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Third Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hit ISIS Terrorists In Homs, Raqqa & Deir Ezzor In Central Syria

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Third Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hit ISIS Terrorists In Homs, Raqqa & Deir Ezzor In Central Syria

2712070 10/04/2015 Russian servicemen attach a Kh-25 high-precision missile to a Su-24 aircraft at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Dmitriy Vinogradov/RIA Novosti

For the third day in a row, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS terrorists in central Syria.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), on August 23, Russian airstrikes targeted  ISIS positions in following areas:

  • The eastern Homs countryside;
  • The southern and western Raqqa countryside;
  • The western Deir Ezzor countryside.

In the last two days, similar airstrikes targeted ISIS terrorists in the Homs desert, that lays between eastern Homs and western Deir Ezzor as well as in al-Suwayd’s northern desert. The terrorist group’s losses are yet to be revealed.

The recent Russian airstrikes on ISIS in central Syria are likely a response to a recent attack by the terrorist group that claimed the life of a Russian major-general.

A recent report by the SOHR revealed that the Syrian Arab Army was preparing to launch a large-scale military operation against ISIS remnants in the Homs desert. Russian forces will back the operation that will supposedly start soon.


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YEAH BABY now we are talking business!! Eat that you Takfiri mother fuckers!

Damien C

Why are South Front advertising and promoting this rat?

This man is not an organisation This man is not a journalist This man was part of the Syrian coup This man is an Islamist mouth-piece This dry-cleaner man in Coventry is not an honest broker regards Syria

viktor ziv

Can’t believe SF is using SOHR again, againg and over again! Perhaps next time SF can use white helmets too, to make it more reliable!!!!!!


And how else could it be done?

You people it seams, not to understand how these things work in real life. They take news from the West and the main news agency for all the Western corporate media is ASSOCIATED PRESS and its froggy branch AFP – France press. So all the corporate media publishes same crap from the same sources double and triple filtered before going out. SF can’t publish too much independent media or God forbid Russian and Chines agencies and sources if they don’t want to end up on Google black list and lose their license(or whichever their repressive fucking methods are applied) SF are already under enormous pressure as it is from the Jewtube to other places and methods of pressure and CENSORSHIP (don’t you ever read what they write to us?) So WAKE THE FUCK UP TO THE REALITY !

viktor ziv

I remember the time when “uprising” started and when sana.sy was blocked along with every news provider from Sy. Back then I was browsing western/eastern medias waiting couple of months to differentiate lies from truth. In 2015 I bumped on SF, that did difference. Thumb up! SF survived every form of “pressure and CENSORSHIP” so far. Do U remember SF articles about SOHR/WH’s (related to every single chemo attack in Sy)? And now those are reliable sources now? I’m still here because of few respectful people in comment section. Many of them vanished in meantime. You’re talking about google and jewtube, why? ARE THOSE HOLY GRAILS? There are other search engines that will link russian/chinese news, there are also western news (a few) you can bump on building a matrix which determinate will direct a way to the truth.


Hi works for MI6. That’s his qualification and credentials Wow a “dry cleaner” what heavy insult. I bet that Zionist world – IsraHell+US+UK+endless list of Western and Arab stooges will sound alarm now because you have called him “dry cleaner”! They can replace that guy even today with 10 others (maybe even much more appropriate in appearance) from their list. But they will not going to do that, simply because they DO NOT GIVE FUCK ! Because no sane journalist will question the credibility of that guy knowing that they put their existence in danger ( nobody would accept to publish such article anyways ) And journalists all know who he is , much better than you do.


Well, I sure hope the strikes are having effect, but I doubt it.

Looks like simply flailing around, what sort of illuminating intelligence could have come to light between now and a couple of days ago when General Gladkikh was killed? Probably next to none.

You gotta go in there and root ’em out on the ground, there is no substitute.


Identification of targets is on ongoing activity for intelligence. But some targets must wait for the right time before any bombs can be dropped. So it could be more than flailing.


And what on Earth makes you SO sure about that?!? You are not even in line with banal common sense logic! Why do you think that they didn’t have already some data collected and this latest incident has pushed them that Russia sends their own special ops together with SAA experienced operatives to speed up the process and collect maximum of the data?!

And when bombs started to fly those operatives have had only to sit and wait and follow where the surviving rats are running to ! And only then send GLONAS data and continue bombing those new hideouts!

You are ONLY EXPERT for Russia failing something but it NEVER croses your mind that you might be totally wrong?! It sounds only right and “realistic” to you if Russia has IN YOUR OPINION screwed something.

How about taking your western NATO glasses for once ?! Majority of you to me sound like regular NATO bots (pretending no to be) fast only to spit and throw stone at Russia no matter what they do.


LOL, you need to settle down; chimping out isnt doing you any favors.

I never said I was “sure” about the strikes being a form of rage or desperation, it just looks like that though.

I can understand that maybe they decided to act on some points or persons of previous interest. What I am wondering is why it took the killing of a major-general for them to act. This assumes it was an IED incident as per official story, and not one where they were fired on, the source of the fire was spotted, and followed…

I can’t ever remember a time that I liked NATO, and I’m over fifty years old, son.


because genius it has only SPEED UP the process of something that they were doing already for some time. if SAA was losing so many people on ISSI raids and they were only sitting waiting that miracle happens than they are total idiots. it is logical that they were doing something to eliminate them and the best option is to eliminate the rats in their hideouts by high precision bombings so they had to logically try to track them down for quite some time and they had to have some success at least


in your opinion WHY major general is not good enough trigger for that kind of action?!

Lone Ranger

And they will keep coming. One after the other. Told you so… Its only the start. Most excellent. CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage :)

johnny rotten

The only reliable sources are the Russian Air Force (VKS) and the Syrian Government, everything else is mere propaganda, even if it remains true that a broken clock strikes the right time twice in a day.


Its Eastern Deir Ezzor that needs bombing 24/7,thats where the problem is coming from.

Daily Beatings

Russian bear using those big paws to slap down those goat fornicators.


Russians are missing Idlib with their airstrikes..

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