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JULY 2022

“This Needs Answers”: CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Disturbing election night footage has emerged showing Georgia poll workers waiting for observers and news outlets to leave State Farm Arena in Atlanta after calling an end to counting for the night, before pulling out several large suitcases containing ballots from under a table.

"This Needs Answers": CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage

The footage, presented by an attorney working with Republicans during a Thursday state Senate hearing, is perhaps the strongest direct evidence of potential fraud, and demands serious inquiry. In it, a handful of poll workers can clearly be seen staying behind after GOP observers say they were told to clear out. After the media packs up their belongings, the workers can be seen pulling out the suitcases and opening them at approximately 11 p.m.

Of note, earlier in the day, counting was paused for approximately 90 minutes due to what officials blamed on a ‘water main break’ – which turned out to be a lie, and was in fact a ‘slow leak,’ according to news.com.au.

Here are two segments of the clip, which we recommend watching on full screen (as well as watching the full video):

First, watch the media in the lower-right quadrant at the long table at 10:40 p.m.

Second, watch what happens roughly 20 minutes later:

And so we ask; if this isn’t election fraud, what is it? We’re sure Snopes will say they were having a midnight snack, but people have questions.


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cechas vodobenikov

the banana republic with no bananas


banana republic, banana president


Biden ain’t the president!


Comrade Biden owns the justice, the “free speech” and a lot of RINOs. You can’t fight that.


But he is banana.

Potato Man

How low is their bar? After all of the BS they came up before and now this…they still going. They did a recount in Georgia….GO ON and tell me how that ended for them?

Hear me out, it wouldn’t be their job to claim such things…sure go for a recount, BUT it wouldn’t get him to win. SF, SOME FUKING PEOPLE TWEETS means nothing…who are they and tell why don’t you wait to hear the full story of wtf was happening before rushing like headless chicken.

BTW NTD can go suck on dicks:

NTD was founded in 2001 by practitioners of the Falun Gong new religious movement, to offer uncensored news about China that state-controlled media would not cover. The station has a regular focus on the promotion of traditional Chinese culture, and devotes extensive news coverage to alleged Chinese human rights issues. It takes a critical stance on what it considers to be abuses of power by the Chinese Communist Party.

“It serves as a media arm of the Falun Gong”. THEY WOULD DIE FOR TRUMP TO ATTACK CHINA.


Still though,it don’t excuse biden,whoms nothing but a cia/frankfurt/deep state nwo/sewer rat along the likes of hitler,bush,clinton,odummer whom are far worse in human rights then ever cultivated communist nation,either way soros is fkd as is the warmonging fearos of hato+co.

Compared to democracy 2020,communism is advanced and more free than any ever fake election,roted phoney democratic covert tyranny regime of the goyms of incests + companys, locked in gages forever more,maybe they ought look at their nations of todays,far,far worse,

Just saying:

Harry Smith

The further you go into the forest – the thicker partisans you meet.


In the UK the word ‘thick’ is also used to describe a poorly educated stupid person. And any such group of ‘thicko’s ‘ who attempt such criminality under the all seeing eye of a security camera are utterly stupid. :)

Harry Smith

Wow. A double sense which I never minded! Have to drink some cognac how genius I am. ROFL!


Thick people are often described as being ‘As thick as two short planks ( a plank is a flat piece of wood as in a floorboard).

The pronounciation in Irish is ‘tick’ as opposed to the softer sounding English ‘Thick’ :) The spelling is the same in English and Irish English.

And, Yes, you are a genius. :)

Harry Smith

You make me alcoholic. ROFL


Humour ( ‘humor’ in American English) is universal and the power of the internet for all people to engage instantly with others of different beliefs and languages all over the globe is what terrifies the oligarchic ‘warlords’ of the world.


Doesn’t matter, the Democrat crooks will still get away with it. There is no real justice when it comes to them, nothing ever sticks.

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