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Thousand Afghan Soldiers Fled To Tajikistan As Taliban’s Advance Continues

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Thousand Afghan Soldiers Fled To Tajikistan As Taliban's Advance Continues

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Last night, more than a thousand soldiers of the Afghan Armed Forces were forced to retreat to the territory of Tajikistan. They were forced by the Taliban, who are capturing districts in the northern province of Badakhshan one by one.

The total number of 1,037 Afghan service members retreated to the territory of Tajikistan in order to save their personnel.

This is not the first time that the Afghan Armed Forces under the pressure of the Taliban movement, but it is the largest defeat reported the last days. Since June 22, thousands of Afghan soldiers have crossed the border four time.

On July 5, the President of Tajikistan ordered to mobilize 20,000 military personnel to strengthen the border control with Afghanistan.

Amid the defeat of Afghan forces, the Taliban is active throughout Afghanistan, seizing districts across the country.

The northern Badakhshan province seems to be the main battlefield in Afghanistan. It is a of strategic importance because of its 910-kilometer border with the Republic of Tajikistan.

Most of the districts are fallen under Taliban’s control without fighting. The Taliban militants have recently taken full control of the Khokhon, Shikai, Nusai, Mohimai, Shugnon and Sulton Ishkashim districts of the Badakhshan province.

On July 3, the Taliban was on the verge of taking Faizabad, the provincial capital of the Badakhshan province. The Afghan Forces are reportedly preparing a counter offensive in Badakhshan in order to prevent the falling of the capital city. Afghan commandos of special operation forces were deployed to the Faizabad city.

Taliban militants are stepping up their pressure on the Afghan town of Hairaton, bordering Uzbekistan, in Balkh province.

Security forces, including commandos, border guards, special forces have created a five-kilometer zone to protect the border city from all sides. It is of strategic importance as the Friendship Bridge is located there, which connects Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

The Taliban has recently captured the positions of the Afghan army in the Marawara district of Kunar province on the border with Pakistan. After the battle, half of the defenders surrendered to the militants, and about 30 soldiers moved to the territory of a neighboring state.

Thousand Afghan Soldiers Fled To Tajikistan As Taliban's Advance Continues

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At the same time, Afghan forces are trying to deter the Taliban’s fast advance all over the country.

Last night, as hundred soldiers were fleeing to Tadjikistan in the Badakhshan province, the Afghan Air Force attacked a group of Taliban in the vicinity of Kunduz in neighbor northern province.

According to the local security forces, 15 Taliban militants were eliminated.

Another group of Taliban members was targeted by Afghan Air Forces in southern Helmand province. The Afghan Defense Ministry claims that a militant field commander Miraj was killed during the airstrike.

He was responsible for training suicide bombers and was a relative of Sader Ibrahim, the commander of the Taliban units in the south of the country.

The Afghan Defense Ministry claims that a militant field commander named Miraj was killed during yesterday’s airstrike in Helmand province.

He was responsible for training suicide bombers and was a relative of Sader Ibrahim, the commander of the Taliban units in the south of the country.

The Afghanistan Ministry of Defence reports elimination of hundreds of Taliban militants every day, but still to no avail.

Since the withdrawal of foreign troops has started, the Afghan Armed Forces are still not able to independently ensure the security of a significant part of the country.


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In Afghanistan the US has successfully replicated South Vietnam in 1975.

Simon Ndiritu

It’s striking similarity you have just noted. Actually, I read somewhere else that the US is drafting plans for possibly evacuating it’s diplomatic mission in Afghanistan


Just the same,the S Vietnamese puppet army collapsed before the NVA advance into Saigon,i think the Taliban could be in Kabul this month.

Albert F.

Yes, sir, just like ‘Nam. And, if this country keeps up this pace, no one in their right foreign policy mind would want anything to do with us!

Last edited 21 days ago by Albert F.

A predictable outcome – is this the workings of the US stink-tanks?

Americunt LOSER ar$eholes

Americunt LGBTQ morons are good at starting wars but excel at losing them :)

Americunt LOSER arseholes

However, the ANA is far more corrupt and will fold much faster than ARVN. Most of the ANA was a phantom army on books and the corrupt dope smuggling officers collected US dollars for a non existent army. In just one encounter with the Taliban in Badakshan province, over 1000 ANA fled to Tajikistan leaving behind all their small arms and even artillery. For the first time the Taliban have more US M-4 rifles and humvees than the ANA. Tajik TV has shown mountains of abandoned small arms on the border.


US defeat in Afghanistan predicted the same day they invaded. Uncle Tom Whore Condi Rice said Afghanistan being the graveyard of empires is BSh1t and that US military would prevail. The taliban prevailed and will eliminate the ANA. Ashraf Ghani and his US Cocks@cking whores will hang from the presidential compound’s lightpoles just like Daud brothers did. Another Empire bites the dust – compliments of 6th century barefooted camelJockeys

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

Vietnam 2.0


Tajikistan is a CSTO member nation. That would mean they have the full support of other member states including Russia.

