more than 2.2 million Yemeni children, a quarter of them under the age of five, are malnourished.


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Sionist Slaves of America

War crimes are ok if they’re done by the Goyim slaves for the good of their greater Israel masters.

Jens Holm

Nice Israel has a supporter like You. They really need it :)


Vladimir Putin’s Inside Job



Throughout his KGB career, Putin a few times advised the black Communist insurgency SWAPO in Namibia for conducting terrorist activities in South Africa, and the Communist Rote Armee Fraktion (Baader-Meinhof Gang) in East Germany targeting West Germany. Blacks in Nambia and Mozambique were ironically allowed to flee their corrupt Communist regimes into Apartheid South Africa. Putin has admitted on record that he helped destroy KGB documents to prevent their crimes in East Germany from being exposed.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jack
Chris Gr

Do you recognize that Cold War is over?


America made the whole middle east unstable. based

Jens Holm

It alaready was chaotic long time before USA we´nt big. Only the saudis liberated themself.

So many milions has left. By that it should be more homogene having space. But most of that is still in tribe and Emir mode.Most people also has made 10 times more children then for 100 years ago not thinking in feeding them.

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No even hostility to USA can unite You. But people like Assads with swords are to prefare. And You of course dot care half odf the Syrians lives in other countries and we are told 91,5% of them vote for Assad.

United states united Your kind in Your dreams only.

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Its people making wars for a bad tit on a goat.

Chris Gr

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Ghost of Moscow👻

Maybe you guys at South-Front can switch and start reporting on the Yemini War, in tired of hearing about how bad the Russians are getting their asses kicked in Ukraine, I want to hear something different!


The forgotten war indeed always the children who suffer

Jens Holm

Sure. And its men killing them.

Jens Holm

I dont think its like that. Its impossible to me to focus at many wars at the same time. Ypour world in notthe center og mine.


Ali shuffle

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