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MARCH 2021

‘This Is My Last Flight’: Video Shows Moments Of Real Life Behind Cosmonauts’ Work


Voice 1: I always like, damn… farewells, launches, but then, I think: What the fuck I’m doing here?

Voice 2: Haha, yes, and then, hard workdays start.

Voice 1: Interesting, children see off… tears. I think… Is this fucking necessary?

Voice 2: Yes, when you come, this is a depression. Then, it is probably fine, after you enter (work).

Voice 1: Probably fine, yes, fuck.

Voice 2: This is fine, this is a normal state.

Voice 1: I finish with this shit. This is the last time, fuck.

Voice 2: Haha… Ha.. Ivanich… hahaha

Voice 1: What fuck?

Voice 2: Haha… Okay, let’s make a deal. When you participate in another flight, you owe me a bottle.

Voice 1: Yes, guys, this is true, this is my last flight. It’s so guys.

Voice 2: I hear this from you tenth time.

Voice 1: Come on

Voice 2: We live while we work, fly. When you lay on a sofa, you are dead, fuck… So, don’t forget.




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