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Thorny Experience Of US Uneasy Attitude Towards Some Of Their European Allies

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Thorny Experience Of US Uneasy Attitude Towards Some Of Their European Allies

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The US has a long history of betrayals, when we recall the Middle-East, Afghanistan, or the Kurds in Syria, but the fact is that it betrayed its European allies as well.

Written by Sonja van den Ende, independent journalist.

To understand the immense scale of the betrayal by the US, I have to mention a very important case which happened a long time ago, to the Netherlands, the Netherlands are part of the so-called   British Empire (like the US), the Netherlands always and still are the most loyal European ally of the US, the Dutch behave like a bad sect, loyal till the end, even if the master betrays you.  This has to do with the robbery and exploiting, by the Dutch, of Indonesia, Surinam and the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), which are still part of the Dutch kingdom.

Indonesia was occupied for 300 years by the Dutch. On 27 November 1949 the Dutch granted sovereignty of what was called the Dutch East Indies and it was called the Indonesian Republic, but excluded Dutch New Guinea (West Papua). Indonesians argued that Dutch New Guinea had already been transferred to them in 1949. Anti-Dutch campaigns in Indonesia, throughout the 1950s, climaxed in 1957. Most Dutch people had been driven out.

Indonesia broke off diplomatic relations in August 1960 with the Netherlands. Papua New Guinea, as it’s called today, declared independence, despite, according to Indonesia, belonging to them. Indonesia felt betrayed by the Dutch and asked Russia for help and received aid and weapons (from the Soviet Union), they invaded West Papua in 1962.

Locked into Cold War rivalry, the US could not leave Indonesia to align itself to Russia. So, the US offered his support to Indonesia’s President Sukarno to end the dispute over Papua New Guinea . Under the auspices of the UN, the US urged Indonesia and the Netherlands to the negotiating table. US diplomats drew up a plan to transfer the administrative authority for West Papua from the Netherlands to Indonesia.

Not a single West Papuan was involved in these negotiations  Also, the Dutch were not involved in the US plans, they were declared ‘neutral’ and should obey to the US plans, Papua New Guinea was now Indonesia period. Resulting of this mess was the brake-up of the Maluku Islands as well, many Maluku people were promised  to get their own republic, with back-up of the US and the Netherlands. But it didn’t happen and they had to flee to the Netherlands, where they were  housed in a former NAZI concentration kamp  Vugt and never saw their homeland again. The Dutch were unable to negotiate with Indonesia and implemented the US plans without a single sign of opposition, forgetting 300 years of robbery, murdering and occupation of Indonesia. The US betrayed Papua New Guinea, Maluku Islands and the Dutch didn’t seem to be bothered.

Well let’s go back to the nineties of the last century, in particular former Yugoslavia, Srebrenica. Since the betrayal of Indonesia, the Dutch were betrayed under the auspices of the UN again, but we all know, the most influential member state, during that period was the US. The Dutch Blue Helmets, called Dutchbat were stationed in Srebrenica, didn’t get any back-up from the UN or the US when the war came to their doorstep and they had to experience and endure the killing and deporting of many people, which until today has left a big trauma for many.  Of course, it can be argued that it could have been avoided, if the US didn’t favor the Bosniak Muslims and supported the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army). The US didn’t care about their allies like the Dutch who were involved in this mess, so they left them without back-up, without nothing, only trauma, participating in a war that was not their war, but the war of the US empire. Why support the Bosniaks? To divide ex-Yugoslavia and build up a weapon arsenal, set-up a base (camp) which later could be used in the Middle-East, training so-called “rebels” and arm them.

A lesson could have been learned from all this, but until today the US is still the ally of the Netherlands and the European Union (EU), only interested in economical gain and occupation of territories, like Germany, which is occupied since 1945. According to many Germans, the Marshall plan was only for the benefit of the US and created  a total dependance of  Europe towards the US. Europe has become part of the empire and in some countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, English is the second language  and “cancel culture” is ongoing.

We all remember that in 2013 the NSA scandal, when the US illegally tapped the phones of 35 leaders, among them former Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel of Germany and Prime-minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. Recently,  the BBC published its accusations, blaming  Denmark for helping the US in spying on Angela Merkel. You would expect a reaction from these affected leaders, but no, it’s politically incorrect to do so, the allies of the US argued. Thanks to Edward Snowden, the world has learned about the criminal acts of the US towards many countries, including its allies.

Afghanistan, Syria and Irak are the latest examples of these betrayals. A lot of EU soldiers were stationed in these countries under the pretext of “peace missions”, which in fact were combat missions. In Afghanistan, numerous battles were going on for twenty years between EU soldiers and the Taliban, especially the Danish  were involved in heavy combat. The US needed the EU (NATO) for their own political profit, stealing the oil  in Iraq and Syria, up till today this is happening on a huge scale. Afghanistan had to be abandoned, not only because the Taliban was winning, but for many other reasons, the US was or still is deeply involved in the drugs smuggling and trafficking in Afghanistan.

Also, Afghanistan has an unprecedented wealth of mineral resources in the ground. According to some estimates, the value amounts to several trillions dollars. The US Department of Defense has even called Afghanistan “the Saudi Arabia of lithium”. There is a large market for lithium, among other things it’s used in electric car batteries.  Of course, needed for the “Green New Deal”. Europe and the US are implementing this Green New Deal, also, called the Great Reset, and the COVID-19 crisis is used to implement this Green New Deal and thus politicized.

It would not be a surprise, if the US will make a deal with the Taliban, to get the lithium. All the soldiers from the US and EU who lost their lives on the battlefield in above mentioned countries fought for the capitalistic dreams of the US and its EU allies. The EU is still the most “faithfull” ally, even the US betrayed them many times. The profit however is in the hands of few, mainly US companies, or very rich individuals like Bill Gates, George Soros (the man who broke the bank of England)  or Elon Musk.

To conclude, the US has a long history, perhaps since the beginning of the creation of the United States of America, of exploiting people and aggressively occupying countries, stealing their resources for their own benefit. They betrayed many people and countries, first aligning with them and when they were of no use, got rid of them. They even betray their own citizens as the black people are still second class citizens and no US Administration or President has changed it.


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Americans are degenerates. No good for Europe, no good for the Middle East, no good for Asia. They are a proxified population of idiots and cowards, unable to confront their own ignorant “government”.

Eurasia has exhausted most efforts to reach these fools. No one is home, which means North America is basically finished, including their ponzi schemes.

Time to use that passport, early not “too late”.

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