A definite opportunity to gather intelligence, information from the region.

Raptar Driver

These are just mercenaries from the so called “northern alliance” remember them?

La Rata

US are defeated after 20 years .. Taliban Win…Mission Completed …


This doesn´t change the fact that the Afghan population don´t want to be ruled by the Taliban either. If Taliban was popular, they would participate in the elections. It is not the case since the Taliban are mortal enemies of all women, mortal enemies of the Tajiks, of the Hazara and Uzbeks people. And they are mortal enemies for anyone that is not the Taliban power. Now the Afghans need to recreat their local armies of the West and the North into a new flexible army, and to create local defense forces like Iraq and Syria did. If the cities can´t create their local defense forces, they will be slaved by Taliban again.

Last edited 20 days ago by André

The Taliban have already seen what “elections” in Afghanistan mean, with even Amerikastan admitting complete fraud and creating the post of “CEO” to appease Abdullah Abdullah so that he didn’t stage a coup against Ashraf Ghani.

Last edited 20 days ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

Oh yeah, because the Taliban is so democratic that they would be offended by having to participate in an election as anyone other Aftghan people. Why are you trying to portray all afghan people that are not Taliban as being an American subject, as if they not have had their own conscience. The Afghans have their own life and choices to make. And the only language that the Taliban recognizes is the language of war, because they can´t win elections or participate in a normal society? If that is the case, i would like to see Russia, or China launch nuclear strikes in the Taliban Areas, inside the federal Taliban territories. It is all about strength and faith on their God, right? So the Taliban would not mind being stroke with nuclear weapons on their territories since their God would protect them or send them to paradise, correct?

Last edited 20 days ago by André

Any would the Taliban want to be involved in a “democratic ” process? Is not in their ideology and in any case what happens with “democracy ” in the world?


It is interesting you saying that since you obviously have good access to Internet, cellphone, electricity, all techologies that are based on hundreds of other technologies that ONLY EXISTS because MODERN society was created during 200 years in the west in which people were FREE to develope their companies. So you, obviouslly have access to all this MODERN free society technologies that the Afghan people didn´t have during the stone age like Dictatorship of the Taliban in the nineties. In other words, you have all the benefits created by the modern society while you deffend that the Afghan people be robbed of all their Freedom and became Slave of Psicopath Killers. You want the Hell without any freedom or technology to Afghans while you freely uses your Modern Internet. Very “coherent” of you……

Last edited 20 days ago by André

That’s a big laugh. I assume that the Internet existed for most of the world in the 90s, and that Afghanistan had any of those things before the Taliban?

It is a good idea to not open your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about. You find risk looking like a fool.


Yes, they didn´t have Internet in the nineties. But the Taliban had forbiden people from having Televison, nor radios. They forbidden people from having music. They forbiden women from school and work. They have a “judicial” system in which they “condenmed” anyone that they wanted to be killed, or punished. They ware dicator and killers using God as an excuse. They are so fanatical that even the Pakistan society is afraid of them. So these are monsters you are hear deffending, for wath reason, i can´t imagine.

Icarus Tanović

Zbigislaw B. Made all of this mess, including pakistan. As long as there is endless supply of wahhabi headchoppers from pakistan no peace in sight.
Afganistan is sparsely populated, and without those pigs from pak. so called talibans can’t do a thing.
And this isn’t Vietnam at all, this was all programed before in wh.

A clown like you

The amount of stupid and moronic Sunnis who support the Taliban but yet never dare to live under the rules of the Taliabn is fuking stupid.

Taliban supporters:
Ignore human rights,
Ignore women rights,
Ignore other Afghani groups which hate Wahhabi Sunni terrorists like the Taliban,
and so much more.

Morons compare the Vietnam war to Afghanistan…how mfs.
“They spend 2T dollars and they lost” – 2T in 20 fuking years.
It is fuking clear who they are – Sunnis Pak monkeys – Wahhabi Sunnis and morons who like to laugh at the US.

P.S I have 2 Afghani Shi’a friends and both lost family members to the Taliban just because there were Shi’a.
One lost his father because he worked for the Afghani government, and the other lost this younger brother – you know why because those fuking terrorists wanted to control a town and in a show of power they fire on civilians and kill them and one of those was my friend younger brother.
You fuk never been or lived in Afghanis so don’t fuking talk as if they are any fuking better than yanquis or Afghani government.
The fact is the Afghani government is killing the Taliban in a good amount and they would just give up their power without a war.
moronic child-ish fuks here talk as if it over and done for.


A Cock and bull story and a good bedtime story for escaping US troops. Get a life silly man.


india is freaking out like a crazy hahahaha its funny how these imbeciles really have no idea of what they are doing no real planning no real strategy basically following the empty promises of uncle sam and being suprised when they end up as losers XD

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